Presentations and Authors

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Main Conference Papers

Handling Concept Drift in a Text Data Stream Constrained by High Labelling Cost PDF
Patrick Lindstrom, Sarah Jane Delany, Brian Mac Namee
Decision-Theoretic Simulated Annealing PDF
Todd W. Neller, Christopher J. La Pilla
A System for Relational Probabilistic Reasoning on Maximum Entropy PDF
Matthias Thimm, Marc Finthammer, Sebastian Loh, Gabriele Kern-Isberner, Christoph Beierle

Applied Natural Language Processing Special Track

The Role of Local and Global Weighting in Assessing the Semantic Similarity of Texts Using Latent Semantic Analysis PDF
Mihai Lintean, Cristian Moldovan, Vasile Rus, Danielle McNamara
Summarization: Constructing an Ideal Summary and Evaluating a Student’s Summary Using LSA PDF
Radhika Malladi, Irwin Levinstein, Chutima Boonthum, Joseph Magliano
Enhancing Protocol Evaluation Through Semantic Modification of Local Benchmarks PDF
Shravan Mylavarapu, Irwin Levinstein, Chutima Boonthum, Joseph Magliano, Keith Millis

Case-Based Reasoning Special Track

Assumption-Based Reasoning for Multiagent Case-Based Recommender Systems PDF
Fabiana Lorenzi, Francesco Ricci, Mara Abel, Ana L. C. Bazzan

Cognition and AI Special Track

Testing the Attention Capacities of a Complex Auto-Adaptive System: A Stroop Task Simulation PDF
Othalia Larue, Mickaël Camus, Pierre Poirier
Performing Complex Associations Using a Feature-Extracting Bidirectional Associative Memory PDF
Craig Leth-Steensen, Sylvain Chartier, Dominic Langlois, Marie-France Hebert

Data Mining Special Track

On the Number of Clusters in Block Clustering Algorithms PDF
Malika Charrad, Yves Lechevallier, Mohamed Ben Ahmed, Gilbert Saporta
Fast Discovery of Relevant Subgroup Patterns PDF
Florian Lemmerich, Mathias Rohlfs, Martin Atzmueller

Games and Entertainment Special Track

Improving Structural Knowledge Transfer with Parametric Adaptation PDF
Tolga Konik, Kamal Ali, Daniel Shapiro, Nan Li, David J. Stracuzzi

Intelligent Tutoring Systems Special Track

Expert Tutors Feedback Is Immediate, Direct, and Discriminating PDF
Sidney D'Mello, Blair Lehman, Natalie Person
Game Based Training for Fighter Pilots PDF
Jeremy Ludwig, Robert Richards, Jeff Lovelace
Computational Aspects of the Intelligent Tutoring System MetaTutor PDF
Vasile Rus, Mihai Lintean, Roger Azevedo
Considering Ill-Definedness of Problems from the Aspect of Solution Space PDF
Nguyen-Thinh Le, Wolfgang Menzel, Niels Pinkwart

Uncertain Reasoning Special Track

Towards a More Expressive Model for Dynamic Classification PDF
Shengtong Zhong, Ana M. Martinez, Thomas D. Nielsen, Helge Langseth