AAAI Publications, The Twenty-Sixth International FLAIRS Conference

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A Transfer Learning Approach for Learning Temporal Nodes Bayesian Networks
Lindsey Jennifer Fiedler Cameras, Luis Enrique Sucar, Eduardo F. Morales

Last modified: 2013-05-19


Situations where there is insufficient information to learn from often arise, and the process to recollect data can be expensive or in some cases take too long resulting in outdated models. Transfer learning strategies have proven to be a powerful technique to learn models from several sources when a single source does not provide enough information. In this work we present a methodology to learn a Temporal Nodes Bayesian Network by transferring knowledge from several different but related domains. Experiments based on a reference network show promising results, supporting our claim that transfer learning is a viable strategy to learn these models when scarce data is available.


Temporal Nodes Bayesian Network; Transfer Learning; Temporal Reasoning

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