Presentations and Authors

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Main Conference Papers

A Psychologically-Inspired Agent for Iterative Prisoner’s Dilemma PDF
Rawad Al-Haddad, Gita Sukthankar
Meta-Prediction for Collective Classification PDF
Luke K. McDowell, Kalyan Moy Gupta, David W. Aha
Segmentation of Bone Marrow Cell Images for Morphological Classification of Acute Leukemia PDF
Carolina Reta, Leopoldo Altamirano, Jesus A. Gonzalez, Raquel Diaz, Jose S. Guichard
A Supervised Method for Microcalcifications Detection using Breast Density PDF
Gabriela A. Rodriguez, Jesus A. Gonzalez, Leopoldo Altamirano, Jose S. Guichard, Raquel Diaz

Main Conference Posterrs

On the Episode Duration Distribution in Fixed-Policy Markov Decision Processes PDF
Itamar Arel, Andrew S. Davis

AI, Cognitive Semantics, and Computational Linguistics Special Track

Direct Reported Speech in Multilingual Texts: Automatic Annotation and Semantic Categorization PDF
Motasem Alrahabi, Jean-Pierre Desclés, Jungyeon Suh

Applied Natural Language Processing Special Track

Learning Collaborative Tasks on Textual User Interfaces PDF
Nate Blaylock, William de Beaumont, Lucian Galescu, Hyuckchul Jung, James Allen, George Ferguson, Mary Swift

Case-Based Reasoning Special Track

Assumption-Based Reasoning for Multiagent Case-Based Recommender Systems PDF
Fabiana Lorenzi, Francesco Ricci, Mara Abel, Ana L. C. Bazzan

Data Mining Special Track

An Experimental Evaluation of Popular Image Parameters for Monochromatic Solar Image Categorization PDF
Juan Banda, Rafal Angryk
Fast Discovery of Relevant Subgroup Patterns PDF
Florian Lemmerich, Mathias Rohlfs, Martin Atzmueller

Games and Entertainment Special Track

Improving Structural Knowledge Transfer with Parametric Adaptation PDF
Tolga Konik, Kamal Ali, Daniel Shapiro, Nan Li, David J. Stracuzzi
Applying Goal Driven Autonomy to a Team Shooter Game PDF
Hector Munoz-Avila, David William Aha, Ulit Jaidee, Matthew Klenk, Matthew Molineaux

Intelligent Tutoring Systems Special Track

Computational Aspects of the Intelligent Tutoring System MetaTutor PDF
Vasile Rus, Mihai Lintean, Roger Azevedo