AAAI Publications, Twenty-Third International FLAIRS Conference

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Using Verbosity: Common Sense Data from Games with a Purpose
Robert Speer, Catherine Havasi, Harshit Surana

Last modified: 2010-05-06


Verbosity, a ``game with a purpose'', uses the collective activity of people playing an Internet word game as a body of common sense knowledge. One purpose of Verbosity has always been to provide large quantities of input for a common sense knowledge base, and we have now achieved this purpose by connecting it to the Open Mind Common Sense (OMCS) project. Verbosity now serves as a way to contribute to OMCS in addition to being an entertaining game in its own right. Here, we explain the process of filtering and adapting Verbosity's data for use in OMCS, showing that the results are of a quality comparable to OMCS's existing data, and discuss how this informs the future development of games for common sense.


common sense; games; knowledge bases

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