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Preface PDF
William Eberle, Chutima Boonthum-Denecke
Florida AI Research Society PDF
William Eberle, Chutima Boonthum-Denecke
Conference Committees PDF
William Eberle, Chutima Boonthum-Denecke
Invited Talk Abstracts PDF
William Eberle, Chutima Boonthum-Denecke

Main Track

Action Classification Using Sequence Alignment and Shape Context PDF
Sultan Almotairi, Eraldo Ribeiro
The Author Perspective Model for Classifying Deontic Modality in Events PDF
David Bracewell, David Hinote, Sean Monahan
Analyzing the Effect of Communicative Evidence in a Bayesian System for Grouped Bar Chart Message Recognition PDF
Richard Burns, Sandra Carberry, Stephanie Elzer Schwartz
SemMemDB: In-Database Knowledge Activation PDF
Yang Chen, Milenko Petrovic, Micah Clark
Decision Networks for Modeling and Analysis of Attack/Defense Scenarios in Critical Infrastructures PDF
Daniele Codetta-Raiteri, Luigi Portinale, Roberta Terruggia
Part of Speech Induction from Distributional Features: Balancing Vocabulary and Context PDF
Vivek V. Datla, King-Ip Lin, Max Louwerse
An Approach for Constructing Reliable Social Agent Based Systems Considering Dynamic Environment and Other Factors Affecting Their Progress PDF
Inderjeet Singh Dogra, Ziad Kobti
Clustering Spectral Filters for Extensible Feature Extraction in Musical Instrument Classification PDF
Patrick Donnelly, John Sheppard
Linguistic Style and Social Historical Context: An Automated Linguistic Analysis of Mao Zedong’s Speeches PDF
Ying Duan, Nia M. Dowell, Arthur C. Graesser, Haiying Li
Combining Feature Selection and Ensemble Learning for Software Quality Estimation PDF
Kehan Gao, Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar, Randall Wald
Pharaoh: Conceptual Blending of Cognitive Scripts for Computationally Creative Agents PDF
Rania Hodhod, Brian Magerko
New Bounds on False-Name Manipulations in Weighted Voting Games PDF
Ramoni O. Lasisi, Vicki H. Allan
How to Improve Multi-Agent Recommendations Using Data from Social Networks? PDF
Fabiana Lorenzi, Bruno Fontanella, Edson Prestes, Andre Peres
Differential Neighborhood Selection In Memory-Based Group Recommender Systems PDF
Nadia A Najjar, David C Wilson
A New Dimension Division Scheme for Heterogeneous Multi-Population Cultural Algorithm PDF
Mohammad R. Raeesi N., Joshua Chittle, Ziad Kobti
Assessing Impacts of a Power User Attack on a Matrix Factorization Collaborative Recommender System PDF
Carlos E. Seminario, David C. Wilson
Combining Knowledge and Corpus-based Measures for Word-to-Word Similarity PDF
Dan Stefanescu, Vasile Rus, Nobal Bikram Niraula, Rajendra Banjade
Scene Blocking Utilizing Forces PDF
Christine Talbot, G. Michael Youngblood
BAM Learning in High Level of Connection Sparseness PDF
Christophe Tremblay, Sylvain Chartier
Gesture Unit Segmentation Using Spatial-Temporal Information and Machine Learning PDF
Priscilla Koch Wagner, Sarajane Marques Peres, Renata Cristina Barros Madeo, Clodoaldo Aparecido de Moraes Lima, Fernando de Almeida Freitas
Strategy Mining PDF
Xiaoxi Xu, David Jensen, Edwina L. Rissland

Affective Computing

Special Track on Affective Computing PDF
Gerald M. Knapp, Sidney D’Mello
Toward Building Automatic Affect Recognition Machine Using Acoustics Features PDF
Andreas H. Marpaung, Avelino Gonzalez
Using Remote Heart Rate Measurement for Affect Detection PDF
Hamed Monkaresi, Sazzad Hussain, Rafael Calvo
Using Affect Awareness to Modulate Task Experience: A Study Amongst Pre-elementary School Kids PDF
Vivek Pai, Raja Sooriamurthi
Affect Intensity Estimation Using Multiple Modalities PDF
Amol S Patwardhan, Gerald M Knapp
Sentiment Analysis Using Dependency Trees and Named-Entities PDF
Ugan Yasavur, Jorge Travieso, Christine Lisetti, Naphtali David Rishe

