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Ding, Bolin, Microsoft
Ding, Caiwen, Syracuse University
Ding, Chris, University of Texas at Arlington
Ding, Guiguang, Tsinghua Univerisity
Ding, Guiguang, Tsinghua University
Ding, Haibo, University of Utah
Ding, Hui, University of Maryland, College Park
Ding, Jasper, Bucknell university
Ding, Lizhong, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)
Ding, Wei, University of Massachusetts Boston
Ding, Xiaohan, Tsinghua University
Ding, Xinghao, Xiamen University
Ding, Zhengming, Northeastern University
Dmello, Donnabell, University of Southern California
Do, Trong Dinh Thac, Advanced Analytics Insitute, University of Technology Sydney
Dodaro, Carmine, University of Genova
Dolan, Bill, Microsoft
Dong, Hao-Chen, Nanjing University
Dong, Hao-Wen, Academia Sinica
Dong, Jianfeng, Zhejiang University
Dong, Lei, Peking University
Dong, Shichao, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Dong, Xin, Rutgers University
Dong, Yufei, <span>University of Science &amp; Technology, Beijing</span>
Doppa, Janardhan Rao, Washington State University
Dorn, Britta, University of Tübingen
Doshi-Velez, Finale, Harvard University
Dou, Qi, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Dou, Yong, National University of Defense Technology
Dou, Zesheng, Alibaba Group
Douglas, Jordan, University of Auckland
Downey, Carlton, Carnegie Mellon University
Downey, Doug, Northwestern University
Doyle, William J., University of New Hampshire
Dragone, Paolo, University of Trento
Driessens, Kurt, Maastricht University
Dsouza, Sohan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Du, Bo, Wuhan University
Du, Bowen, Beihang University
Du, Chao, Tsinghua University
Du, Dongfang, University of Science and Technology of China
Du, Jiawei, Institute of High Performance Computing, A*STAR
Du, Rundong, Georgia Institute of Technology
Du, Yang, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences; University of Chinese Academy of Sciences; MTdata, Meitu
Duan, Nan, Microsoft Research
Duan, Nan, Microsoft Research Asia
Duan, Xingyi, Tianjin University
Duan, Xinyu, Zhejiang University
Dughmi, Shaddin, University of Southern California
Dulac-Arnold, Gabriel, Google DeepMind

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