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Preface PDF
Philip M. McCarthy, Chas Murray
Florida AI Research Society PDF
Philip M. McCarthy, Chas Murray
FLAIRS Conference Committees PDF
Philip M. McCarthy, Chas Murray
Invited Talk Abstracts PDF
Thomas K. Landauer, Rosalind W. Picard, David S. Touretzky, Ryan Baker, Robert C. Holte, Amanda J. Stent, Daniel Vanderveken

Main Conference

Solving Graph Coloring Problems Using Cultural Algorithms PDF
Reza Abbasian, Malek Mouhoub, Amin Jula
A Novel Constraint Model for Parallel Planning PDF
Roman Bartak
Feature Level Sensor Fusion for Improved Fault Detection in MCM Systems for Ocean Turbines PDF
Janell Duhaney, Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar, John C. Sloan
Comparing Matrix Decomposition Methods for Meta-Analysis and Reconstruction of Cognitive Neuroscience Results PDF
Kevin Gold, Catherine Havasi, Michael Anderson, Kenneth Arnold
A Method of Virtual Camera Selection Using Soft Constraints PDF
Michael Janzen, Michael Horsch, Eric Neufeld
Automatic Detection of User’s Uncertainty in Problem Solving Task: a Multimodal Approach PDF
Imène Jraidi, Maher Chaouachi, Claude Frasson
Optimizing Hidden Markov Models for Ocean Feature Detection PDF
Sandeep Kumar, Sergio Jimenez Celorrio, Frederic Py, Deepak Khemani, Kanna Rajan
Exploring Interaction Between Images and Texts for Web Image Categorization PDF
Lei Li, Wenting Lu, Jingxuan Li, Tao Li, Honggang Zhang, Jun Guo
Prime Normal Forms in Belief Merging PDF
Jerusa Marchi, Laurent Perrussel
Using Part-Of Relations for Discovering Causality PDF
Rutu Mulkar-Mehta, Christopher Welty, Jerry Hobbs, Eduard Hovy
Real-Time Planning for Covering an Initially-Unknown Spatial Environment PDF
Vikas Shivashankar, Rajiv Jain, Ugur Kuter, Dana Nau
How Many Software Metrics Should be Selected for Defect Prediction? PDF
Huanjing Wang, Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar, Naeem Seliya
Differentiating Between “Functional” and “Semantic” Roles in a High-Level Conceptual Data Modeling Language PDF
Gian Piero Zarri
Consensus Clustering + Meta Clustering = Multiple Consensus Clustering PDF
Yi Zhang, Tao Li
Geometric Public Announcement Logics PDF
Can Baskent
Sporcle Goes AI PDF
Cameron Carpenter, Geoff Sutcliffe
A Multiagent System for Modeling Democratic Elections PDF
Guillermo De Ita, Meliza Contreras Gonzalez, Isaac Chantes Quechol
Preference Elicitation and Winner Determination in Multi-Attribute Auctions PDF
Farnaz Ghavamifar, Samira Sadaoui, Malek Mouhoub
Using Decision Trees to Find Patterns in an Ophthalmology Dataset PDF
Susan Imberman, Irene Ludwig, Sarah Zelikovitz
Balancing Exploration and Exploitation in Agent Learning PDF
Ozkan Ozcan, Jonathan Alt, Christian J. Darken
Handling of Numeric Ranges with the Subdue System PDF
Oscar E. Romero A., Jesus A. Gonzalez B., Lawrence B. Holder
Answer Set Optimization with Dependence Based Priority Propagagtion PDF
Zhizheng Zhang

Affective Computing

Special Track on Affective Computing PDF
Sidney D'Mello, Rafael A. Calvo
Cognitive Load Theory: Implications for Affective Computing PDF
Slava Kalyuga
EmoCog: Computational Integration of Emotion and Cognitive Architecture PDF
Jerry Lin, Marc Spraragen, Jim Blythe, Michael Zyda
No Peanuts! Affective Cues for the Virtual Bartender PDF
Marcin Skowron, Hannes Pirker, Stefan Rank, Georgios Paltoglou, Junghyun Ahn, Stephane Gobron
Affective Text: Generation Strategies and Emotion Measurement Issues PDF
Ielka van der Sluis, Chris Mellish, Gavin Doherty
Emotionally Responsive General Artificial Agent Simulation PDF
Dreama Jain, Ziad Kobti

