AAAI Publications, Twenty-Eighth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence

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Type-Based Exploration with Multiple Search Queues for Satisficing Planning
Fan Xie, Martin Müller, Robert Holte, Tatsuya Imai

Last modified: 2014-06-21


Utilizing multiple queues in Greedy Best-First Search (GBFS) has been proven to be a very effective approach to satisficing planning. Successful techniques include extra queues based on Helpful Actions (or Preferred Operators), as well as using Multiple Heuristics. One weakness of all standard GBFS algorithms is their lack of exploration. All queues used in these methods work as priority queues sorted by heuristic values. Therefore, misleading heuristics, especially early in the search process, can cause the search to become ineffective. Type systems, as introduced for heuristic search by Lelis et al, are a development of ideas for exploration related to the classic stratified sampling approach. The current work introduces a search algorithm that utilizes type systems in a new way – for exploration within a GBFS multiqueue framework in satisficing planning. A careful case study shows the benefits of such exploration for overcoming deficiencies of the heuristic. The proposed new baseline algorithm Type-GBFS solves almost 200 more problems than baseline GBFS over all International Planning Competition problems. Type-LAMA, a new planner which integrates Type-GBFS into LAMA-2011, solves 36.8 more problems than LAMA-2011.


Planning;Heuristic Search;Exploration;

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