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Business

Special Track on Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Business Applications PDF
Rachel Green, Chayan Chakrabarti, Philip McCarthy
Semantic Content Enrichment of Sensor Network Data for Environmental Monitoring PDF
Dustin R. Franz, Ricardo A. Calix
Two-Stage Stock Portfolio Construction: Correlation Clustering and Genetic Optimization PDF
Sachin R. Joglekar
Characterizing Latent User Interests on Enterprise Networks PDF
Benjamin Priest, Kevin M. Carter
Machine Learning to Improve a Document Pipeline PDF
Scott A. Wallace, Bhadresh Patel, Landon Kryger, Susan Seley

Applied Natural Language Processing

Special Track on Applied Natural Language Processing PDF
Fazel Keshtkar, Chutima Boonthum-Denecke,
HPSG Grammar for Arabic Coordination Experimented with LKB System PDF
Sirine Boukedi, Kais Haddar
Common and Common-Sense Knowledge Integration for Concept-Level Sentiment Analysis PDF
Erik Cambria, Newton Howard
Automated Classification of Stance in Student Essays: An Approach Using Stance Target Information and the Wikipedia Link-Based Measure PDF
Adam Faulkner
Grammatical Facial Expressions Recognition with Machine Learning PDF
Fernando de Almeida Freitas, Sarajane Marques Peres, Clodoaldo Aparecido de Moraes Lima, Felipe Venâncio Barbosa
A Natural Language Conversational System for Online Academic Advising PDF
Edward M. Latorre-Navarro, John G. Harris
Comparison of Google Translation with Human Translation PDF
Haiying Li, Arthur C. Graesser, Zhiqiang Cai
The Use of Paraphrase Identification in the Retrieval of Appropriate Responses for Script Based Conversational Agents PDF
Jerome L. McClendon, Naja A. Mack, Larry F. Hodges
Temporal Referentials with Formal Semantic Representation PDF
Hee-Jin Ro, Antoine Blais
Opportunities and Challenges in Semantic Similarity PDF
Vasile Rus
Multi-Document Summarization Using Graph-Based Iterative Ranking Algorithms and Information Theoretical Distortion Measures PDF
Borhan Samei, Borhan Samei, Marzieh Estiagh, Marzieh Eshtiagh, Fazel Keshtkar, Sattar Hashemi, Sattar Hashemi
Mining Named Entity Translation from Non Parallel Corpora PDF
Rahma Sellami, Fatiha Sadat, Lamia Hadrich Belguith
A Bilingual Analysis of Cohesion in a Corpus of Leader Speeches PDF
Lubna Shala, Vasile Rus, Arthur C. Graesser
Semantic Feature Representation to Capture News Impact PDF
Boyi Xie, Dingquan Wang, Rebecca J. Passonneau
Identifying Social Deliberative Behavior from Online Communication — A Cross-Domain Study PDF
Xiaoxi Xu, Tom Murray, Beverly Park Woolf, David A. Smith

Artificial Intelligence in Games and Multimedia

Special Track on Artificial Intelligence in Games and Multimedia PDF
D. Michael Franklin
Adapting IRIS, a Non-Interactive Narrative Generation System, to an Interactive Text Adventure Game PDF
Matthew William Fendt, R. Michael Young
Multi-Agent Artificial Intelligence in Pursuit Strategies: Breaking through the Stalemate PDF
D. Michael Franklin, Kevin L. Markley
An Improved Dataset and Extraction Process for Starcraft AI PDF
Glen Robertson, Ian Watson
BTT-Go: An Agent for Go that Uses a Transposition Table to Reduce the Simulations and the Supervision in the Monte-Carlo Tree Search PDF
Eldane Vieira Junior, Rita Maria Julia

