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Invited Talks
Rich Hilleman, Marek Michalowski, Zoran Popovic, Hannes Hogni Vilhjalmsson

Full Papers

Reaching Cognitive Consensus with Improvisational Agents PDF
Rania Adel Hodhod, Brian Magerko
Evaluating Competitive Game Balance with Restricted Play PDF
Alexander Jaffe, Alex Miller, Erik Andersen, Yun-En Liu, Anna Karlin, Zoran Popovic
POMCoP: Belief Space Planning for Sidekicks in Cooperative Games PDF
Owen Macindoe, Leslie Pack Kaelbling, Tomás Lozano-Pérez

Poster Papers

Plan-Based Character Diversity PDF
Alexandra Coman, Hector Munoz-Avila
TEAM-IT : Location-Based Gaming in Real and Virtual Environments PDF
Spencer John Frazier, Alex Newnan, Rajiv Maheswaran, Yu-Han Chang, Fotos Frangoudes
Mining Rules from Player Experience and Activity Data PDF
Jeremy Gow, Simon Colton, Paul Cairns, Paul Miller
Glengarry Glen Ross: Using BDI for Sales Game Dialogues PDF
Tijmen Joppe Muller, Annerieke Heuvelink, Karel Bosch, van den, Ivo Swartjes

Demonstration Papers

RoleModelVis: A Visualization of Logical Story Models PDF
Sherol Chen, Andrew Deunsing, Peter Kong, Arnav Jhala, Noah Wardrip-Fruin, Michael Mateas

Doctoral Consortium

Assistant Agents for Sequential Planning Problems PDF
Owen Macindoe

W1: Intelligent Narrative Technologies Workshop

Toward Narrative Schema-Based Goal Recognition Models for Interactive Narrative Environments PDF
Alok Baikadi, Jonathan P. Rowe, Bradford W. Mott, James C. Lester
Gestural Interactions for Interactive Narrative Co-Creation PDF
Andreya Piplica, Chris Deleon, Brian Magerko
Towards an Empathizing and Adaptive Storyteller System PDF
Byung Chull Bae, Alberto Brunete, Usman Malik, Evanthia Dimara, Jermsak Jermsurawong, Nikolaos Mavridis

W2: AI in Adversarial Real-Time Games Workshop

CLASSQ-L: A Q-Learning Algorithm for Adversarial Real-Time Strategy Games PDF
Ulit Jaidee, Hector Munoz-Avila

W3: Musical Metacreation Workshop

Autonomy in Music-Generating Systems PDF
Oliver Roland Bown, Aengus Martin
The Melody Triangle: Exploring Pattern and Predictability in Music PDF
Henrik Ekeus, Samer Abdallah, Mark Plumbley, Peter McOwan
Algorithmically Flexible Style Composition Through Multi-Objective Fitness Functions PDF
Skyler Murray, Dan Ventura

W4: Human Computation in Digital Games Workshop

Location-Based Game Platform for Behavioral Data Collection in Disaster Rescue Scenarios PDF
Spencer Frazier, Chao Huang, Yu-Han Chang, Rajiv Maheswaran
Finding Image Regions with Human Computation and Games with a Purpose PDF
Mathias Lux, Alexander Müller, Mario Guggenberger