AAAI Publications, Twenty-Ninth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence

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LOL — Laugh Out Loud
Florian Pecune, Beatrice Biancardi, Yu Ding, Catherine Pelachaud, Maurizio Mancini, Giovanna Varni, Antonio Camurri, Gualtiero Volpe

Last modified: 2015-03-04


In our demo, LoL, a user interacts with a virtual agentable to copy and to adapt its laughing and expressive behaviorson-the-fly. Our aim is to study copying capabilitiesparticipate in enhancing user’s experience in the interaction.User listens to funny audio stimuli in the presenceof a laughing agent: when funniness of audio increases, theagent laughs and the quality of its body movement (directionand amplitude of laughter movements) is modulated on-theflyby user’s body features.

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