Presentations and Authors

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Main Conference Papers

Structured Value Elimination with D-Separation Analysis PDF
Lionel Torti, Pierre-Henri Wuillemin

Main Conference Posterrs

Toward Building a Course-Timetabling Decision-Support System PDF
Anthony Wehrer, Jay Yellen

Applied Natural Language Processing Special Track

Towards A Computational Assessment of Freewriting Quality PDF
Jennifer L. Weston, Scott A. Crossley, Danielle S. McNamara
A Quantitative Assessment of SENSATIONAL with an Exploration of Its Applications PDF
Wei Xiong, Min Song, Lori Watrous-deVersterre

Artificial Intelligence Education Special Track

Recognizing American Sign Language Letters: A Machine Learning Experience in an Introductory AI Course PDF
Ellen L. Walker
Effects of Game Tournaments on Learning and Classroom Climate PDF
Michael Wollowski, John Verkamp

Data Mining Special Track

Correlating Shape and Functional Properties Using Decomposition Approaches PDF
Daniel Dornbusch, Robert Haschke, Stefan Menzel, Heiko Wersing

Games and Entertainment Special Track

An Effective and Efficient Real Time Strategy Agent PDF
Kurt Weissgerber, Brett J. Borghetti, Gilbert L. Peterson

Uncertain Reasoning Special Track

Local Importance Sampling in Multiply Sectioned Bayesian Networks PDF
Karen H. Jin, Dan Wu