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I Can Jump! Exploring Search Algorithms for Simulating Platformer Players
Jonathan Tremblay, Alexander Borodovski, Clark Verbrugge

Last modified: 2014-09-05


Platformer games let players solve real-time, physics-based puzzles by jumping and moving around to reach different goals. Designing levels for this context is a non-trivial task; the placement of well-timed jumps, moving platforms, in- teresting traps, etc., has a complex relationship to in-game challenge and the existence of possible solutions. In this work, we describe three different search algorithms (A⋆, MCTS and RRT) that could be used to simulate player be- haviour in the platformer domain. We evaluate and compare the three approaches applied to three non-trivial levels, show- ing a possible iterative workflow of use to designers, and re- search progress in designing search algorithms for platformer games.


Video games; Artificial Intelligence;

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