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Informatics

Special Track on Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Informatics PDF
Doug Talbert, Steve Talbert
Comparison of Data Sampling Approaches for Imbalanced Bioinformatics Data PDF
David J. Dittman, Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar, Randall Wald, Amri Napolitano
Towards Using Rule-Based Multi-agent System for the Early Detection of Adverse Drug Reactions PDF
Zina M. Ibrahim, Robbie Mallah, Richard J. B. Dobson
Extreme Logistic Regression: A Large Scale Learning Algorithm with Application to Prostate Cancer Mortality Prediction PDF
Che Ngufor, Janusz Wojtusiak, Andrea Hooker, Talha Oz, Jack Hadley
Comparing Raw Data and Feature Extraction for Seizure Detection with Deep Learning Methods PDF
Adam Page, J. T. Turner, Tinoosh Mohsenin, Tim Oates
Optimizing Wrapper-Based Feature Selection for Use on Bioinformatics Data PDF
Randall Wald, Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar, Amri Napolitano

Case-Based Reasoning

Special Track on Case-Based Reasoning PDF
Joseph Kendall-Morwick, Vahid Jalali
An Ensemble Approach to Adaptation-Guided Retrieval PDF
Vahid Jalali, David Leake
Learning Case Feature Weights from Relevance and Ranking Feedback PDF
Luc Lamontagne, Alexandre Bergeron Guyard

Culture-Aware AI Systems

Special Track on Culture-Aware AI System PDF
Colette Faucher
Modeling the Salience of Socio-Cultural Identities in the System PSYMDEV PDF
Colette Faucher, Malika Machtoune
Representing and Reasoning about Cultural Contexts in Intelligent Learning Environments PDF
Phaedra Mohammed, Permanand Mohan

Data Mining

Special Track on Data Mining PDF
David Bisant, William Eberle
ERMO-DG: Evolving Region Moving Object Dataset Generator PDF
Berkay Aydin, Rafal Angryk, Karthik Ganesan Pillai
SMART Electronic Legal Discovery Via Topic Modeling PDF
Clint Pazhayidam George, Sahil Puri, Daisy Zhe Wang, Joseph N. Wilson, William F. Hamilton
Histogram-Based Method for Effective Initialization of the K-Means Clustering Algorithm PDF
Caroline Gingles, M. Emre Celebi
Comparing Data Processing Frameworks for Scalable Clustering PDF
Sharanjit Kaur, Rakhi Saxena, Dhriti Khanna, Vasudha Bhatnagar
Correlation-Based Refinement of Rules with Numerical Attributes PDF
Andre Melo, Martin Theobald, Johanna Völker
Mining Contextual Preferences in Data Streams PDF
Jaqueline A. J. Papini, Allan Kardec S. Soares, Sandra de Amo
A Hybrid Fuzzy-Firefly Approach for Rule-Based Classification PDF
Maziyar Baran Pouyan, Rasoul Yousefi, Sarah Ostadabbas, Mehrdad Nourani
Mitigating the Curse of Dimensionality for Exact kNN Retrieval PDF
Michael A. Schuh, Tim Wylie, Rafal A. Angryk

Intelligent Autonomous Systems

Special Track on Intelligent Autonomous Systems PDF
Roman Barták, David Obdržálek
Probabilistic Failure Isolation for Cognitive Robots PDF
Dogan Altan, Sanem Sariel-Talay

Intelligent Tutoring Systems

Special Track on Intelligent Tutoring Systems PDF
Rod Roscoe, James Segedy
Steps Towards Adaptive Psychomotor Instruction PDF
Charles Amburn, Benjamin Goldberg, Keith Brawner
Developing Component Scores from Natural Language Processing Tools to Assess Human Ratings of Essay Quality PDF
Scott Crossley, Danielle McNamara
Emotional Rollercoasters: Day Differences in Affect Incidence during Learning PDF
Sidney D'Mello
Writing Quality, Knowledge, and Comprehension Correlates of Human and Automated Essay Scoring PDF
Rod D. Roscoe, Scott A. Crossley, Erica L. Snow, Laura K. Varner, Danielle S. McNamara


