AAAI Publications, Twenty-Ninth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence

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Content-Based Collaborative Filtering for News Topic Recommendation
Zhongqi Lu, Zhicheng Dou, Jianxun Lian, Xing Xie, Qiang Yang

Last modified: 2015-02-09


News recommendation has become a big attraction with which major Web search portals retain their users. Two effective approaches are Content-based Filtering and Collaborative Filtering, each serving a specific recommendation scenario. The Content-based Filtering approaches inspect rich contexts of the recommended items, while the Collaborative Filtering approaches predict the interests of long-tail users by collaboratively learning from interests of related users. We have observed empirically that, for the problem of news topic displaying, both the rich context of news topics and the long-tail users exist. Therefore, in this paper, we propose a Content-based Collaborative Filtering approach (CCF) to bring both Content-based Filtering and Collaborative Filtering approaches together. We found that combining the two is not an easy task, but the benefits of CCF are impressive. On one hand, CCF makes recommendations based on the rich contexts of the news. On the other hand, CCF collaboratively analyzes the scarce feedbacks from the long-tail users. We tailored this CCF approach for the news topic displaying on the Bing front page and demonstrated great gains in attracting users. In the experiments and analyses part of this paper, we discuss the performance gains and insights in news topic recommendation in Bing.


Content-based; Collaborative Filtering; News Recommendation

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