AAAI Publications, Sixth European Conference on Planning

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Planning with Pattern Databases
Stefan Edelkamp

Last modified: 2014-05-21


Heuristic search planning effectively finds solutions for large planning problems, but since the estimates are either not admissible or too weak, optimal solutions are found in rare cases only. In contrast, heuristic pattern databases are known to significantly improve lower bound estimates for optimally solving challenging single-agent problems like the 24-Puzzle or Rubik’s Cube. This paper studies the effect of pattern databases in the context of deterministic planning. Given a fixed state description based on instantiated predicates, we provide a general abstraction scheme to automatically create admissible domain-independent memory-based heuristics for planning problems, where abstractions are found in factorizing the planning space. We evaluate the impact of pattern database heuristics in A* and hill climbing algorithms for a collection of benchmark domains.


AI Planning; Search, Abstraction

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