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CombiTagger: A System for Developing Combined Taggers

	author = {Verena Henrich and Timo Reuter and Hrafn Loftsson},
	title = {CombiTagger: A System for Developing Combined Taggers},
	conference = {Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Society Conference},
	year = {2009},
	keywords = {PoS tagging; combined tagging},
	abstract = {The main task of part-of-speech (PoS) tagging is to assign the appropriate morphosyntactic category to each word in a sentence. A combination of different PoS taggers usually results in higher tagging accuracy than obtained by the use of only a single tagger. We present a new language and tagset independent system, CombiTagger, which combines automatically the output of several taggers. The system, which is open source, provides algorithms for simple and weighted voting, but it is extensible so that other combination algorithms can be added easily. We demonstrate the functionality of CombiTagger by using it to develop and evaluate combined taggers for Icelandic. The most accurate individual tagger obtains an accuracy of 91.83%. CombiTagger achieves 93.09%-93.41% accuracy by combining the output of five or six taggers using simple and weighted voting.},

	url = {}