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HCOMP-13 Organization PDF
Björn Hartmann, Eric Horvitz
Sponsors PDF
Björn Hartmann, Eric Horvitz
Preface PDF
Björn Hartman, Eric Horvitz

Full Papers

On the Verification Complexity of Group Decision-Making Tasks PDF
Ofra Amir, Yuval Shahar, Ya'akov Gal, Litan Ilani
Community Clustering: Leveraging an Academic Crowd to Form Coherent Conference Sessions PDF
Paul André, Haoqi Zhang, Juho Kim, Lydia Chilton, Steven P. Dow, Robert C. Miller
99designs: An Analysis of Creative Competition in Crowdsourced Design PDF
Ricardo Matsumura Araujo
Crowdsourcing Multi-Label Classification for Taxonomy Creation PDF
Jonathan Bragg, - Mausam, Daniel S. Weld
Winner-Take-All Crowdsourcing Contests with Stochastic Production PDF
Ruggiero Cavallo, Shaili Jain
Scalable Preference Aggregation in Social Networks PDF
Swapnil Dhamal, Y. Narahari
CASTLE: Crowd-Assisted System for Text Labeling and Extraction PDF
Sean Louis Goldberg, Daisy Zhe Wang, Tim Kraska
Depth-Workload Tradeoffs for Workforce Organization PDF
Hoda Heidari, Michael Kearns
The Crowd-Median Algorithm PDF
Hannes Heikinheimo, Antti Ukkonen
Interpretation of Crowdsourced Activities Using Provenance Network Analysis PDF
Trung Dong Huynh, Mark Ebden, Matteo Venanzi, Sarvapali D. Ramchurn, Stephen Roberts, Luc Moreau
Crowdsourcing a HIT: Measuring Workers' Pre-Task Interactions on Microtask Markets PDF
Jason T. Jacques, Per Ola Kristensson
Volunteering Versus Work for Pay: Incentives and Tradeoffs in Crowdsourcing PDF
Andrew Mao, Ece Kamar, Yiling Chen, Eric Horvitz, Megan E. Schwamb, Chris J. Lintott, Arfon M. Smith
Why Stop Now? Predicting Worker Engagement in Online Crowdsourcing PDF
Andrew Mao, Ece Kamar, Eric Horvitz
DataSift: An Expressive and Accurate Crowd-Powered Search Toolkit PDF
Aditya Parameswaran, Ming Han Teh, Hector Garcia-Molina, Jennifer Widom
CrowdBand: An Automated Crowdsourcing Sound Composition System PDF
Mary Pietrowicz, Danish Chopra, Amin Sadeghi, Puneet Chandra, Brian P. Bailey, Karrie Karahalios
What Will Others Choose? How a Majority Vote Reward Scheme Can Improve Human Computation in a Spatial Location Identification Task PDF
Huaming Rao, Shih-Wen Huang, Wai-Tat Fu
nEmesis: Which Restaurants Should You Avoid Today? PDF
Adam Sadilek, Sean Brennan, Henry Kautz, Vincent Silenzio
Ability Grouping of Crowd Workers via Reward Discrimination PDF
Yuko Sakurai, Tenda Okimoto, Masaaki Oka, Masato Shinoda, Makoto Yokoo
SQUARE: A Benchmark for Research on Computing Crowd Consensus PDF
Aashish Sheshadri, Matthew Lease
Incentives for Privacy Tradeoff in Community Sensing PDF
Adish Singla, Andreas Krause
Leveraging Collaboration: A Methodology for the Design of Social Problem-Solving Systems PDF
Lucas M. Tabajara, Marcelo O. R. Prates, Diego V. Noble, Luis C. Lamb
Crowdsourcing Spatial Phenomena Using Trust-Based Heteroskedastic Gaussian Processes PDF
Matteo Venanzi, Alex Rogers, Nicholas R. Jennings
Dwelling on the Negative: Incentivizing Effort in Peer Prediction PDF
Jens Witkowski, Yoram Bachrach, Peter Key, David Christopher Parkes
Improving Your Chances: Boosting Citizen Science Discovery PDF
Yexiang Xue, Bistra Dilkina, Theodoros Damoulas, Daniel Fink, Carla Gomes, Steve Kelling
Inferring Users’ Preferences from Crowdsourced Pairwise Comparisons: A Matrix Completion Approach PDF
Jinfeng Yi, Rong Jin, Shaili Jain, Anil Jain

