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Main Track: AI and the Web

Improving Context and Category Matching for Entity Search PDF
Yueguo Chen, Lexi Gao, Shuming Shi, Xiaoyong Du, Ji-Rong Wen
A Joint Optimization Model for Image Summarization Based on Image Content and Tags PDF
Hongliang Yu, Zhi-Hong Deng, Yunlun Yang, Tao Xiong

Main Track: Applications

A Machine Learning Approach to Musically Meaningful Homogeneous Style Classification PDF
William Herlands, Ricky Der, Yoel Greenberg, Simon Levin

Main Track: Cognitive Modeling

The Importance of Cognition and Affect for Artificially Intelligent Decision Makers PDF
Celso M. de Melo, Jonathan Gratch, Peter J. Carnevale

Main Track: Cognitive Systems

Learning Compositional Sparse Models of Bimodal Percepts PDF
Suren Kumar, Vikas Dhiman, Jason J. Corso

Main Track: Game Theory and Economic Paradigms

The Fisher Market Game: Equilibrium and Welfare PDF
Simina Brânzei, Yiling Chen, Xiaotie Deng, Aris Filos-Ratsikas, Søren Kristoffer Stiil Frederiksen, Jie Zhang
Using Response Functions to Measure Strategy Strength PDF
Trevor Davis, Neil Burch, Michael Bowling
New Models for Competitive Contagion PDF
Moez Draief, Hoda Heidari, Michael Kearns
Preference Elicitation and Interview Minimization in Stable Matchings PDF
Joanna Drummond, Craig Boutilier
Increasing VCG Revenue by Decreasing the Quality of Items PDF
Mingyu Guo, Argyrios Deligkas, Rahul Savani
Beat the Cheater: Computing Game-Theoretic Strategies for When to Kick a Gambler out of a Casino PDF
Troels Bjerre Sørensen, Melissa Dalis, Joshua Letchford, Dmytro Korzhyk, Vincent Conitzer

Main Track: Heuristic Search and Optimization

Relaxation Search: A Simple Way of Managing Optional Clauses PDF
Fahiem Bacchus, Jessica Davies, Maria Tsimpoukelli, George Katsirelos

Main Track: Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

Reasoning on LTL on Finite Traces: Insensitivity to Infiniteness PDF
Giuseppe De Giacomo, Riccardo De Masellis, Marco Montali
A Tractable Approach to ABox Abduction over Description Logic Ontologies PDF
Jianfeng Du, Kewen Wang, Yi-Dong Shen
Qualitative Reasoning with Modelica Models PDF
Matthew Evans Klenk, Johan de Kleer, Daniel Bobrow, Bill Janssen
Abduction Framework for Repairing Incomplete EL Ontologies: Complexity Results and Algorithms PDF
Fang Wei-Kleiner, Zlatan Dragisic, Patrick Lambrix

Main Track: Machine Learning Applications

Online Portfolio Selection with Group Sparsity PDF
Puja Das, Nicholas Johnson, Arindam Banerjee
Latent Low-Rank Transfer Subspace Learning for Missing Modality Recognition PDF
Zhengming Ding, Shao Ming, Yun Fu
On the Challenges of Physical Implementations of RBMs PDF
Vincent Dumoulin, Ian J Goodfellow, Aaron Courville, Yoshua Bengio
Automatic Construction and Natural-Language Description of Nonparametric Regression Models PDF
James Robert Lloyd, David Duvenaud, Roger Grosse, Joshua Tenenbaum, Zoubin Ghahramani
Learning Latent Engagement Patterns of Students in Online Courses PDF
Arti Ramesh, Dan Goldwasser, Bert Huang, Hal Daume III, Lise Getoor
Identifying Differences in Physician Communication Styles with a Log-Linear Transition Component Model PDF
Byron C Wallace, Issa J Dahabreh, Thomas A Trikalinos, Michael Barton Laws, Ira Wilson, Eugene Charniak
Feature Selection at the Discrete Limit PDF
Miao Zhang, Chris Ding, Ya Zhang, Feiping Nie
Sequential Click Prediction for Sponsored Search with Recurrent Neural Networks PDF
Yuyu Zhang, Hanjun Dai, Chang Xu, Jun Feng, Taifeng Wang, Jiang Bian, Bin Wang, Tie-Yan Liu

