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AAAI18 - Applications

Beyond Distributive Fairness in Algorithmic Decision Making: Feature Selection for Procedurally Fair Learning PDF
Nina Grgić-Hlača, Muhammad Bilal Zafar, Krishna P. Gummadi, Adrian Weller
Predicting Aesthetic Score Distribution Through Cumulative Jensen-Shannon Divergence PDF
Xin Jin, Le Wu, Xiaodong Li, Siyu Chen, Siwei Peng, Jingying Chi, Shiming Ge, Chenggen Song, Geng Zhao
Deep Representation-Decoupling Neural Networks for Monaural Music Mixture Separation PDF
Zhuo Li, Hongwei Wang, Miao Zhao, Wenjie Li, Minyi Guo
Learning the Joint Representation of Heterogeneous Temporal Events for Clinical Endpoint Prediction PDF
Luchen Liu, Jianhao Shen, Ming Zhang, Zichang Wang, Jian Tang
Learning the Probability of Activation in the Presence of Latent Spreaders PDF
Maggie Makar, John Guttag, Jenna Wiens
CD-CNN: A Partially Supervised Cross-Domain Deep Learning Model for Urban Resident Recognition PDF
Jingyuan Wang, Xu He, Ze Wang, Junjie Wu, Nicholas Jing Yuan, Xing Xie, Zhang Xiong
Geographic Differential Privacy for Mobile Crowd Coverage Maximization PDF
Leye Wang, Gehua Qin, Dingqi Yang, Xiao Han, Xiaojuan Ma
Catching Captain Jack: Efficient Time and Space Dependent Patrols to Combat Oil-Siphoning in International Waters PDF
Xinrun Wang, Bo An, Martin Strobel, Fookwai Kong
Video Summarization via Semantic Attended Networks PDF
Huawei Wei, Bingbing Ni, Yichao Yan, Huanyu Yu, Xiaokang Yang, Chen Yao
TIMERS: Error-Bounded SVD Restart on Dynamic Networks PDF
Ziwei Zhang, Peng Cui, Jian Pei, Xiao Wang, Wenwu Zhu

AAAI18 - Artificial Intelligence and the Web

Neural Link Prediction over Aligned Networks PDF
Xuezhi Cao, Haokun Chen, Xuejian Wang, Weinan Zhang, Yong Yu
Representation Learning for Scale-Free Networks PDF
Rui Feng, Yang Yang, Wenjie Hu, Fei Wu, Yueting Zhang
VSE-ens: Visual-Semantic Embeddings with Efficient Negative Sampling PDF
Guibing Guo, Songlin Zhai, Fajie Yuan, Yuan Liu, Xingwei Wang
Robust Detection of Link Communities in Large Social Networks by Exploiting Link Semantics PDF
Di Jin, Xiaobao Wang, Ruifang He, Dongxiao He, Jianwu Dang, Weixiong Zhang
Social Recommendation with an Essential Preference Space PDF
Chun-Yi Liu, Chuan Zhou, Jia Wu, Yue Hu, Li Guo
Early Detection of Fake News on Social Media Through Propagation Path Classification with Recurrent and Convolutional Networks PDF
Yang Liu, Yi-Fang Brook Wu
Structural Deep Embedding for Hyper-Networks PDF
Ke Tu, Peng Cui, Xiao Wang, Fei Wang, Wenwu Zhu
Confidence-Aware Matrix Factorization for Recommender Systems PDF
Chao Wang, Qi Liu, Runze Wu, Enhong Chen, Chuanren Liu, Xunpeng Huang, Zhenya Huang
Deep Asymmetric Transfer Network for Unbalanced Domain Adaptation PDF
Daixin Wang, Peng Cui, Wenwu Zhu
A Multi-Task Learning Approach for Improving Product Title Compression with User Search Log Data PDF
Jingang Wang, Junfeng Tian, Long Qiu, Sheng Li, Jun Lang, Luo Si, Man Lan
Personalized Time-Aware Tag Recommendation PDF
Keqiang Wang, Yuanyuan Jin, Haofen Wang, Hongwei Peng, Xiaoling Wang
Telepath: Understanding Users from a Human Vision Perspective in Large-Scale Recommender Systems PDF
Yu Wang, Jixing Xu, Aohan Wu, Mantian Li, Yang He, Jinghe Hu, Weipeng P. Yan
RSDNE: Exploring Relaxed Similarity and Dissimilarity from Completely-Imbalanced Labels for Network Embedding PDF
Zheng Wang, Xiaojun Ye, Chaokun Wang, Yuexin Wu, Changping Wang, Kaiwen Liang
Urban Dreams of Migrants: A Case Study of Migrant Integration in Shanghai PDF
Yang Yang, Chenhao Tan, Zongtao Liu, Fei Wu, Yueting Zhuang
Dynamic Network Embedding by Modeling Triadic Closure Process PDF
Lekui Zhou, Yang Yang, Xiang Ren, Fei Wu, Yueting Zhuang
Inferring Emotion from Conversational Voice Data: A Semi-Supervised Multi-Path Generative Neural Network Approach PDF
Suping Zhou, Jia Jia, Qi Wang, Yufei Dong, Yufeng Yin, Kehua Lei

AAAI18 - Cognitive Modeling

A Unified Model for Document-Based Question Answering Based on Human-Like Reading Strategy PDF
Weikang Li, Wei Li, Yunfang Wu

AAAI18 - Computational Sustainability and AI

Transferring Decomposed Tensors for Scalable Energy Breakdown Across Regions PDF
Nipun Batra, Yiling Jia, Hongning Wang, Kamin Whitehouse
Scalable Relaxations of Sparse Packing Constraints: Optimal Biocontrol in Predator-Prey Networks PDF
Johan Bjorck, Yiwei Bai, Xiaojian Wu, Yexiang Xue, Mark Whitmore, Carla Gomes
Computation Error Analysis of Block Floating Point Arithmetic Oriented Convolution Neural Network Accelerator Design PDF
Zhourui Song, Zhenyu Liu, Dongsheng Wang
Optimal Spot-Checking for Improving Evaluation Accuracy of Peer Grading Systems PDF
Wanyuan Wang, Bo An, Yichuan Jiang
Preventing Infectious Disease in Dynamic Populations Under Uncertainty PDF
Bryan Wilder, Sze-Chuan Suen, Milind Tambe
Efficiently Approximating the Pareto Frontier: Hydropower Dam Placement in the Amazon Basin PDF
Xiaojian Wu, Jonathan Gomes-Selman, Qinru Shi, Yexiang Xue, Roosevelt Garcia-Villacorta, Elizabeth Anderson, Suresh Sethi, Scott Steinschneider, Alexander Flecker, Carla Gomes

