Presentations and Authors

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Main Conference Papers

Subgraph Isomorphism Detection with Support for Continuous Labels PDF
Gerardo Perez, Ivan Olmos, Jesus A. Gonzalez
Learning to Identify and Track Imaginary Objects Implied by Gestures PDF
Andreya Piplica, Alexandra Olivier, Allison Petrosino, Kevin Gold
Imitating Personalized Expressions in an Avatar through Machine Learning PDF
Cassondra Puklavage, Alexander R. Pirela, Avelino J. Gonzalez, Michael Georgiopoulos

Main Conference Posterrs

A Knowledge Engineering Methodology for Rapid Prototyping of Planning Applications PDF
Luis Castillo, Juan Fdez-Olivares, Antonio González, Gonzalo Milla, David Prior, Lluvia Morales, José Figueroa, Víctor Pérez-Villar

AI, Cognitive Semantics, and Computational Linguistics Special Track

Annotating Lexically Entailed Subevents for Textual Inference Tasks PDF
Seohyun Im, James Pustejovsky

Applied Natural Language Processing Special Track

Automatic Classification of Article Errors in L2 Written English PDF
Aliva M. Pradhan, Aparna S. Varde, Jing Peng, Eileen M Fitzpatrick

Artificial Intelligence Education Special Track

Using Robots in Undergraduate AI Courses at Small Universities PDF
Kenneth Moorman, Dee Parks

Cognition and AI Special Track

Affect and Mental Engagement: Towards Adaptability for Intelligent PDF
Maher Chaouachi, Chalfoun Pierre, Imène Jraidi, Claude Frasson
Testing the Attention Capacities of a Complex Auto-Adaptive System: A Stroop Task Simulation PDF
Othalia Larue, Mickaël Camus, Pierre Poirier

Data Mining Special Track

Incrementally Learning Rules for Anomaly Detection PDF
Denis Petrussenko, Philip K. Chan

Games and Entertainment Special Track

An Effective and Efficient Real Time Strategy Agent PDF
Kurt Weissgerber, Brett J. Borghetti, Gilbert L. Peterson

Intelligent Tutoring Systems Special Track

Expert Tutors Feedback Is Immediate, Direct, and Discriminating PDF
Sidney D'Mello, Blair Lehman, Natalie Person
Considering Ill-Definedness of Problems from the Aspect of Solution Space PDF
Nguyen-Thinh Le, Wolfgang Menzel, Niels Pinkwart