AI, Cognitive Semantics, Computational Linguistics and Logics

Special Track on AI, Cognitive Semantics, Computational Linguistics, and Logics PDF
Ismail Biskri, Florence Le Priol, Roger Nkambou, Anca Pascu
From a Cognitive Model Towards an Assistive and Augmentative Written Language PDF
Maryvonne Abraham
EcoLexicon and FunGramKB: Applying COREL to Domain-Specific Knowledge PDF
Pilar León Araúz, Arianne Reimerink
Agreement Asymmetries in Arabic from a Categorical Perspective PDF
Ismaïl Biskri, Adel Jebali
The Utility of Combinatory Categorial Grammar in Designing a Pedagogical Tool for Teaching Languages PDF
Simon Delamarre
Aspecto-Temporal Representation for Discourse Analysis: An Example of Formal Computation PDF
Jean-Pierre Desclés, Hee-Jin Ro
Building Integrated Opinion Delivery Environment PDF
Boris Galitsky, Josep Lluis de la Rose, Gabor Dobrocsi
Mapping Syntactic to Semantic Generalizations of Linguistic Parse Trees PDF
Boris Lluis de la Galitsky, Josep Lluis Lluis de la de la Rose, Gabor Lluis de la Dobrocsi
Combination of Topology and Nonmonotonic Logics for Typicality in a Scientific Field: Paleoanthropology PDF PDF
Christophe Jouis, Claude Jouis, Franck Guy, Bassel Habib, Jean-Gabriel Ganascia
Studying Properties of Czech Complex Sentences from an Annotated Corpus PDF
Vladislav Kubon, Marketa Lopatkova
Image and Text Mining Based on Contextual Exploration from Multiple Points of View PDF
Florence Le Priol
Reasoning with Annotations of Texts PDF
Yue Ma, François Lévy, Sudeep Ghimire
Rational Interaction in Dialogues: Ingredients for Success) PDF
Michel A. Paquette
Towards a Formal Discourse Pragmatics PDF
Daniel Vanderveken
Computational Semantics Requires Computation PDF
Yorick Wilks
Toward a New Language Engineering PDF
Ismaïl Biskri, Jean Guy Meunier, Adam Joly, Marc Andre Rochette

