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Rezaei Boroujeni, Forough, Griffith University, Gold Coast Campus
Rezatofighi, S. Hamid, The University of Adelaide
Riabov, Anton V., IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Ribeiro, Bruno, Purdue University
Ribeiro, Bruno, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
Ribeiro, Marco Tulio, University of Washington
Ricca, Francesco, University of Calabria
Rice, Eric, University of Southern California
Richter, Oliver, ETH Zurich
Riddle, Patricia, University of Auckland
Riedel, Sebastian, University College London
Riedl, Mark O., Georgia Institute of Technology
Riloff, Ellen, University of Utah
Riva, Alessandro, Politecnico di Milano
Rizkallah, Christine, University of Pennsylvania
Ro, Yong Man, KAIST
Roberts, Mark, United States Naval Research Laboratory
Roberts, Stephen, University of Oxford
Robitaille, Louis-Émile, Université Laval
Rodrigues, Filipe, Technical University of Denmark
Rogers, Craig Milo, University of Southern California, Information Sciences Institute
Roijers, Diederik M., Vrije Universiteit Brussels
Rokni, Seyed Ali, Washington State University
Ronca, Alessandro, University of Oxford
Rong, Jiang, Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences; University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Rong, Wenge, Beihang University
Rony, Md Main Uddin, The University of Mississippi
Rosenkrantz, Daniel J., University at Albany – SUNY
Rosin, Paul, Cardiff University
Rosman, Benjamin, University of the Witwatersrand, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
Ross, Andrew Slavin, Harvard University
Rostami, Mohammad, University of Pennsylvania
Rostami, Mohammad, University of Pennsylvannia
Roth, Dan, University of Pennsylvania
Roth, Stefan, TU Darmstadt
Roth, Volker, University of Basel
Rothe, Jörg, Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf<br />
Rowland, Mark, University of Cambridge
Ruan, Lisa, M.I.T.
Ruan, Weijian, Wuhan University
Rudin, Cynthia, Duke University
Rui, Yong, Lenovo Research
Ruml, Wheeler, University of New Hampshire
Ruozzi, Nicholas, The University of Texas at Dallas
Rustamov, Raif M., AT&amp;T Labs Research
Ruthotto, Lars, Emory University, Xtract Technologies Inc.
Ruthotto, Lars, Emory University, Atlanta, GA; Xtract Technologies, Vancouver, BC
Ryoo, Michael S., EgoVid Inc.
Ryzhyk, Leonid, VMware Research

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