Presentations and Authors

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Main Conference Papers

Commonsense Inference in Dynamic Spatial Systems: Epistemological Requirements PDF
Mehul Bhatt
A System for Relational Probabilistic Reasoning on Maximum Entropy PDF
Matthias Thimm, Marc Finthammer, Sebastian Loh, Gabriele Kern-Isberner, Christoph Beierle

Main Conference Posterrs

Timed Planning PDF
Ajay Bansal, Neda Saeedloei, Gopal Gupta

AI, Cognitive Semantics, and Computational Linguistics Special Track

Coordination of Standard Arabic Subject Markers: Implementing the Agreement Asymmetries in the ACCG Framework PDF
Ismaïl Biskri, Louisette Emirkanian, Adel Jebali
Disambiguation of Textual Data Typification for the Purpose of Categorial Analysis PDF
Adam Joly, Ismaïl Biskri, Boubaker Hamrouni

Applied Natural Language Processing Special Track

Dynamic Effects of Task Type Practice on the Japanese EFL University Student's Writing: Text Analysis with Coh-Metrix PDF
Kyoko Baba, Ryo Nitta
Learning Collaborative Tasks on Textual User Interfaces PDF
Nate Blaylock, William de Beaumont, Lucian Galescu, Hyuckchul Jung, James Allen, George Ferguson, Mary Swift
Learning Textual Graph Patterns to Detect Causal Event Relations PDF
Bryan Rink, Cosmin Adrian Bejan, Sanda Harabagiu
Toponym Disambiguation Using Events PDF
Kirk Roberts, Cosmin Adrian Bejan, Sanda Harabagiu
Summarization: Constructing an Ideal Summary and Evaluating a Student’s Summary Using LSA PDF
Radhika Malladi, Irwin Levinstein, Chutima Boonthum, Joseph Magliano
Enhancing Protocol Evaluation Through Semantic Modification of Local Benchmarks PDF
Shravan Mylavarapu, Irwin Levinstein, Chutima Boonthum, Joseph Magliano, Keith Millis

Case-Based Reasoning Special Track

Assumption-Based Reasoning for Multiagent Case-Based Recommender Systems PDF
Fabiana Lorenzi, Francesco Ricci, Mara Abel, Ana L. C. Bazzan

Cognition and AI Special Track

A Method of Analysis to Uncover Artefact-Communication Relationships PDF
Nik Nailah Binti Abdullah, Helen C Sharp, Shinichi Honiden

Data Mining Special Track

An Experimental Evaluation of Popular Image Parameters for Monochromatic Solar Image Categorization PDF
Juan Banda, Rafal Angryk
Large Data Sets, Conditional Entropy and the Cooper-Herskovitz Bayesian Score PDF
Saaid Baraty, Dan A. Simovici
On the Number of Clusters in Block Clustering Algorithms PDF
Malika Charrad, Yves Lechevallier, Mohamed Ben Ahmed, Gilbert Saporta
Optimized Mining of a Concise Representation for Frequent Patterns based on Disjunctions Rather than Conjunctions PDF
Tarek Hamrouni, Sadok Ben Yahia, Engelbert Mephu Nguifo
Using Constraint Satisfaction for Learning Hypotheses in Inductive Logic Programming PDF
Roman Bartak, Ondrej Kuzelka, Filip Zelezny
Mining Actionable Patterns PDF
Prabakararaj Swapna Raj, Ravindran Balaraman

Games and Entertainment Special Track

A Destination Recommendation System for Virtual Worlds PDF
Fahad Shah, Philip Bell, Gita Sukthankar
An Effective and Efficient Real Time Strategy Agent PDF
Kurt Weissgerber, Brett J. Borghetti, Gilbert L. Peterson

Intelligent Tutoring Systems Special Track

Gamed-Based iSTART Practice: From MiBoard to Self-Explanation Showdown PDF
Justin F. Brunelle
Problem Solving by English Learners and English Primary Students in an Algebra Readiness ITS PDF
Federico Cirett, Carole R. Beal
MiBoard: A Digital Game from a Physical World PDF
Kyle Dempsey, G. Tanner Jackson, Justin F. Brunelle, Michael Rowe, Danielle S. McNamara