AAAI Publications, Fifth AAAI Symposium on Educational Advances in Artificial Intelligence

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Shallow Blue: Lego-Based Embodied AI as a Platform for Cross-Curricular Project Based Learning
Robert Selkowitz, Debra T Burhans

Last modified: 2014-06-21


We report on Shallow Blue (SB), an autonomous chess agent constructed by a small group of faculty and undergraduate students at Canisius College. In addition to pushing the limits of consumer grade components at low cost, SB is a focal point for interdisciplinary student projects spanning computer science, engineering, and physics. We demonstrate that undergraduate students can engage in rich, long-term robotic design and applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) from both hardware and software perspectives. Student outcomes of SB include senior theses, conference presentations, peer-reviewed publications, and admission to graduate programs. Students who participated also report substantial development in skills and knowledge applicable to their post-undergraduate education and careers.


embodied AI, education

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