Applied Natural Language Processing

Special Track on Applied Natural Language Processing PDF
Mihai Lintean, Vasile Rus
Shared Experiences, Shared Representations, and the Implications for Applied Natural Language Processing PDF
Amanda J. Stent
Automatic Reduction of a Document-Derived Noun Vocabulary PDF
Sven Anderson, S. Rebecca Thomas, Camden Segal, Yu Wu
Commonsense Knowledge Extraction Using Concepts Properties PDF
Eduardo Blanco, Hakki Cankaya, Dan Moldovan
Some Issues on Detecting Negation from Text PDF
Eduardo Blanco, Dan Moldovan
Automatic Natural Language Processing and the Detection of Reading Skills and Reading Comprehension PDF
Chutima Boonthum-Denecke, Philip McCarthy, Travis Lamkin, G. Tanner Jackson, Joseph P. Magliano, Danielle S. McNamara
Co-Occurrence-Based Error Correction Approach to Word Segmentation PDF
Ekawat Chaowicharat, Kanlaya Naruedomkul
Simulating Human Ratings on Word Concreteness PDF
Shi Feng, Zhiqiang Cai, Scott Crossley, Danielle S McNamara
Domain Independent Knowledge Base Population from Structured and Unstructured Data Sources PDF
Michelle Gregory, Liam McGrath, Eric Belanga Bell, Kelly O'Hara, Kelly Domico
The Hierarchy of Detective Fiction: A Gramulator Analysis PDF
Travis Alan Lamkin, Philip McCarthy
Dissimilarity Kernels for Paraphrase Identification PDF
Mihai Lintean, Vasile Rus
Given Bilingual Terminology in Statistical Machine Translation: MWE-Sensitve Word Alignment and Hierarchical Pitman-Yor Process-Based Translation Model Smoothing PDF
Tsuyoshi Okita, Andy Way
Student Speech Act Classification Using Machine Learning PDF
Travis Rasor, Andrew Olney, Sidney D'Mello
Automated Assessment of Paragraph Quality: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion Paragraphs PDF
Rod Roscoe, Scott Crossley, Jennifer Weston, Danielle McNamara
Fairy Tales and ESL Texts: An Analysis of Linguistic Features Using the Gramulator PDF
Rachel M. Rufenacht, Philip M. McCarthy, Travis A Lamkin
A Linguistic Analysis of Student-Generated Paraphrases PDF
Vasile Rus, Shi Feng, Russell Brandon, Scott Crossley, Danielle S. McNamara
Evaluating Semantic Metrics on Tasks of Concept Similarity PDF
Hansen Andrew Schwartz, Fernando Gomez
Event Extraction Approach for French Language PDF
Oussama Sellmi
Using Centrality Algorithms on Directed Graphs for Synonym Expansion PDF
Ravi Som Sinha, Rada Flavia Mihalcea
Disambiguation and Filtering Methods in Using Web Knowledge for Coreference Resolution PDF
Olga Uryupina, Massimo Poesio, Claudio Giuliano, Kateryna Tymoshenko
Hybrid Approach Combining Machine Learning and a Rule-Based Expert System for Text Categorization PDF
Julio Villena-Román, Sonia Collada-Pérez, Sara Lana-Serrano, José Carlos González-Cristóbal
Improving Spoken Dialogue Understanding Using Phonetic Mixture Models PDF
William Yang Wang, Ron Artstein, Anton Leuski, David Traum
Number of Words Versus Number Ideas: Finding a Better Predictor of Writing Quality PDF
Jennifer L. Weston, Scott A. Crossley, Philip M. McCarthy, Danielle S. McNamara
Using Latent Semantic Analysis and Word Matching to Enhance Bridging Reading Strategy Identification PDF
Martha Brhane, Chutima Boonthum-Denecke
Evaluating Conversational Characters Created through Question Generation PDF
Grace Chen, Emma Tosch, Ron Artstein, Anton Leuski, David Traum
Opinion Extraction and Classification Based on Semantic Similarities PDF
Aymen Elkhlifi, Rihab Bouchlaghem, Rim Faiz
Evaluation of Ontology Knowledge in Chinese Classical Poetry Classification PDF
Chengyu Alex Fang, Wan Yin Claie Li
Differential Linguistic Features in U.S. Immigration Newspaper Articles: A Contrastive Corpus Analysis Using the Gramulator PDF
Barbara E. Haertl, Philip M. McCarthy
A Contrastive Corpus Analysis of Modern Art Criticism and Photography Criticism PDF
Arthur Hullender, Philip M. McCarthy
Statistical Machine Translation with Factored Translation Model: MWEs, Separation of Affixes, and Others PDF
Tsuyoshi Okita, Alexandru Ceausu, Andy Way
Geotagging Tweets Using Their Content PDF
Sharon Myrtle Paradesi
Mining Chat Conversations: The Next Frontier PDF
Sowmya Ramachandran, Randy Jensen, Oscar Bascara, Tamitha Carpenter, Todd Denning, Shaun Sucillon
Intentional Analysis of Medical Conversations for Community Engagement PDF
Saurav Sahay
Bias in Hard News Articles from Fox News and MSNBC: An Empirical Assessment Using the Gramulator PDF
Brock Terwilleger, Philip McCarthy, Travis Lamkin

Artificial Intelligence Education

Special Track on Artificial Intelligence Education PDF
Todd Neller, Jim Marshall
Myro-C++: An Open Source C++ Library for CS Education Using AI PDF
John Robert Hoare, Richard E. Edwards, Bruce J. MacLennan, Lynne E. Parker
A New Set of Eyes and a New Pair of Legs: A Robust Learning Environment for Advanced High School Robotics PDF
Jeremy Karnowski, David S. Touretzky
Learning about Machine Learning: An Extended Assignment to Classify Twitter Accounts PDF
Eni Mustafaraj, Scott D. Anderson
Rook Jumping Maze Generation for AI Education PDF
Todd William Neller
An Evolutionary Algorithm for Assigning Students to Courses PDF
Christine Ann Shannon, Drew McKinney