AAAI18 - Game Playing and Interactive Entertainment

Event Representations for Automated Story Generation with Deep Neural Nets PDF
Lara J. Martin, Prithviraj Ammanabrolu, Xinyu Wang, William Hancock, Shruti Singh, Brent Harrison, Mark O. Riedl

AAAI18 - Game Theory and Economic Paradigms

Committee Selection with Intraclass and Interclass Synergies PDF
Rani Izsak, Nimrod Talmon, Gerhard J. Woeginger
The Conference Paper Assignment Problem: Using Order Weighted Averages to Assign Indivisible Goods PDF
Jing Wu Lian, Nicholas Mattei, Renee Noble, Toby Walsh
Approximation-Variance Tradeoffs in Facility Location Games PDF
Ariel D. Procaccia, David Wajc, Hanrui Zhang
An Axiomatization of the Eigenvector and Katz Centralities PDF
Tomasz Wąs, Oskar Skibski
A Regression Approach for Modeling Games With Many Symmetric Players PDF
Bryce Wiedenbeck, Fengjun Yang, Michael P. Wellman
Equilibrium Computation and Robust Optimization in Zero Sum Games With Submodular Structure PDF
Bryan Wilder
Incentive-Compatible Forecasting Competitions PDF
Jens Witkowski, Rupert Freeman, Jennifer Wortman Vaughan, David M. Pennock, Andreas Krause
Strategic Coordination of Human Patrollers and Mobile Sensors With Signaling for Security Games PDF
Haifeng Xu, Kai Wang, Phebe Vayanos, Milind Tambe

AAAI18 - Heuristic Search and Optimization

A Recursive Scenario Decomposition Algorithm for Combinatorial Multistage Stochastic Optimisation Problems PDF
David Hemmi, Guido Tack, Mark Wallace
Proximal Alternating Direction Network: A Globally Converged Deep Unrolling Framework PDF
Risheng Liu, Xin Fan, Shichao Cheng, Xiangyu Wang, Zhongxuan Luo
Large Scale Constrained Linear Regression Revisited: Faster Algorithms via Preconditioning PDF
Di Wang, Jinhui Xu
Noisy Derivative-Free Optimization With Value Suppression PDF
Hong Wang, Hong Qian, Yang Yu

AAAI18 - Human-AI Collaboration

A Coverage-Based Utility Model for Identifying Unknown Unknowns PDF
Gagan Bansal, Daniel S. Weld
An Interpretable Joint Graphical Model for Fact-Checking From Crowds PDF
An T. Nguyen, Aditya Kharosekar, Matthew Lease, Byron Wallace
Deep TAMER: Interactive Agent Shaping in High-Dimensional State Spaces PDF
Garrett Warnell, Nicholas Waytowich, Vernon Lawhern, Peter Stone

AAAI18 - Human Computation and Crowd Sourcing

Adversarial Learning for Chinese NER From Crowd Annotations PDF
YaoSheng Yang, Meishan Zhang, Wenliang Chen, Wei Zhang, Haofen Wang, Min Zhang

AAAI18 - Humans and AI

Towards Imperceptible and Robust Adversarial Example Attacks Against Neural Networks PDF
Bo Luo, Yannan Liu, Lingxiao Wei, Qiang Xu
Beyond Sparsity: Tree Regularization of Deep Models for Interpretability PDF
Mike Wu, Michael C. Hughes, Sonali Parbhoo, Maurizio Zazzi, Volker Roth, Finale Doshi-Velez
Coupled Deep Learning for Heterogeneous Face Recognition PDF
Xiang Wu, Lingxiao Song, Ran He, Tieniu Tan
A Low-Cost Ethics Shaping Approach for Designing Reinforcement Learning Agents PDF
Yueh-Hua Wu, Shou-De Lin
Deception Detection in Videos PDF
Zhe Wu, Bharat Singh, Larry S. Davis, V. S. Subrahmanian
Cascade and Parallel Convolutional Recurrent Neural Networks on EEG-based Intention Recognition for Brain Computer Interface PDF
Dalin Zhang, Lina Yao, Xiang Zhang, Sen Wang, Weitong Chen, Robert Boots, Boualem Benatallah

AAAI18 - Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

Weighted Abstract Dialectical Frameworks PDF
Gerhard Brewka, Hannes Strass, Johannes P. Wallner, Stefan Woltran
Dependence in Propositional Logic: Formula-Formula Dependence and Formula Forgetting – Application to Belief Update and Conservative Extension PDF
Liangda Fang, Hai Wan, Xianqiao Liu, Biqing Fang, Zhaorong Lai
Behavior Is Everything: Towards Representing Concepts with Sensorimotor Contingencies PDF
Nicholas Hay, Michael Stark, Alexander Schlegel, Carter Wendelken, Dennis Park, Eric Purdy, Tom Silver, D. Scott Phoenix, Dileep George
Open-World Knowledge Graph Completion PDF
Baoxu Shi, Tim Weninger
Visual Explanation by High-Level Abduction: On Answer-Set Programming Driven Reasoning About Moving Objects PDF
Jakob Suchan, Mehul Bhatt, Przemysław Wałega, Carl Schultz
Splitting an LPMLN Program PDF
Bin Wang, Zhizheng Zhang, Hongxiang Xu, Jun Shen
Incorporating GAN for Negative Sampling in Knowledge Representation Learning PDF
Peifeng Wang, Shuangyin Li, Rong Pan
Forgetting and Unfolding for Existential Rules PDF
Zhe Wang, Kewen Wang, Xiaowang Zhang
Machine-Translated Knowledge Transfer for Commonsense Causal Reasoning PDF
Jinyoung Yeo, Geungyu Wang, Hyunsouk Cho, Seungtaek Choi, Seung-won Hwang
Embedding of Hierarchically Typed Knowledge Bases PDF
Richong Zhang, Fanshuang Kong, Chenyue Wang, Yongyi Mao
On the Satisfiability Problem of Patterns in SPARQL 1.1 PDF
Xiaowang Zhang, Jan Van den Bussche, Kewen Wang, Zhe Wang

