A Multiagent Text Generator with Simple Rhetorical Habilities

Francisco C. Pereira, Raquel Hervás, Pablo Gervás, Amilcar Cardoso

The research presented in this paper is aimed at improving the stylistic quality of the texts generated by the PRINCE system, a natural language generation application designed for building texts for simple fairy tales. This is done by exploiting the potential of a lexical resource - such as WordNet - and structure mapping algorithms to enhance the output texts with simple rhetorical tropes such as comparison, metaphor, and analogy. The enhanced system follows the OAA multiagent system architecture, with various agents cooperating to achieve the final texts. The results of the enhanced version are presented and discussed. Finally, some problems and possible extensions are described.

Subjects: 13. Natural Language Processing; 7.1 Multi-Agent Systems

Submitted: Jun 1, 2006

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