AAAI Publications, Eleventh Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment Conference

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Cinematic, Ambient, Inhabitable Narrative Environments: Story Systems in Search of an Artificial Intelligence Engine
Steven Nicholas Wingate

Last modified: 2015-09-23


Cinematic, Ambient, Inhabitable Narrative Environments (CAINEs) are conceptual AI-driven interactive story systems combining text, audio, and visual imagery that are scalable and adaptable to a wide range of storytelling needs and interactor inputs. Conceived by at artist outside the AI community, they represent an opportunity to use AI in a nontraditional and immersive narrative fashion that relies not on the goal-based arrangement of story elements, but on the accretion and association of those elements in the minds of interactors. This paper represents the initial phase of the project’s development.


inhabitable narrative; conceptual story systems

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