Presentations and Authors

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Main Conference Papers

Decision-Theoretic Simulated Annealing PDF
Todd W. Neller, Christopher J. La Pilla

Main Conference Posterrs

Partitioning Features for Model-based Clustering using Reversible Jump MCMC Technique PDF
Younghwan Namkoong, Yongsung Joo, Douglas D. Dankel II

Applied Natural Language Processing Special Track

Dynamic Effects of Task Type Practice on the Japanese EFL University Student's Writing: Text Analysis with Coh-Metrix PDF
Kyoko Baba, Ryo Nitta
Semantic Methods for Textual Entailment: How Much World Knowledge is Enough? PDF
Andrew J. Neel, Max Garzon

Data Mining Special Track

CMRULES: An Efficient Algorithm for Mining Sequential Rules Common to Several Sequences PDF
Philippe Fournier-Viger, Usef Faghihi, Roger Nkambou, Engelbert Mephu Nguifo

Uncertain Reasoning Special Track

Conditional Gaussian Probabilistic Decision Graphs PDF
Jens Dalgaard Nielsen, Antonio Salmerón Cerdán
A Surprise-Based Qualitative Probability Calculus II PDF
Zina M. Ibrahim, Ahmed Tawfik, Alioune Ngom
Towards a More Expressive Model for Dynamic Classification PDF
Shengtong Zhong, Ana M. Martinez, Thomas D. Nielsen, Helge Langseth