AAAI Publications, Twenty-Ninth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence

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Low-Rank Multi-View Learning in Matrix Completion for Multi-Label Image Classification
Meng Liu, Yong Luo, Dacheng Tao, Chao Xu, Yonggang Wen

Last modified: 2015-02-21


Multi-label image classification is of significant interest due to its major role in real-world web image analysis applications such as large-scale image retrieval and browsing. Recently, matrix completion (MC) has been developed to deal with multi-label classification tasks. MC has distinct advantages, such as robustness to missing entries in the feature and label spaces and a natural ability to handle multi-label problems. However, current MC-based multi-label image classification methods only consider data represented by a single-view feature, therefore, do not precisely characterize images that contain several semantic concepts. An intuitive way to utilize multiple features taken from different views is to concatenate the different features into a long vector; however, this concatenation is prone to over-fitting and leads to high time complexity in MC-based image classification. Therefore, we present a novel multi-view learning model for MC-based image classification, called low-rank multi-view matrix completion (lrMMC), which first seeks a low-dimensional common representation of all views by utilizing the proposed low-rank multi-view learning (lrMVL) algorithm. In lrMVL, the common subspace is constrained to be low rank so that it is suitable for MC. In addition, combination weights are learned to explore complementarity between different views. An efficient solver based on fixed-point continuation (FPC) is developed for optimization, and the learned low-rank representation is then incorporated into MC-based image classification. Extensive experimentation on the challenging PASCAL VOC' 07 dataset demonstrates the superiority of lrMMC compared to other multi-label image classification approaches.


multi-view; low-rank; matrix completion; image classification; multi-label

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