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AI and the Web

Efficient Top-k Shortest-Path Distance Queries on Large Networks by Pruned Landmark Labeling PDF
Takuya Akiba, Takanori Hayashi, Nozomi Nori, Yoichi Iwata, Yuichi Yoshida

Game Theory and Economic Paradigms

A Unifying Hierarchy of Valuations with Complements and Substitutes PDF
Uriel Feige, Michal Feldman, Nicole Immorlica, Rani Izsak, Brendan Lucier, Vasilis Syrgkanis
Controlled School Choice with Soft Bounds and Overlapping Types PDF
Ryoji Kurata, Masahiro Goto, Atsushi Iwasaki, Makoto Yokoo

Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

Belief Revision Games PDF
Nicolas Schwind, Katsumi Inoue, Gauvain Bourgne, Sébastien Konieczny, Pierre Marquis

Machine Learning Applications

Exploiting Determinism to Scale Relational Inference PDF
Mohamed Hamza Ibrahim, Christopher Pal, Gilles Pesant

Novel Machine Learning Algorithms

Non-Linear Regression for Bag-of-Words Data via Gaussian Process Latent Variable Set Model PDF
Yuya Yoshikawa, Tomoharu Iwata, Hiroshi Sawada

Student Abstracts

Effect of Spatial Pooler Initialization on Column Activity in Hierarchical Temporal Memory PDF
Mackenzie Leake, Liyu Xia, Kamil Rocki, Wayne Imaino

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