AAAI Publications, Ninth Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment Conference

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A Nondeterministic Temporal Planning Model for Generating Narratives with Continuous Change in Interactive Storytelling
Paulo Abelha, Vinicius Gottin, Angelo Ciarlini, Eric Araujo, Antonio Furtado, Bruno Feijo, Fabio Silva, Cesar Pozzer

Last modified: 2013-11-13


In this paper, we propose a temporal planning model for real-time generation of narratives in Interactive Storytelling systems. The model takes into account continuous branched time and the specification of constraints defined as temporal formulae over dramatic properties of the narrative (e.g. joy or tension). In order to address real-time generation, dramatic properties are modeled as varying linearly and events go through a preprocessing stage. As proof of concept, the model is incorporated into an existing storytelling system, LOGTELL, which provides a way to logically specify genres; allows user interaction to influence events in the unrolling narrative; and dramatizes the story in a 3D computer graphics world. To illustrate the generation of narratives, we present a simple narrative example in the Swords and Dragons genre.


Interactive Storytelling; Nondeterminism; Temporal Planning

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