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Main Track: AI and the Web

Parallel Materialisation of Datalog Programs in Centralised, Main-Memory RDF Systems PDF
Boris Motik, Yavor Nenov, Robert Piro, Ian Horrocks, Dan Olteanu
Fast and Accurate Influence Maximization on Large Networks with Pruned Monte-Carlo Simulations PDF
Naoto Ohsaka, Takuya Akiba, Yuichi Yoshida, Ken-ichi Kawarabayashi
Trust Prediction with Propagation and Similarity Regularization PDF
Xiaoming Zheng, Yan Wang, Mehmet A. Orgun, Youliang Zhong, Guanfeng Liu

Main Track: Cognitive Systems

Large-Scale Analogical Reasoning PDF
Vinay K. Chaudhri, Stijn J. Heymans, Adam Overholtzer, Aaron Spaulding, Michael Wessel

Main Track: Computational Sustainability and AI

Supervised Scoring with Monotone Multidimensional Splines PDF
Abraham Othman

Main Track: Humans and AI

Dramatis: A Computational Model of Suspense PDF
Brian O'Neill, Mark Riedl

Main Track: Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

Managing Change in Graph-Structured Data Using Description Logics PDF
Shqiponja Ahmetaj, Diego Calvanese, Magdalena Ortiz, Mantas Simkus

Main Track: Machine Learning Applications

Calibration-Free BCI Based Control PDF
Jonathan Grizou, Iñaki Iturrate, Luis Montesano, Pierre-Yves Oudeyer, Manuel Lopes

Main Track: Multiagent Systems

Dynamic Multi-Agent Task Allocation with Spatial and Temporal Constraints PDF
Sofia Amador, Steven Okamoto, Roie Zivan
Robust Winners and Winner Determination Policies under Candidate Uncertainty PDF
Craig Boutilier, Jérôme Lang, Joel Oren, Héctor Palacios
Online (Budgeted) Social Choice PDF
Joel Oren, Brendan Lucier
A Game-Theoretic Analysis of Catalog Optimization PDF
Joel Oren, Nina Narodytska, Craig Boutilier

Main Track: NLP and Knowledge Representation

SenticNet 3: A Common and Common-Sense Knowledge Base for Cognition-Driven Sentiment Analysis PDF
Erik Cambria, Daniel Olsher, Dheeraj Rajagopal

Main Track: NLP and Machine Learning

Learning Scripts as Hidden Markov Models PDF
John Walker Orr, Prasad Tadepalli, Janardhan Rao Doppa, Xiaoli Fern, Thomas G. Dietterich

Main Track: Novel Machine Learning Algorithms

Mixing-Time Regularized Policy Gradient PDF
Tetsuro Morimura, Takayuki Osogami, Tomoyuki Shirai
Online and Stochastic Learning with a Human Cognitive Bias PDF
Hidekazu Oiwa, Hiroshi Nakagawa

Main Track: Planning and Scheduling

Backdoors to Planning PDF
Martin Kronegger, Sebastian Ordyniak, Andreas Pfandler

Main Track: Reasoning under Uncertainty

An Adversarial Interpretation of Information-Theoretic Bounded Rationality PDF
Pedro A. Ortega, Daniel D. Lee

Main Track: Robotics

GP-Localize: Persistent Mobile Robot Localization Using Online Sparse Gaussian Process Observation Model PDF
Nuo Xu, Kian Hsiang Low, Jie Chen, Keng Kiat Lim, Etkin Baris Ozgul

Main Track: Search and Constraint Satisfaction

Backdoors into Heterogeneous Classes of SAT and CSP PDF
Serge Gaspers, Neeldhara Misra, Sebastian Ordyniak, Stefan Szeider, Stanislav Zivny

Student Abstracts

Online Search Algorithm Configuration PDF
Tadhg Fitzgerald, Barry O'Sullivan, Yuri Malitsky, Kevin Tierney

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