Special Track on Robotics PDF
Rebecca Caldwell, LaVonne Manning
On Autonomous Landing of AR.Drone: Hands-On Experience PDF
Roman Bartak, Andrej Hrasko, David Obdrzalek
Multi-Instance Active Learning with Online Labeling for Object Recognition PDF
Kimia Salmani, Mohan Sridharan
Effects of Wireless Signal Attenuation on Robot Team Performance PDF
Briana Wellman, Bradley Erickson, Tommy Suriel, Kamala Mayo, Tajh Phifer, Kriti Acharya
Scan Matching for Graph SLAM in Indoor Dynamic Scenarios PDF
Jingchun Yin, Luca Carlone, Stefano Rosa, Muhammad Latif Anjum, Basilio Bona

Semantic, Logics and Information Extraction in AI

Special Track on Semantic, Logics and Information Extraction in AI PDF
Christophe Jouis, Ismail Biskri, Adel Jebali, Anca Pascu
Semantic Enrichments in Text Supervised Classification: Application to Medical Domain PDF
Shereen Albitar, Bernard Espinasse, Sébastien Fournier
Assuming Facts Are Expressed More Than Once PDF
Justin Betteridge, Alan Ritter, Tom Mitchell
Automatic Valency Derivation for Related Languages PDF
Natalia Klyueva, Vladislav Kubon
Discursive Mining Viewpoints in Building Multi-Document Synthesized Sheets PDF
Olfa Makkaoui, Jean-Pierre Desclés, Marc Bertin, Christophe Jouis, Jean-Gabriel Ganascia
Hybrid Intelligence for Semantics-Enhanced Networking Operations PDF
Bassem Mokhtar, Mohamed Eltoweissy
Toward a Computational Theory of Conceptual Metaphor PDF
Anca Christine Pascu, Tzu-Keng Fu, Jean-Pierre Descles
Towards a Mathematical and Computational Theory of Meaning in Natural Languages. PDF
Benoît Sauzay, Gaëll Guibert, Jean-Pierre Desclés
Streaming Fact Extraction for Wikipedia Entities at Web-Scale PDF
Morteza Shahriari Nia, Christan Grant, Yang Peng, Daisy Zhe Wang, Milenko Petrovic
Using Strong Lexical Association Extraction in an Understanding of Managers’ Decision Process PDF
Frédéric Simard, Ismaïl Biskri, Josée St-Pierre, Boucif Amar Bensaber

Uncertain Reasoning

Special Track on Uncertain Reasoning PDF
Souhila Kaci, Matthias Thimm
Observations on the Minimality of Ranking Functions for Qualitative Conditional Knowledge Bases and Their Computation PDF
Christoph Beierle, Rita Hermsen, Gabriele Kern-Isberner
Implementation of a Transformation System for Relational Probabilistic Knowledge Bases Simplifying the Maximum Entropy Model Computation PDF
Christoph Beierle, Markus Höhnerbach, Marcus Marto
Learning Probabilistic Relational Models Using Non-Negative Matrix Factorization PDF
Anthony Coutant, Philippe Leray, Hoel Le Capitaine
A Novel Methodology for Processing Probabilistic Knowledge Bases Under Maximum Entropy PDF
Gabriele Kern-Isberner, Marco Wilhelm, Christoph Beierle
Chained Path Evaluation for Hierarchical Multi-Label Classification PDF
Mallinali Ramírez-Corona, L. Enrique Sucar, Eduardo F. Morales
An Empirical Evaluation of Costs and Benefits of Simplifying Bayesian Networks by Removing Weak Arcs PDF
Parot Ratnapinda, Marek J. Druzdzel
Factored Performance Functions with Structural Representation in Continuous Time Bayesian Networks PDF
Liessman Sturlaugson, John W. Sheppard

Poster Abstracts

Poster Abstracts PDF
William Eberle, Chutima Boonthum-Denecke
FLAIRS Poster Abstracts PDF
William Eberle, Chutima Boonthum-Denecke