AAAI18 - Machine Learning Applications

DeepHeart: Semi-Supervised Sequence Learning for Cardiovascular Risk Prediction PDF
Brandon Ballinger, Johnson Hsieh, Avesh Singh, Nimit Sohoni, Jack Wang, Geoffrey H. Tison, Gregory M. Marcus, Jose M. Sanchez, Carol Maguire, Jeffrey E. Olgin, Mark J. Pletcher
Modeling Scientific Influence for Research Trending Topic Prediction PDF
Chengyao Chen, Zhitao Wang, Wenjie Li, Xu Sun
Adversarial Network Embedding PDF
Quanyu Dai, Qiang Li, Jian Tang, Dan Wang
Group-Pair Convolutional Neural Networks for Multi-View Based 3D Object Retrieval PDF
Zan Gao, Deyu Wang, Xiangnan He, Hua Zhang
Video-Based Person Re-Identification via Self Paced Weighting PDF
Wenjun Huang, Chao Liang, Yi Yu, Zheng Wang, Weijian Ruan, Ruimin Hu
DeepRebirth: Accelerating Deep Neural Network Execution on Mobile Devices PDF
Dawei Li, Xiaolong Wang, Deguang Kong
Distance-Aware DAG Embedding for Proximity Search on Heterogeneous Graphs PDF
Zemin Liu, Vincent W. Zheng, Zhou Zhao, Fanwei Zhu, Kevin Chen-Chuan Chang, Minghui Wu, Jing Ying
Nonlocal Patch Based t-SVD for Image Inpainting: Algorithm and Error Analysis PDF
Liangchen Song, Bo Du, Lefei Zhang, Liangpei Zhang, Jia Wu, Xuelong Li
Exercise-Enhanced Sequential Modeling for Student Performance Prediction PDF
Yu Su, Qingwen Liu, Qi Liu, Zhenya Huang, Yu Yin, Enhong Chen, Chris Ding, Si Wei, Guoping Hu
Multimodal Poisson Gamma Belief Network PDF
Chaojie Wang, Bo Chen, Mingyuan Zhou
When Will You Arrive? Estimating Travel Time Based on Deep Neural Networks PDF
Dong Wang, Junbo Zhang, Wei Cao, Jian Li, Yu Zheng
GraphGAN: Graph Representation Learning With Generative Adversarial Nets PDF
Hongwei Wang, Jia Wang, Jialin Wang, Miao Zhao, Weinan Zhang, Fuzheng Zhang, Xing Xie, Minyi Guo
Collaborative Filtering With Social Exposure: A Modular Approach to Social Recommendation PDF
Menghan Wang, Xiaolin Zheng, Yang Yang, Kun Zhang
AJILE Movement Prediction: Multimodal Deep Learning for Natural Human Neural Recordings and Video PDF
Nancy X. R. Wang, Ali Farhadi, Rajesh P. N. Rao, Bingni W. Brunton
Attention-Based Transactional Context Embedding for Next-Item Recommendation PDF
Shoujin Wang, Liang Hu, Longbing Cao, Xiaoshui Huang, Defu Lian, Wei Liu
Fully Convolutional Network Based Skeletonization for Handwritten Chinese Characters PDF
Tie-Qiang Wang, Cheng-Lin Liu
Directional Label Rectification in Adaptive Graph PDF
Xiaoqian Wang, Hao Huang
Hybrid Attentive Answer Selection in CQA With Deep Users Modelling PDF
Jiahui Wen, Jingwei Ma, Yiliu Feng, Mingyang Zhong
Deep Multi-View Spatial-Temporal Network for Taxi Demand Prediction PDF
Huaxiu Yao, Fei Wu, Jintao Ke, Xianfeng Tang, Yitian Jia, Siyu Lu, Pinghua Gong, Jieping Ye, Zhenhui Li
Sequence-to-Point Learning With Neural Networks for Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring PDF
Chaoyun Zhang, Mingjun Zhong, Zongzuo Wang, Nigel Goddard, Charles Sutton
Unsupervised Representation Learning With Long-Term Dynamics for Skeleton Based Action Recognition PDF
Nenggan Zheng, Jun Wen, Risheng Liu, Liangqu Long, Jianhua Dai, Zhefeng Gong

