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Main Conference Posterrs

Partitioning Features for Model-based Clustering using Reversible Jump MCMC Technique PDF
Younghwan Namkoong, Yongsung Joo, Douglas D. Dankel II

AI, Cognitive Semantics, and Computational Linguistics Special Track

Coordination of Standard Arabic Subject Markers: Implementing the Agreement Asymmetries in the ACCG Framework PDF
Ismaïl Biskri, Louisette Emirkanian, Adel Jebali
Disambiguation of Textual Data Typification for the Purpose of Categorial Analysis PDF
Adam Joly, Ismaïl Biskri, Boubaker Hamrouni

Applied Natural Language Processing Special Track

Learning Collaborative Tasks on Textual User Interfaces PDF
Nate Blaylock, William de Beaumont, Lucian Galescu, Hyuckchul Jung, James Allen, George Ferguson, Mary Swift

Cognition and AI Special Track

Affect and Mental Engagement: Towards Adaptability for Intelligent PDF
Maher Chaouachi, Chalfoun Pierre, Imène Jraidi, Claude Frasson

Games and Entertainment Special Track

Applying Goal Driven Autonomy to a Team Shooter Game PDF
Hector Munoz-Avila, David William Aha, Ulit Jaidee, Matthew Klenk, Matthew Molineaux

Intelligent Tutoring Systems Special Track

MiBoard: A Digital Game from a Physical World PDF
Kyle Dempsey, G. Tanner Jackson, Justin F. Brunelle, Michael Rowe, Danielle S. McNamara
Enhancing Learner Self-Esteem for Learning Improvements PDF
Imène Jraidi, Maher Chaouachi, Claude Frasson

Uncertain Reasoning Special Track

Local Importance Sampling in Multiply Sectioned Bayesian Networks PDF
Karen H. Jin, Dan Wu