AAAI Publications, Thirtieth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence

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Abstract Zobrist Hashing: An Efficient Work Distribution Method for Parallel Best-First Search
Yuu Jinnai, Alex Fukunaga

Last modified: 2016-02-21


Hash Distributed A* (HDA*) is an efficient parallel best first algorithm that asynchronously distributes work among the processes using a global hash function. Although Zobrist hashing, the standard hash function used by HDA*, achieves good load balance for many domains, it incurs significant communication overhead since it requires many node transfers among threads. We propose Abstract Zobrist hashing, a new work distribution method for parallel search which reduces node transfers and mitigates communication overhead by using feature projection functions. We evaluate Abstract Zobrist hashing for multicore HDA*, and show that it significantly outperforms previous work distribution methods.


Heuristic Search; Parallel Search; Work Distribution

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