AAAI18 - Machine Learning Methods

Trace Ratio Optimization With Feature Correlation Mining for Multiclass Discriminant Analysis PDF
Forough Rezaei Boroujeni, Sen Wang, Zhihui Li, Nicholas West, Bela Stantic, Lina Yao, Guodong Long
Teaching a Machine to Read Maps With Deep Reinforcement Learning PDF
Gino Brunner, Oliver Richter, Yuyi Wang, Roger Wattenhofer
Efficient Architecture Search by Network Transformation PDF
Han Cai, Tianyao Chen, Weinan Zhang, Yong Yu, Jun Wang
Unsupervised Domain Adaptation With Distribution Matching Machines PDF
Yue Cao, Mingsheng Long, Jianmin Wang
Link Prediction via Subgraph Embedding-Based Convex Matrix Completion PDF
Zhu Cao, Linlin Wang, Gerard de Melo
LSTD: A Low-Shot Transfer Detector for Object Detection PDF
Hao Chen, Yali Wang, Guoyou Wang, Yu Qiao
DarkRank: Accelerating Deep Metric Learning via Cross Sample Similarities Transfer PDF
Yuntao Chen, Naiyan Wang, Zhaoxiang Zhang
Expected Policy Gradients PDF
Kamil Ciosek, Shimon Whiteson
Diverse Exploration for Fast and Safe Policy Improvement PDF
Andrew Cohen, Lei Yu, Robert Wright
Counterfactual Multi-Agent Policy Gradients PDF
Jakob N. Foerster, Gregory Farquhar, Triantafyllos Afouras, Nantas Nardelli, Shimon Whiteson
Margin Based PU Learning PDF
Tieliang Gong, Guangtao Wang, Jieping Ye, Zongben Xu, Ming Lin
Inexact Proximal Gradient Methods for Non-Convex and Non-Smooth Optimization PDF
Bin Gu, De Wang, Zhouyuan Huo, Heng Huang
Double Forward Propagation for Memorized Batch Normalization PDF
Yong Guo, Qingyao Wu, Chaorui Deng, Jian Chen, Mingkui Tan
From Hashing to CNNs: Training Binary Weight Networks via Hashing PDF
Qinghao Hu, Peisong Wang, Jian Cheng
Orthogonal Weight Normalization: Solution to Optimization Over Multiple Dependent Stiefel Manifolds in Deep Neural Networks PDF
Lei Huang, Xianglong Liu, Bo Lang, Adams Wei Yu, Yongliang Wang, Bo Li
Building Deep Networks on Grassmann Manifolds PDF
Zhiwu Huang, Jiqing Wu, Luc Van Gool
Unsupervised Personalized Feature Selection PDF
Jundong Li, Liang Wu, Harsh Dani, Huan Liu
Deeper Insights Into Graph Convolutional Networks for Semi-Supervised Learning PDF
Qimai Li, Zhichao Han, Xiao-ming Wu
Adaptive Graph Convolutional Neural Networks PDF
Ruoyu Li, Sheng Wang, Feiyun Zhu, Junzhou Huang
Transferable Contextual Bandit for Cross-Domain Recommendation PDF
Bo Liu, Ying Wei, Yu Zhang, Zhixian Yan, Qiang Yang
Euler Sparse Representation for Image Classification PDF
Yang Liu, Quanxue Gao, Jungong Han, Shujian Wang
A Parallelizable Acceleration Framework for Packing Linear Programs PDF
Palma London, Shai Vardi, Adam Wierman, Hanling Yi
Exploiting Emotion on Reviews for Recommender Systems PDF
Xuying Meng, Suhang Wang, Huan Liu, Yujun Zhang
Personalized Privacy-Preserving Social Recommendation PDF
Xuying Meng, Suhang Wang, Kai Shu, Jundong Li, Bo Chen, Huan Liu, Yujun Zhang
A Provable Approach for Double-Sparse Coding PDF
Thanh V. Nguyen, Raymond K. W. Wong, Chinmay Hegde
Alternating Optimisation and Quadrature for Robust Control PDF
Supratik Paul, Konstantinos Chatzilygeroudis, Kamil Ciosek, Jean-Baptiste Mouret, Michael A. Osborne, Shimon Whiteson
Multi-Adversarial Domain Adaptation PDF
Zhongyi Pei, Zhangjie Cao, Mingsheng Long, Jianmin Wang
Randomized Clustered Nystrom for Large-Scale Kernel Machines PDF
Farhad Pourkamali-Anaraki, Stephen Becker, Michael B. Wakin
Kernel Cross-Correlator PDF
Chen Wang, Le Zhang, Lihua Xie, Junsong Yuan
Efficient Test-Time Predictor Learning With Group-Based Budget PDF
Li Wang, Dajiang Zhu, Yujie Chi
Learning Transferable Subspace for Human Motion Segmentation PDF
Lichen Wang, Zhengming Ding, Yun Fu
Information-Theoretic Domain Adaptation Under Severe Noise Conditions PDF
Wei Wang, Hao Wang, Zhi-Yong Ran, Ran He
Zero-Shot Learning via Class-Conditioned Deep Generative Models PDF
Wenlin Wang, Yunchen Pu, Vinay Kumar Verma, Kai Fan, Yizhe Zhang, Changyou Chen, Piyush Rai, Lawrence Carin
Sparse Gaussian Conditional Random Fields on Top of Recurrent Neural Networks PDF
Xishun Wang, Minjie Zhang, Fenghui Ren
On Multi-Relational Link Prediction With Bilinear Models PDF
Yanjie Wang, Rainer Gemulla, Hui Li
Towards Ultra-High Performance and Energy Efficiency of Deep Learning Systems: An Algorithm-Hardware Co-Optimization Framework PDF
Yanzhi Wang, Caiwen Ding, Zhe Li, Geng Yuan, Siyu Liao, Xiaolong Ma, Bo Yuan, Xuehai Qian, Jian Tang, Qinru Qiu, Xue Lin
On the ERM Principle With Networked Data PDF
Yuanhong Wang, Yuyi Wang, Xingwu Liu, Juhua Pu
High Rank Matrix Completion With Side Information PDF
Yugang Wang, Ehsan Elhamifar
Adversarial Learning of Portable Student Networks PDF
Yunhe Wang, Chang Xu, Chao Xu, Dacheng Tao
Orthant-Wise Passive Descent Algorithms for Training L1-Regularized Models PDF
Jianqiao Wangni
Decoupled Convolutions for CNNs PDF
Guotian Xie, Ting Zhang, Kuiyuan Yang, Jianhuang Lai, Jingdong Wang
Cooperative Learning of Energy-Based Model and Latent Variable Model via MCMC Teaching PDF
Jianwen Xie, Yang Lu, Ruiqi Gao, Ying Nian Wu
Deep Neural Network Compression With Single and Multiple Level Quantization PDF
Yuhui Xu, Yongzhuang Wang, Aojun Zhou, Weiyao Lin, Hongkai Xiong
Automatic Model Selection in Subspace Clustering via Triplet Relationships PDF
Jufeng Yang, Jie Liang, Kai Wang, Yong-Liang Yang, Ming-Ming Cheng
Tau-FPL: Tolerance-Constrained Learning in Linear Time PDF
Ao Zhang, Nan Li, Jian Pu, Jun Wang, Junchi Yan, Hongyuan Zha
Latent Semantic Aware Multi-View Multi-Label Classification PDF
Changqing Zhang, Ziwei Yu, Qinghua Hu, Pengfei Zhu, Xinwang Liu, Xiaobo Wang
Interpreting CNN Knowledge via an Explanatory Graph PDF
Quanshi Zhang, Ruiming Cao, Feng Shi, Ying Nian Wu, Song-Chun Zhu
Examining CNN Representations With Respect to Dataset Bias PDF
Quanshi Zhang, Wenguan Wang, Song-Chun Zhu
Training Set Debugging Using Trusted Items PDF
Xuezhou Zhang, Xiaojin Zhu, Stephen Wright
Distant-Supervision of Heterogeneous Multitask Learning for Social Event Forecasting With Multilingual Indicators PDF
Liang Zhao, Junxiang Wang, Xiaojie Guo
Hypergraph Learning With Cost Interval Optimization PDF
Xibin Zhao, Nan Wang, Heyuan Shi, Hai Wan, Jin Huang, Yue Gao

