AAAI Publications, Eleventh Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment Conference

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Modelling Social Network Interactions in Games
Edgar Omar Cebolledo Gutierrez, Olga De Troyer

Last modified: 2015-09-23


Social Networks, like Facebook, have become an important part of life for millions of people, with many people using them on a daily basis. While there are games that simulate life-to-life interactions, there are not as many that simulate social network interactions, and even fewer where social network interactions are an important part of the gameplay. Having models for the simulation of interactions on social networks is the first step needed to be able to create games where a social network is an important component of the gameplay. In this paper we present a model to create dy-namic and believable interactions in social networks and in-dicate how it was used in a serious game about cyberbullying. The model is based on personality models and Berne’s so-called Social Games.


Social Networks, Model, Interactions

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