Main Track: Multiagent Systems

The Computational Rise and Fall of Fairness PDF
John P Dickerson, Jonathan Goldman, Jeremy Karp, Ariel D Procaccia, Tuomas Sandholm
Multi-Organ Exchange: The Whole Is Greater than the Sum of its Parts PDF
John P Dickerson, Tuomas Sandholm
On Computing Optimal Strategies in Open List Proportional Representation: The Two Parties Case PDF
Ning Ding, Fangzhen Lin
Multiagent Metareasoning through Organizational Design PDF
Jason Sleight, Edmund H. Durfee
Solving Zero-Sum Security Games in Discretized Spatio-Temporal Domains PDF
Haifeng Xu, Fei Fang, Albert Xin Jiang, Vincent Conitzer, Shaddin Dughmi, Milind Tambe

Main Track: NLP and Machine Learning

Adaptive Multi-Compositionality for Recursive Neural Models with Applications to Sentiment Analysis PDF
Li Dong, Furu Wei, Ming Zhou, Ke Xu
Collaborative Models for Referring Expression Generation in Situated Dialogue PDF
Rui Fang, Malcolm Doering, Joyce Y. Chai
Learning Scripts as Hidden Markov Models PDF
John Walker Orr, Prasad Tadepalli, Janardhan Rao Doppa, Xiaoli Fern, Thomas G. Dietterich

Main Track: NLP and Text Mining

Extracting Keyphrases from Research Papers Using Citation Networks PDF
Sujatha Das Gollapalli, Cornelia Caragea
Lifetime Lexical Variation in Social Media PDF
Lizi Liao, Jing Jiang, Ying Ding, Heyan Huang, Ee-Peng Lim

Main Track: Novel Machine Learning Algorithms

Learning with Augmented Class by Exploiting Unlabeled Data PDF
Qing Da, Yang Yu, Zhi-Hua Zhou
Natural Temporal Difference Learning PDF
William Dabney, Philip Thomas
Learning the Structure of Probabilistic Graphical Models with an Extended Cascading Indian Buffet Process PDF
Patrick Dallaire, Philippe Giguère, Brahim Chaib-draa
Finding Median Point-Set Using Earth Mover's Distance PDF
Hu Ding, Jinhui Xu
Non-Linear Label Ranking for Large-Scale Prediction of Long-Term User Interests PDF
Nemanja Djuric, Mihajlo Grbovic, Vladan Radosavljevic, Narayan Bhamidipati, Slobodan Vucetic
HC-Search for Multi-Label Prediction: An Empirical Study PDF
Janardhan Rao Doppa, Jun Yu, Chao Ma, Alan Fern, Prasad Tadepalli
Learning Instance Concepts from Multiple-Instance Data with Bags as Distributions PDF
Gary Doran, Soumya Ray
Non-Convex Feature Learning via Lp,inf Operator PDF
Deguang Kong, Chris Ding
Pairwise-Covariance Linear Discriminant Analysis PDF
Deguang Kong, Chris Ding
Robust Non-Negative Dictionary Learning PDF
Qihe Pan, Deguang Kong, Chris Ding, Bin Luo
Learning Relative Similarity by Stochastic Dual Coordinate Ascent PDF
Pengcheng Wu, Yi Ding, Peilin Zhao, Chunyan Miao, Steven C. H. Hoi
Robust Multi-View Spectral Clustering via Low-Rank and Sparse Decomposition PDF
Rongkai Xia, Yan Pan, Lei Du, Jian Yin

Main Track: Planning and Scheduling

Structured Possibilistic Planning Using Decision Diagrams PDF
Nicolas Drougard, Florent Teichteil-Königsbuch, Jean-Loup Farges, Didier Dubois
Parametrized Families of Hard Planning Problems from Phase Transitions PDF
Eleanor Rieffel, Davide Venturelli, Minh Do, Itay Hen, Jeremy Frank

Main Track: Reasoning under Uncertainty

State Aggregation in Monte Carlo Tree Search PDF
Jesse Hostetler, Alan Fern, Tom Dietterich
Explanation-Based Approximate Weighted Model Counting for Probabilistic Logics PDF
Joris Renkens, Angelika Kimmig, Guy Van den Broeck, Luc De Raedt
Approximate Lifting Techniques for Belief Propagation PDF
Parag Singla, Aniruddh Nath, Pedro M. Domingos

Main Track: Vision

Exploiting Competition Relationship for Robust Visual Recognition PDF
Liang Du, Haibin Ling
A Generalized Genetic Algorithm-Based Solver for Very Large Jigsaw Puzzles of Complex Types PDF
Dror Sholomon, Omid E. David, Nathan S. Netanyahu

Doctoral Consortium

Imputation, Social Choice, and Partial Preferences PDF
John A. Doucette

Student Abstracts

Representing Words as Lymphocytes PDF
Jinfeng Yang, Yi Guan, Xishuang Dong, Bin He

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