AAAI18 - Multiagent Systems

An Ant-Based Algorithm to Solve Distributed Constraint Optimization Problems PDF
Ziyu Chen, Tengfei Wu, Yanchen Deng, Cheng Zhang
Maximizing Influence in an Unknown Social Network PDF
Bryan Wilder, Nicole Immorlica, Eric Rice, Milind Tambe
Integrated Cooperation and Competition in Multi-Agent Decision-Making PDF
Kyle Hollins Wray, Akshat Kumar, Shlomo Zilberstein
Privacy-Preserving Policy Iteration for Decentralized POMDPs PDF
Feng Wu, Shlomo Zilberstein, Xiaoping Chen

AAAI18 - NLP and Knowledge Representation

Faithful to the Original: Fact Aware Neural Abstractive Summarization PDF
Ziqiang Cao, Furu Wei, Wenjie Li, Sujian Li
Syntax-Directed Attention for Neural Machine Translation PDF
Kehai Chen, Rui Wang, Masao Utiyama, Eiichiro Sumita, Tiejun Zhao
A Semantic QA-Based Approach for Text Summarization Evaluation PDF
Ping Chen, Fei Wu, Tong Wang, Wei Ding
Learning Sentiment-Specific Word Embedding via Global Sentiment Representation PDF
Peng Fu, Zheng Lin, Fengcheng Yuan, Weiping Wang, Dan Meng
Knowledge Graph Embedding With Iterative Guidance From Soft Rules PDF
Shu Guo, Quan Wang, Lihong Wang, Bin Wang, Li Guo
Linguistic Properties Matter for Implicit Discourse Relation Recognition: Combining Semantic Interaction, Topic Continuity and Attribution PDF
Wenqiang Lei, Yuanxin Xiang, Yuwei Wang, Qian Zhong, Meichun Liu, Min-Yen Kan
Table-to-Text Generation by Structure-Aware Seq2seq Learning PDF
Tianyu Liu, Kexiang Wang, Lei Sha, Baobao Chang, Zhifang Sui
Deep Semantic Role Labeling With Self-Attention PDF
Zhixing Tan, Mingxuan Wang, Jun Xie, Yidong Chen, Xiaodong Shi
Translating Pro-Drop Languages With Reconstruction Models PDF
Longyue Wang, Zhaopeng Tu, Shuming Shi, Tong Zhang, Yvette Graham, Qun Liu
Event Representations With Tensor-Based Compositions PDF
Noah Weber, Niranjan Balasubramanian, Nathanael Chambers
Multi-Channel Encoder for Neural Machine Translation PDF
Hao Xiong, Zhongjun He, Xiaoguang Hu, Hua Wu
An Unsupervised Model With Attention Autoencoders for Question Retrieval PDF
Minghua Zhang, Yunfang Wu
Sequential Copying Networks PDF
Qingyu Zhou, Nan Yang, Furu Wei, Ming Zhou

AAAI18 - NLP and Machine Learning

Search Engine Guided Neural Machine Translation PDF
Jiatao Gu, Yong Wang, Kyunghyun Cho, Victor O.K. Li
Long Text Generation via Adversarial Training with Leaked Information PDF
Jiaxian Guo, Sidi Lu, Han Cai, Weinan Zhang, Yong Yu, Jun Wang
Slim Embedding Layers for Recurrent Neural Language Models PDF
Zhongliang Li, Raymond Kulhanek, Shaojun Wang, Yunxin Zhao, Shuang Wu
CoChat: Enabling Bot and Human Collaboration for Task Completion PDF
Xufang Luo, Zijia Lin, Yunhong Wang, Zaiqing Nie
Variational Recurrent Neural Machine Translation PDF
Jinsong Su, Shan Wu, Deyi Xiong, Yaojie Lu, Xianpei Han, Biao Zhang
Learning Latent Opinions for Aspect-level Sentiment Classification PDF
Bailin Wang, Wei Lu
MathDQN: Solving Arithmetic Word Problems via Deep Reinforcement Learning PDF
Lei Wang, Dongxiang Zhang, Lianli Gao, Jingkuan Song, Long Guo, Heng Tao Shen
Dual Transfer Learning for Neural Machine Translation with Marginal Distribution Regularization PDF
Yijun Wang, Yingce Xia, Li Zhao, Jiang Bian, Tao Qin, Guiquan Liu, Tie-Yan Liu
A Neural Transition-Based Approach for Semantic Dependency Graph Parsing PDF
Yuxuan Wang, Wanxiang Che, Jiang Guo, Ting Liu
StarSpace: Embed All The Things! PDF
Ledell Yu Wu, Adam Fisch, Sumit Chopra, Keith Adams, Antoine Bordes, Jason Weston
Word Attention for Sequence to Sequence Text Understanding PDF
Lijun Wu, Fei Tian, Li Zhao, Jianhuang Lai, Tie-Yan Liu
Knowledge Enhanced Hybrid Neural Network for Text Matching PDF
Yu Wu, Wei Wu, Can Xu, Zhoujun Li
Neural Response Generation With Dynamic Vocabularies PDF
Yu Wu, Wei Wu, Dejian Yang, Can Xu, Zhoujun Li
Learning to Extract Coherent Summary via Deep Reinforcement Learning PDF
Yuxiang Wu, Baotian Hu
Hierarchical Recurrent Attention Network for Response Generation PDF
Chen Xing, Yu Wu, Wei Wu, Yalou Huang, Ming Zhou
How Images Inspire Poems: Generating Classical Chinese Poetry from Images with Memory Networks PDF
Linli Xu, Liang Jiang, Chuan Qin, Zhe Wang, Dongfang Du
End-to-End Quantum-like Language Models with Application to Question Answering PDF
Peng Zhang, Jiabin Niu, Zhan Su, Benyou Wang, Liqun Ma, Dawei Song
Asynchronous Bidirectional Decoding for Neural Machine Translation PDF
Xiangwen Zhang, Jinsong Su, Yue Qin, Yang Liu, Rongrong Ji, Hongji Wang
Medical Exam Question Answering with Large-scale Reading Comprehension PDF
Xiao Zhang, Ji Wu, Zhiyang He, Xien Liu, Ying Su