Case-Based Reasoning

Special Track on Case-Based Reasoning PDF
Juan A. Recio-García, Luc Lamontagne
Supplemental Case Acquisition Using Mixed-Initiative Control PDF
Michael William Floyd, Babak Esfandiari
An Efficient Random Decision Tree Algorithm for Case-Based Reasoning Systems PDF
Tor Gunnar Houeland
Extending Case-Based Planning with Behavior Trees PDF
Ricardo Palma, Pedro Antonio González-Calero, Marco Antonio Gómez-Martín, Pedro Pablo Gómez-Martín
Active and Interactive Discovery of Goal Selection Knowledge PDF
Jay Powell, Matthew Molineaux, David William Aha
Happy Movie: A Group Recommender Application in Facebook PDF
Lara Quijano-Sánchez, Juan A. Recio-Garcia, Belén Díaz-Agudo, Guillermo Jimenez-Diaz

Cognition, AI, and Human Computer Interaction

Special Track on Cognition and Artificial Intelligence PDF
Stephen W. Briner, Nicholas Duran
How Artefacts Influence the Construction of Communications and Contexts during Collaboration in an Agile Software Development Team PDF
Nik Nailah Binti Abdullah, Helen Sharp, Shinichi Honiden
What Determines Difficulty of Transport Puzzles? PDF
Petr Jarušek, Radek Pelánek
Difficulty Rating of Sudoku Puzzles by a Computational Model PDF
Radek Pelánek
Integrating Psychological Behaviors in the Rational Process of Conversational Assistant Agents PDF
Jean-Paul Sansonnet, François Bouchet
Activity States Framework as an Experimental Approach to Studying, and Modeling Context in Web-Mediated Collaborative Dialogs PDF
Nik Nailah Binti Abdullah, Samuel Mendes, Stefano A. Cerri, Shinichi Honiden
A Cognitive Tutoring Agent with Automatic Reasoning Capabilities PDF
Usef Faghihi, Philippe Fournier-Viger, Roger Nkambou
Human-Like Understanding of Two-Line Figures PDF
Steven Stenberg Hansen, David S Touretzky

Data Mining

Special Track on Data Mining PDF
David Bisant, William Eberle
Robustness of Filter-Based Feature Ranking: A Case Study PDF
Wilker Altidor, Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar, Jason Van Hulse
Efficient Descriptive Community Mining PDF
Martin Atzmueller, Folke Mitzlaff
Learning Parameters of the K-Means Algorithm From Subjective Human Annotation PDF
Haimonti Dutta, Rebecca J. Passonneau, Austin Lee, Axinia Radeva, Boyi Xie, David Waltz
Evolutionary Churn Prediction in Mobile Networks Using Hybrid Learning PDF
V. Yeshwanth, V. Vimal Raj, M. Saravanan
Graph-Based Knowledge Discovery: Compression versus Frequency PDF
William Eberle, Lawrence B. Holder
Utility Driven Clustering PDF
Prabakararaj Swapna Raj, Balaraman Ravindran

Games and Entertainment

Special Track on Games and Entertainment PDF
D. Hunter Hale, Kevin Gold
Learning Opponent Strategies through First Order Induction PDF
Katie Long Genter, Santiago Ontanon, Ashwin Ram
Supporting End-User Authoring of Alternate Reality Games with Cross-Location Compatibility PDF
Sanjeet Hajarnis, Chinmay Barve, Devika Karnik, Mark Riedl
Failure Detection and Dynamic Extensions for Behavior-Based Subsumption PDF
Frederick W. P. Heckel, G. Michael Youngblood