Works in Progress

A Human-Centered Framework for Ensuring Reliability on Crowdsourced Labeling Tasks PDF
Omar Alonso, Catherine C. Marshall, Marc A. Najork
Making Crowdwork Work: Issues in Crowdsourcing for Organizations PDF
Obinna Anya, Melissa Cefkin, Steve Dill, Robert Moore, Susan Stucky, Osarieme Omokaro
Using Crowdsourcing to Generate an Evaluation Dataset for Name Matching Technologies PDF
Alya Asarina, Olga Simek
Statistical Quality Estimation for General Crowdsourcing Tasks PDF
Yukino Baba, Hisashi Kashima
Crowdsourcing Translation by Leveraging Tournament Selection and Lattice-Based String Alignment PDF
Julien Bourdaillet, Shourya Roy, Gueyoung Jung, Yu-An Sun
Lottery-Based Payment Mechanism for Microtasks PDF
L. Elisa Celis, Shourya Roy, Vivek Mishra
OnDroad Planner: Building Tourist Plans Using Traveling Social Network Information PDF
Isabel Cenamor, Tomás de la Rosa, Daniel Borrajo
Using Human and Machine Processing in Recommendation Systems PDF
Eric Colson
LabelBoost: An Ensemble Model for Ground Truth Inference Using Boosted Trees PDF
Siamak Faridani, Georg Buscher
A Ground Truth Inference Model for Ordinal Crowd-Sourced Labels Using Hard Assignment Expectation Maximization PDF
Siamak Faridani, Georg Buscher, Ya Xu
Frequency and Duration of Self-Initiated Task-Switching in an Online Investigation of Interrupted Performance PDF
Sandy J. J. Gould, Anna L. Cox, Duncan P. Brumby
Assessing the Viability of Online Interruption Studies PDF
Sandy J. J. Gould, Anna L. Cox, Duncan P. Brumby, Sarah Wiseman
Human Stigmergy in Augmented Environments PDF
Kshanti Greene, Thomas Young
Reducing Error in Context-Sensitive Crowdsourced Tasks PDF
Daniel Haas, Matthew Greenstein, Kainar Kamalov, Adam Marcus, Marek Olszewski, Marc Piette
Transcribing and Annotating Speech Corpora for Speech Recognition: A Three-Step Crowdsourcing Approach with Quality Control PDF
Annika Hämäläinen, Fernando Pinto Moreira, Jairo Avelar, Daniela Braga, Miguel Sales Dias
An Initial Study of Automatic Curb Ramp Detection with Crowdsourced Verification Using Google Street View Images PDF
Kotaro Hara, Jin Sun, Jonah Chazan, David Jacobs, Jon E. Froehlich
English to Hindi Translation Protocols for an Enterprise Crowd PDF
Srinivasan Iyengar, Shirish Subhash Karande, Sachin Lodha
Joint Crowdsourcing of Multiple Tasks PDF
Andrey Kolobov, - Mausam, Daniel S. Weld
GameLab: A Tool Suit to Support Designers of Systems with Homo Ludens in the Loop PDF
Markus Krause
Automated Support for Collective Memory of Conversational Interactions PDF
Walter Stephen Lasecki, Jeffrey Philip Bigham
Using Visibility to Control Collective Attention in Crowdsourcing PDF
Kristina Lerman, Tad Hogg
Manipulating Social Roles in a Tagging Environment PDF
Mieke H. R. Leyssen, Jacco van Ossenbruggen, Arjen P. de Vries, Lynda Hardman
Towards a Language for Non-Expert Specification of POMDPs for Crowdsourcing PDF
Christopher H. Lin, - Mausam, Daniel S. Weld
Two Methods for Measuring Question Difficulty and Discrimination in Incomplete Crowdsourced Data PDF
Sarah K. K. Luger, Jeff Bowles
Crowd, the Teaching Assistant: Educational Assessment Crowdsourcing PDF
Pallavi Manohar, Shourya Roy
Crowdsourcing Quality Control for Item Ordering Tasks PDF
Toshiko Matsui, Yukino Baba, Toshihiro Kamishima, Hisashi Kashima
Ontology Quality Assurance with the Crowd PDF
Jonathan M. Mortensen, Mark A. Musen, Natalya F. Noy
Personalized Human Computation PDF
Peter Organisciak, Jaime Teevan, Susan Dumais, Robert C. Miller, Adam Tauman Kalai
EM-Based Inference of True Labels Using Confidence Judgments PDF
Satoshi Oyama, Yukino Baba, Yuko Sakurai, Hisashi Kashima
Task Redundancy Strategy Based on Volunteers’ Credibility for Volunteer Thinking Projects PDF
Lesandro Ponciano, Francisco Brasileiro, Guilherme Gadelha
Inserting Micro-Breaks into Crowdsourcing Workflows PDF
Jeffrey M. Rzeszotarski, Ed Chi, Praveen Paritosh, Peng Dai
Effect of Task Presentation on the Performance of Crowd Workers — A Cognitive Study PDF
Harini Alagarai Sampath, Rajeev Rajeshuni, Bipin Indurkhya, Saraschandra Karanam, Koustuv Dasgupta
HiveMind: Tuning Crowd Response with a Single Value PDF
Preetjot Singh, Walter S. Lasecki, Paulo Barelli, Jeffrey P. Bigham
Aggregating Human-Expert Opinions for Multi-Label Classification PDF
Evgueni Smirnov, Hua Zhang, Ralf Peeters, Nikolay Nikolaev, Maike Imkamp
Herding the Crowd: Automated Planning for Crowdsourced Planning PDF
Kartik Talamadupula, Subbarao Kambhampati, Yuheng Hu, Tuan Anh Nguyen, Hankz Hankui Zhuo
Designing a Crowdsourcing Tool to Analyze Relationships Among Jazz Musicians: The Case of Linked Jazz 52nd Street PDF
Hilary K. Thorsen, M. Cristina Pattuelli
A Framework for Adaptive Crowd Query Processing PDF
Beth Trushkowsky, Tim Kraska, Michael J. Franklin
Understanding Potential MicrotaskWorkers for Paid Crowdsourcing PDF
Ming-Hung Wang, Kuan-Ta Chen, Shuo-Yang Wang, Chin-Laung Lei
Boosting OCR Accuracy Using Crowdsourcing PDF
Shuo-Yang Wang, Ming-Hung Wang, Kuan-Ta Chen
TrailView: Combining Gamification and Social Network Voting Mechanisms for Useful Data Collection PDF
Michael Peter Weingert, Kate Larson
Task Sequence Design: Evidence on Price and Difficulty PDF
Ming Yin, Yiling Chen, Yu-An Sun