AAAI18 - NLP and Text Mining

Inference on Syntactic and Semantic Structures for Machine Comprehension PDF
Chenrui Li, Yuanbin Wu, Man Lan
Hierarchical Attention Transfer Network for Cross-Domain Sentiment Classification PDF
Zheng Li, Ying Wei, Yu Zhang, Qiang Yang
Mention and Entity Description Co-Attention for Entity Disambiguation PDF
Feng Nie, Yunbo Cao, Jinpeng Wang, Chin-Yew Lin, Rong Pan
S-Net: From Answer Extraction to Answer Synthesis for Machine Reading Comprehension PDF
Chuanqi Tan, Furu Wei, Nan Yang, Bowen Du, Weifeng Lv, Ming Zhou
Investigating Inner Properties of Multimodal Representation and Semantic Compositionality With Brain-Based Componential Semantics PDF
Shaonan Wang, Jiajun Zhang, Nan Lin, Chengqing Zong
Learning Multimodal Word Representation via Dynamic Fusion Methods PDF
Shaonan Wang, Jiajun Zhang, Chengqing Zong
R3: Reinforced Ranker-Reader for Open-Domain Question Answering PDF
Shuohang Wang, Mo Yu, Xiaoxiao Guo, Zhiguo Wang, Tim Klinger, Wei Zhang, Shiyu Chang, Gerry Tesauro, Bowen Zhou, Jing Jiang
Improving Review Representations With User Attention and Product Attention for Sentiment Classification PDF
Zhen Wu, Xin-Yu Dai, Cunyan Yin, Shujian Huang, Jiajun Chen
Assertion-Based QA With Question-Aware Open Information Extraction PDF
Zhao Yan, Duyu Tang, Nan Duan, Shujie Liu, Wendi Wang, Daxin Jiang, Ming Zhou, Zhoujun Li
Multi-Entity Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis With Context, Entity and Aspect Memory PDF
Jun Yang, Runqi Yang, Chongjun Wang, Junyuan Xie
Scale Up Event Extraction Learning via Automatic Training Data Generation PDF
Ying Zeng, Yansong Feng, Rong Ma, Zheng Wang, Rui Yan, Chongde Shi, Dongyan Zhao
Duplicate Question Identification by Integrating FrameNet With Neural Networks PDF
Xiaodong Zhang, Xu Sun, Houfeng Wang
Hierarchical Attention Flow for Multiple-Choice Reading Comprehension PDF
Haichao Zhu, Furu Wei, Bing Qin, Ting Liu

AAAI18 - Planning and Scheduling

Load Scheduling of Simple Temporal Networks Under Dynamic Resource Pricing PDF
T. K. Satish Kumar, Zhi Wang, Anoop Kumar, Craig Milo Rogers, Craig A. Knoblock
On the Relationship Between State-Dependent Action Costs and Conditional Effects in Planning PDF
Robert Mattmüller, Florian Geißer, Benedict Wright, Bernhard Nebel

AAAI18 - Reasoning under Uncertainty

Optimal Approximation of Random Variables for Estimating the Probability of Meeting a Plan Deadline PDF
Liat Cohen, Tal Grinshpoun, Gera Weiss
Relational Marginal Problems: Theory and Estimation PDF
Ondřej Kuželka, Yuyi Wang, Jesse Davis, Steven Schockaert
A Neural Stochastic Volatility Model PDF
Rui Luo, Weinan Zhang, Xiaojun Xu, Jun Wang
Risk-Sensitive Submodular Optimization PDF
Bryan Wilder

AAAI18 - Robotics

Learning Integrated Holism-Landmark Representations for Long-Term Loop Closure Detection PDF
Fei Han, Hua Wang, Hao Zhang
Safe Exploration and Optimization of Constrained MDPs Using Gaussian Processes PDF
Akifumi Wachi, Yanan Sui, Yisong Yue, Masahiro Ono

AAAI18 - Search and Constraint Satisfaction

Verifying Properties of Binarized Deep Neural Networks PDF
Nina Narodytska, Shiva Kasiviswanathan, Leonid Ryzhyk, Mooly Sagiv, Toby Walsh

