WIP:. Warfighter Information Packaging

Jon Dukes-Schlossberg, Yongwon Lee, Marc Zev, Costas Tsatsoulis, Huseyin Sevay, Yigal Arens, Hector Garcia-Molina, Michael Rys

Under funding from the Battlefield Awareness and Data Dissemination (BADD) DARPA programI, Lockheed Martin, ISX, USC/ISI, University of Kansas, and Stanford University are developing a suite of distributed components to deliver the right information at just the right time to just the right place. Operationally, this entails modeling the warfighter’s information needs, accessing diverse, heterogeneous data sources, and displaying the results in a user-defined, predictable manner. The Warfighter Information Packaging (WIP) component is designed to smoothly integrate with and augment the objective BADD system. The WIP components are intended to be field tested with the objective BADD system in the Fall 1998 in San Diego.

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