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Steps Towards Adaptive Psychomotor Instruction
Charles Amburn, Benjamin Goldberg, Keith Brawner

Last modified: 2014-05-03


Marksmanship is a core skill required of every Warfighter yet the approaches and effectiveness of marksmanship training can vary by instructor. Even the U.S. Army's Engagement Skills Trainer (EST) marksmanship simulator, which provides detailed data about every shot fired, is only as effective as the instruction based on this data. The authors discuss a marksmanship simulator enhanced with an intelligent tutoring system in order to help instructors provide more efficient, consistent and accurate diagnoses and feedback to the trainees. This paper presents the brief history of adaptive psychomotor skills training and a 3-phase plan for the development of an adaptive training system for marksmanship, which is a relevant approach for other types of adaptive psychomotor training.


marksmanship training; marksmanship simulator; psychomotor skills; intelligent tutoring; adaptive training; U.S. Army; Soldiers; shooting; Expert Model

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