AAAI18 - Vision

Asymmetric Joint Learning for Heterogeneous Face Recognition PDF
Bing Cao, Nannan Wang, Xinbo Gao, Jie Li
Lateral Inhibition-Inspired Convolutional Neural Network for Visual Attention and Saliency Detection PDF
Chunshui Cao, Yongzhen Huang, Zilei Wang, Liang Wang, Ninglong Xu, Tieniu Tan
Transfer Adversarial Hashing for Hamming Space Retrieval PDF
Zhangjie Cao, Mingsheng Long, Chao Huang, Jianmin Wang
Order-Free RNN With Visual Attention for Multi-Label Classification PDF
Shang-Fu Chen, Yi-Chen Chen, Chih-Kuan Yeh, Yu-Chiang Frank Wang
Recurrent Attentional Reinforcement Learning for Multi-Label Image Recognition PDF
Tianshui Chen, Zhouxia Wang, Guanbin Li, Liang Lin
MixedPeds: Pedestrian Detection in Unannotated Videos Using Synthetically Generated Human-Agents for Training PDF
Ernest Cheung, Anson Wong, Aniket Bera, Dinesh Manocha
Learning Pose Grammar to Encode Human Body Configuration for 3D Pose Estimation PDF
Hao-Shu Fang, Yuanlu Xu, Wenguan Wang, Xiaobai Liu, Song-Chun Zhu
Stack-Captioning: Coarse-to-Fine Learning for Image Captioning PDF
Jiuxiang Gu, Jianfei Cai, Gang Wang, Tsuhan Chen
Hierarchical LSTM for Sign Language Translation PDF
Dan Guo, Wengang Zhou, Houqiang Li, Meng Wang
Learning Coarse-to-Fine Structured Feature Embedding for Vehicle Re-Identification PDF
Haiyun Guo, Chaoyang Zhao, Zhiwei Liu, Jinqiao Wang, Hanqing Lu
Unsupervised Deep Learning of Mid-Level Video Representation for Action Recognition PDF
Jingyi Hou, Xinxiao Wu, Jin Chen, Jiebo Luo, Yunde Jia
Deep Low-Resolution Person Re-Identification PDF
Jiening Jiao, Wei-Shi Zheng, Ancong Wu, Xiatian Zhu, Shaogang Gong
End-to-End United Video Dehazing and Detection PDF
Boyi Li, Xiulian Peng, Zhangyang Wang, Jizheng Xu, Dan Feng
Anti-Makeup: Learning A Bi-Level Adversarial Network for Makeup-Invariant Face Verification PDF
Yi Li, Lingxiao Song, Xiang Wu, Ran He, Tieniu Tan
Cross-View Person Identification by Matching Human Poses Estimated With Confidence on Each Body Joint PDF
Guoqiang Liang, Xuguang Lan, Kang Zheng, Song Wang, Nanning Zheng
Action Recognition With Coarse-to-Fine Deep Feature Integration and Asynchronous Fusion PDF
Weiyao Lin, Chongyang Zhang, Ke Lu, Bin Sheng, Jianxin Wu, Bingbing Ni, Xin Liu, Hongkai Xiong
Char-Net: A Character-Aware Neural Network for Distorted Scene Text Recognition PDF
Wei Liu, Chaofeng Chen, Kwan-Yee K. Wong
Dictionary Learning Inspired Deep Network for Scene Recognition PDF
Yang Liu, Qingchao Chen, Wei Chen, Ian Wassell
Multimodal Keyless Attention Fusion for Video Classification PDF
Xiang Long, Chuang Gan, Gerard de Melo, Xiao Liu, Yandong Li, Fu Li, Shilei Wen
Co-Attending Free-Form Regions and Detections With Multi-Modal Multiplicative Feature Embedding for Visual Question Answering PDF
Pan Lu, Hongsheng Li, Wei Zhang, Jianyong Wang, Xiaogang Wang
Curve-Structure Segmentation From Depth Maps: A CNN-Based Approach and Its Application to Exploring Cultural Heritage Objects PDF
Yuhang Lu, Jun Zhou, Jing Wang, Jun Chen, Karen Smith, Colin Wilder, Song Wang
Spatial as Deep: Spatial CNN for Traffic Scene Understanding PDF
Xingang Pan, Jianping Shi, Ping Luo, Xiaogang Wang, Xiaoou Tang
Scene-Centric Joint Parsing of Cross-View Videos PDF
Hang Qi, Yuanlu Xu, Tao Yuan, Tianfu Wu, Song-Chun Zhu
RAN4IQA: Restorative Adversarial Nets for No-Reference Image Quality Assessment PDF
Hongyu Ren, Diqi Chen, Yizhou Wang
Adversarial Discriminative Heterogeneous Face Recognition PDF
Lingxiao Song, Man Zhang, Xiang Wu, Ran He
Movie Question Answering: Remembering the Textual Cues for Layered Visual Contents PDF
Bo Wang, Youjiang Xu, Yahong Han, Richang Hong
Supervised Deep Hashing for Hierarchical Labeled Data PDF
Dan Wang, Heyan Huang, Chi Lu, Bo-Si Feng, Guihua Wen, Liqiang Nie, Xian-Ling Mao
Show, Reward and Tell: Automatic Generation of Narrative Paragraph From Photo Stream by Adversarial Training PDF
Jing Wang, Jianlong Fu, Jinhui Tang, Zechao Li, Tao Mei
Cooperative Training of Deep Aggregation Networks for RGB-D Action Recognition PDF
Pichao Wang, Wanqing Li, Jun Wan, Philip Ogunbona, Xinwang Liu
Temporal-Enhanced Convolutional Network for Person Re-Identification PDF
Yang Wu, Jie Qiu, Jun Takamatsu, Tsukasa Ogasawara
Transferable Semi-Supervised Semantic Segmentation PDF
Huaxin Xiao, Yunchao Wei, Yu Liu, Maojun Zhang, Jiashi Feng
Unsupervised Part-Based Weighting Aggregation of Deep Convolutional Features for Image Retrieval PDF
Jian Xu, Cunzhao Shi, Chengzuo Qi, Chunheng Wang, Baihua Xiao
Unsupervised Learning of Geometry From Videos With Edge-Aware Depth-Normal Consistency PDF
Zhenheng Yang, Peng Wang, Wei Xu, Liang Zhao, Ramakant Nevatia
Co-Saliency Detection Within a Single Image PDF
Hongkai Yu, Kang Zheng, Jianwu Fang, Hao Guo, Wei Feng, Song Wang
Deep Stereo Matching With Explicit Cost Aggregation Sub-Architecture PDF
Lidong Yu, Yucheng Wang, Yuwei Wu, Yunde Jia
Audio Visual Attribute Discovery for Fine-Grained Object Recognition PDF
Hua Zhang, Xiaochun Cao, Rui Wang
Kill Two Birds With One Stone: Weakly-Supervised Neural Network for Image Annotation and Tag Refinement PDF
Junjie Zhang, Qi Wu, Jian Zhang, Chunhua Shen, Jianfeng Lu
Face Sketch Synthesis From Coarse to Fine PDF
Mingjin Zhang, Nannan Wang, Yunsong Li, Ruxin Wang, Xinbo Gao
Graph Correspondence Transfer for Person Re-Identification PDF
Qin Zhou, Heng Fan, Shibao Zheng, Hang Su, Xinzhe Li, Shuang Wu, Haibin Ling
Progressive Cognitive Human Parsing PDF
Bingke Zhu, Yingying Chen, Ming Tang, Jinqiao Wang
HCVRD: A Benchmark for Large-Scale Human-Centered Visual Relationship Detection PDF
Bohan Zhuang, Qi Wu, Chunhua Shen, Ian Reid, Anton van den Hengel