Intelligent Tutoring Systems

Special Track on Intelligent Tutoring Systems PDF
Bob Hausmann, Rania Hodhod, G. Tanner Jackson
Learning a Tutorial Dialogue Policy for Delayed Feedback PDF
Kristy Elizabeth Boyer, Robert Phillips, Eun Young Ha, Michael Wallis, Mladen Vouk, James Lester
Exploring the Effects of Errors in Assessment and Time Requirements of Learning Objects in a Peer-Based Intelligent Tutoring System PDF
John Champaign, Robin Cohen
Patterns of Word Usage in Expert Tutoring Sessions: Verbosity versus Quality PDF
Sidney D'Mello
Impact of Word Sense Disambiguation on Ordering Dictionary Definitions in Vocabulary Learning Tutors PDF
Kevin Dela Rosa, Maxine Eskenazi
A Theoretical and Empirical Approach in Assessing Motivational Factors: From Serious Games To an ITS PDF
Lotfi Derbali, Pierre Chalfoun, Claude Frasson
Motivational Impacts of a Game-Based Intelligent Tutoring System PDF
G. Tanner Jackson, Danielle McNamara
Predicting Changes in Level of Abstraction in Tutor Responses to Students PDF
Michael C. Lipschultz, Diane J. Litman, Pamela Jordan, Sandra Katz
Automated Scenario Adaptation in Support of Intelligent Tutoring Systems PDF
James Michael Niehaus, Boyang Li, Mark Riedl
Text Box Size, Skill, and Iterative Practice in a Writing Task PDF
Roxanne Benoit Raine, Lisa Mintz, Scott A. Crossley, Jianmin Dai, Danielle S. McNamara
Internal Usability Testing of Automated Essay Feedback in an Intelligent Writing Tutor PDF
Rod Roscoe, Laura Varner, Zhiqiang Cai, Jennifer Weston, Scott Crossley, Danielle McNamara
The “Assistance” Model: Leveraging How Many Hints and Attempts a Student Needs PDF
Yutao Wang, Neil T. Heffernan
Adding Abstractive Reflection to a Tutorial Dialog System PDF
Arthur Ward, Diane Litman
Personalized Intelligent Tutoring System Using Reinforcement Learning PDF
Ankit Malpani, Balaraman Ravindran, Hema Murthy

Ontologies and Social Semantics Web for Intelligent Educational Systems

Special Track on Ontologies and Social Semantic Web for Intelligent Educational Systems PDF
Darina Dicheva, Riichiro Mizoguchi, Roger Nkambou, Niels Pinkwart
Linking a Domain-Specific Ontology to a General Ontology PDF
Pamela Faber, Ricardo Mairal, Pedro Magaña
Automated Transformation of SWRL Rules into Multiple-Choice Questions PDF
Konstantinos Zoumpatianos, Andreas Papasalouros, Konstantinos Kotis
Ontological Support for Creative Writing PDF
Darina Dicheva, Christo Dichev, Mariana Damova

Robotics and Human-Robot Interaction

Special Track on Robotics and Human Interaction PDF
Chutima Boonthum
The ARTSI Alliance: Using Robotics and AI to Recruit African-Americans to Computer Science Research PDF
Chutima Boonthum-Denecke, David S. Touretzky, Elva J. Jones, Thorna Humphries, Rebecca Caldwell
Winner Determination for Simultaneous Multi-Robot Task Allocation PDF
Fang Tang, Spondon Saha
Navigating with the Tekkotsu Pilot PDF
Owen Paul Watson, Dave Touretzky
Snackbot: Vision and Perception with Video and Audio Captures using GStreamer PDF
Hasani Burns, Chutima Boonthum-Denecke
Translating Robotics Course Materials from Elite Research I Universities to Historically Black Colleges and Universities PDF
Xuejun Liang

Uncertain Reasoning

Special Track on Uncertain Reasoning PDF
Laurent Perrussel, Cory Butz
Modeling Interventions Using Belief Causal Networks PDF
Imen Boukhris, Zied Elouedi, Salem Benferhat
Learning Temporal Nodes Bayesian Networks PDF
Pablo Hernandez-Leal, L. Enrique Sucar, Jesus A. Gonzalez
Optimizing Local Computation for Cooperative Probabilistic Reasoning PDF
Karen Jin, Dan Wu
A Default Logical Semantics for Defeasible Argumentation PDF
Gabriele Kern-Isberner, Guillermo R Simari
Aggregating Forecasts Using a Learned Bayesian Network PDF
Suzanne Mitchell Mahoney, Ethan Comstock, Bradley deBlois, Steven Darcy
Hybrid Value Iteration for POMDPs PDF
Diego Maniloff, Piotr Gmytrasiewicz
Tuning a Bayesian Knowledge Base PDF
Eugene Santos, Qi Gu, Eunice E. Santos
A Two-Step Method to Learn Multidimensional Bayesian Network Classifiers Based on Mutual Information Measures PDF
Julio Cesar Zaragoza, Enrique Sucar, Eduardo Morales