Presentations and Authors

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Main Conference Papers

A Reinforcement Learning Model for Economic Agent Specialization PDF
Denton Cockburn, Ziad Kobti, Timothy A. Kohler
A System for Relational Probabilistic Reasoning on Maximum Entropy PDF
Matthias Thimm, Marc Finthammer, Sebastian Loh, Gabriele Kern-Isberner, Christoph Beierle

Main Conference Posterrs

Towards an Ensemble Framework for Assisting in Synthesis Tasks PDF
Joseph Kendall-Morwick
Rectangle Reasoning: A Qualitative Spatial Reasoning with Superposition PDF
Shou Kumokawa, Kazuko Takahashi

AI, Cognitive Semantics, and Computational Linguistics Special Track

Explanation Versus Meta-Explanation: What Makes a Case More Convincing PDF
Boris Galitsky, Josep Lluis de la Rosa, Boris Kovalerchuk

Case-Based Reasoning Special Track

Using Ontologies in Case-Based Activity Recognition PDF
Stephen Knox, Lorcan Coyle, Simon Dobson

Data Mining Special Track

An Evaluation of Sampling on Filter-Based Feature Selection Methods PDF
Kehan Gao, Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar, Jason Van Hulse
Using Constraint Satisfaction for Learning Hypotheses in Inductive Logic Programming PDF
Roman Bartak, Ondrej Kuzelka, Filip Zelezny

Games and Entertainment Special Track

Using Intelligent Agents to Build Navigation Meshes PDF
D. Hunter Hale, G. Michael Youngblood, Nikhil Ketkar
Improving Structural Knowledge Transfer with Parametric Adaptation PDF
Tolga Konik, Kamal Ali, Daniel Shapiro, Nan Li, David J. Stracuzzi
Applying Goal Driven Autonomy to a Team Shooter Game PDF
Hector Munoz-Avila, David William Aha, Ulit Jaidee, Matthew Klenk, Matthew Molineaux
Reactive Teaming for Intelligent Game Characters PDF
Frederick W. P. Heckel, G. Michael Youngblood, Nikhil S. Ketkar
A Largest Common Subsequence-based Distance Measure for Classifying Player Motion Traces in Virtual Worlds PDF
Nikhil S. Ketkar, G. Michael Youngblood

Intelligent Tutoring Systems Special Track

Character Education Using Pedagogical Agents and Socratic Voice PDF
Rania Hodhod, Daniel Kudenko, Paul Cairns