IAAI18 - Deployed

Horizontal Scaling With a Framework for Providing AI Solutions Within a Game Company PDF
John F. Kolen, Mohsen Sardari, Marwan Mattar, Nick Peterson, Meng Wu

IAAI18 - Emerging

Bandit-Based Solar Panel Control PDF
David Abel, Edward C. Williams, Stephen Brawner, Emily Reif, Michael L. Littman
Novel Exploration Techniques (NETs) for Malaria Policy Interventions PDF
Oliver Bent, Sekou L. Remy, Stephen Roberts, Aisha Walcott-Bryant
InspireMe: Learning Sequence Models for Stories PDF
Vincent Fortuin, Romann M. Weber, Sasha Schriber, Diana Wotruba, Markus Gross
Assessing National Development Plans for Alignment With Sustainable Development Goals via Semantic Search PDF
Jonathan Galsurkar, Moninder Singh, Lingfei Wu, Aditya Vempaty, Mikhail Sushkov, Devika Iyer, Serge Kapto, Kush R. Varshney
Upping the Game of Taxi Driving in the Age of Uber PDF
Shashi Shekhar Jha, Shih-Fen Cheng, Meghna Lowalekar, Nicholas Wong, Rishikeshan Rajendram, Trong Khiem Tran, Pradeep Varakantham, Nghia Truong Trong, Firmansyah Bin Abd Rahman
Computer-Assisted Authoring for Natural Language Story Scripts PDF
Rushit Sanghrajka, Wojciech Witoń, Sasha Schriber, Markus Gross, Mubbasir Kapadia
Adapting to Concept Drift in Credit Card Transaction Data Streams Using Contextual Bandits and Decision Trees PDF
Dennis J. N. J. Soemers, Tim Brys, Kurt Driessens, Mark H. M. Winands, Ann Nowé
Mars Target Encyclopedia: Rock and Soil Composition Extracted From the Literature PDF
Kiri L. Wagstaff, Raymond Francis, Thamme Gowda, You Lu, Ellen Riloff, Karanjeet Singh, Nina L. Lanza
Deep Mars: CNN Classification of Mars Imagery for the PDS Imaging Atlas PDF
Kiri L. Wagstaff, You Lu, Alice Stanboli, Kevin Grimes, Thamme Gowda, Jordan Padams

EAAI18 - Full Papers

Investigating Active Learning for Concept Prerequisite Learning PDF
Chen Liang, Jianbo Ye, Shuting Wang, Bart Pursel, C. Lee Giles
On the Importance of a Research Data Archive PDF
Benedict Wright, Oliver Brunner, Bernhard Nebel

EAAI18 - Poster Papers

Introducing AI to Undergraduate Students via Computer Vision Projects PDF
Kaiman Zeng, Yancheng Li, Yida Xu, Di Wu, Nansong Wu

Student Abstracts

A Stratified Feature Ranking Method for Supervised Feature Selection PDF
Renjie Chen, Xiaojun Chen, Guowen Yuan, Wenya Sun, Qingyao Wu
Selecting Proper Multi-Class SVM Training Methods PDF
Yawen Chen, Zeyi Wen, Jian Chen, Jin Huang
Visual Recognition in Very Low-Quality Settings: Delving Into the Power of Pre-Training PDF
Bowen Cheng, Ding Liu, Zhangyang Wang, Haichao Zhang, Thomas S. Huang
Multi-Label Community-Based Question Classification via Personalized Sequence Memory Network Learning PDF
Xinyu Duan, Shengyu Zhang, Zhou Zhao, Fei Wu, Yueting Zhuang
Towards Experienced Anomaly Detector Through Reinforcement Learning PDF
Chengqiang Huang, Yulei Wu, Yuan Zuo, Ke Pei, Geyong Min
Dynamic Detection of Communities and Their Evolutions in Temporal Social Networks PDF
Yaowei Huang, Jinghuan Shang, Bill Y. Lin, Luoyi Fu, Xinbing Wang
A Novel Embedding Method for News Diffusion Prediction PDF
Ruoran Liu, Qiudan Li, Can Wang, Lei Wang, Daniel Dajun Zeng
Predicting Depression Severity by Multi-Modal Feature Engineering and Fusion PDF
Aven Samareh, Yan Jin, Zhangyang Wang, Xiangyu Chang, Shuai Huang
Efficient Support Vector Machine Training Algorithm on GPUs PDF
Jiashuai Shi, Zeyi Wen, Bingsheng He, Jian Chen
A New Benchmark and Evaluation Schema for Chinese Typo Detection and Correction PDF
Dingmin Wang, Gabriel Pui Cheong Fung, Maxime Debosschere, Shichao Dong, Jia Zhu, Kam-Fai Wong
Exploring Relevance Judgement Inspired by Quantum Weak Measurement PDF
Tianshu Wang, Yuexian Hou, Panpan Wang, Xiaolei Niu
Deep Embedding for Determining the Number of Clusters PDF
Yiqi Wang, Zhan Shi, Xifeng Guo, Xinwang Liu, En Zhu, Jianping Yin
Discriminative Semi-Supervised Feature Selection via Rescaled Least Squares Regression-Supplement PDF
Guowen Yuan, Xiaojun Chen, Chen Wang, Feiping Nie, Liping Jing
Path-Based Attention Neural Model for Fine-Grained Entity Typing PDF
Denghui Zhang, Manling Li, Pengshan Cai, Yantao Jia, Yuanzhuo Wang


MAgent: A Many-Agent Reinforcement Learning Platform for Artificial Collective Intelligence PDF
Lianmin Zheng, Jiacheng Yang, Han Cai, Ming Zhou, Weinan Zhang, Jun Wang, Yong Yu

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