AAAI Publications, Twenty-Eighth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence

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Schedule-Based Robotic Search for Multiple Residents in a Retirement Home Environment
Markus Sebastian Schwenk, Tiago Stegun Vaquero, Goldie Nejat, Kai O. Arras

Last modified: 2014-06-21


In this paper we address the planning problem of a robot searching for multiple residents in a retirement home in order to remind them of an upcoming multi-person recreational activity before a given deadline. We introduce a novel Multi-User Schedule Based (M-USB) Search approach which generates a high-level-plan to maximize the number of residents that are found within the given time frame. From the schedules of the residents, the layout of the retirement home environment as well as direct observations by the robot, we obtain spatio-temporal likelihood functions for the individual residents. The main contribution of our work is the development of a novel approach to compute a reward to find a search plan for the robot using: 1) the likelihood functions, 2) the availabilities of the residents, and 3) the order in which the residents should be found. Simulations were conducted on a floor of a real retirement home to compare our proposed M-USB Search approach to a Weighted Informed Walk and a Random Walk. Our results show that the proposed M-USB Search finds residents in a shorter amount of time by visiting fewer rooms when compared to the other approaches.


Assistive Robots; Multi-Person Search; Retirement Home Environment; Resident Schedules

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