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BTT-Go: An Agent for Go that Uses a Transposition Table to Reduce the Simulations and the Supervision in the Monte-Carlo Tree Search
Eldane Vieira Junior, Rita Maria Julia

Last modified: 2014-05-03


This paper presents BTT-Go: an agent for Go whose ar- chitecture is based on the well-known agent Fuego, that is, its search process for the best move is based on sim- ulations of games performed by means of Monte- Carlo Tree Search (MCTS). In Fuego, these simulations are guided by supervised heuristics called prior knowledge and play-out policy. In this context, the goal behind the BTT-Go proposal is to reduce the supervised character of Fuego, granting it more autonomy. To cope with this task, the BTT-Go counts on a Transposition Table (TT) whose role is not to waste the history of the nodes that have already been explored throughout the game. By this way, the agent proposed here reduces the super- vised character of Fuego by replacing, whenever pos- sible, the prior knowledge and the play-out policy with the information retrieved from the TT. Several evalua- tive tournaments involving BTT-Go and Fuego confirm that the former obtains satisfactory results in its purpose of attenuating the supervision in Fuego without losing its competitiveness, even in 19x19 game-boards.


Monte-Carlo Tree Search, Transposition Table, Game of Go, Fuego

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