Wanted: More Nails for the Hammer — An Investigation Into the Application of Human Computation PDF
Elizabeth Brem, Tyler Bick, Andrew Schriner, Daniel Oerther
Frenzy: A Platform for Friendsourcing PDF
Lydia B. Chilton, Felicia Cordeiro, Daniel S. Weld, James A. Landay
The Work Exchange: Peer-to-Peer Enterprise Crowdsourcing PDF
Stephen Dill, Robert Kern, Erika Flint, Melissa Cefkin
In-HIT Example-Guided Annotation Aid for Crowdsourcing UI Components PDF
Yi-Ching Huang, Chun-I Wang, Shih-Yuan Yu, Yung-jen Hsu
Crowdsourcing Objective Answers to Subjective Questions Online PDF
Ravi Iyer
Automating Crowdsourcing Tasks in an Industrial Environment PDF
Vasilis Kandylas, Omar Alonso, Shiroy Choksey, Kedar Rudre, Prashant Jaiswal
Cobi: Community-Informed Conference Scheduling PDF
Juho Kim, Haoqi Zhang, Paul André, Lydia B. Chilton, Anant Bhardwaj, David Karger, Steven P. Dow, Robert C. Miller
Curio: A Platform for Supporting Mixed-Expertise Crowdsourcing PDF
Edith Law, Conner Dalton, Nick Merrill, Albert Young, Krzysztof Z. Gajos
Real-Time Drawing Assistance through Crowdsourcing PDF
Alex Limpaecher, Nicolas Feltman, Adrien Treuille, Michael Cohen
An Introduction to the Zooniverse PDF
Arfon M. Smith, Stuart Lynn, Chris J. Lintott

Disco: Human and Machine Learning in Games Workshop

Disco: Workshop on Human and Machine Learning in Games PDF
Markus Krause, François Bry, Mihai Georgescu
Gameful Markets for Collaboration and Learning PDF
Stephan Leutenmayr, Fabian Kneissl, Sven Ziemer, François Bry
Discovery of Player Strategies in a Serious Game PDF
Hua Li, Hector Munoz-Avila, Lei Ke, Carl Symborski, Rafael Alonso
ARTigo: Building an Artwork Search Engine With Games and Higher-Order Latent Semantic Analysis PDF
Christoph Wieser, François Bry, Alexandre Bérard, Richard Lagrange

Scaling Speech, Language Understanding and Dialogue through Crowdsourcing Workshop

Conversations in the Crowd: Collecting Data for Task-Oriented Dialog Learning PDF
Walter Stephen Lasecki, Ece Kamar, Dan Bohus
Does History Help? An Experiment on How Context Affects Crowdsourcing Dialogue Annotation PDF
Elnaz Nouri
Crowdsourcing Transcription Beyond Mechanical Turk PDF
Haofeng Zhou, Denys Baskov, Matthew Lease

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