Presentations and Authors

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Main Track

Attention Based Transformer for Student Answers Assessment PDF
Nisrine Ait Khayi, Vasile Rus
On Dealing with Conflicting, Uncertain and Partially Ordered Ontologies PDF
Sihem Belabbes, Salem Benferhat
Encoding Neighbor Information into Geographical Embeddings Using Convolutional Neural Networks PDF
Christopher Blier-Wong, Jean-Thomas Baillargeon, Hélène Cossette, Luc Lamontagne, Etienne Marceau
Character Depth and Sentence Diversification in Automated Narrative Generation PDF
Brooke Bottoni, Yasmine Moolenaar, Anthony Hevia, Thomas Anchor, Kyle Benko, Rainer Knauf, Klaus Jantke, Avelino Gonzalez, Annie Wu
Prediction of Bayesian Intervals for Tropical Storms PDF
Max Chiswick, Sam Ganzfried
Improving Costs and Robustness of Machine Learning Classifiers Against Adversarial Attacks via Self Play of Repeated Bayesian Games PDF
Prithviraj Dasgupta, Joseph B. Collins, Michael McCarrick
Most Important Fundamental Rule of Poker Strategy PDF
Sam Ganzfried, Max Chiswick
Spatially Aligned Clustering of Driving Simulator Data PDF
David Grethlein, Santiago Ontañón
Limits of the Technological Singularity PDF
Curry I. Guinn
Constructing Gaussian Processes for Probabilistic Graphical Models PDF
Mattis Hartwig, Marisa Mohr, Ralf Möller
Improving Classification Accuracy by Mining Deterministic and Frequent Rules PDF
Yuxiao Huang
A Lexicographic Strategy for Approximating Dominance in CP-Nets PDF
Michael Huelsman, Mirosław Truszczyński
Towards Quantification of Explainability in Explainable Artificial Intelligence Methods PDF
Sheikh Rabiul Islam, William Eberle, Sheikh K. Ghafoor
Node Similarity For Anomaly Detection in Attributed Graphs PDF
Prajjwal Kandel, William Eberle
Theory Interpretations for Topic Models PDF
Felix Kuhr, Özgür L. Özcep
Clinical Event Time-Series Modeling with Periodic Events PDF
Jeong Min Lee, Milos Hauskrecht
Music Stimuli for EEG-Based User Authentication PDF
Sukun Li, Leonard Marino, Vineetha Alluri
Towards Concise, Machine-Discovered Proofs of Gödel's Two Incompleteness Theorems PDF
Elijah Malaby, Bradley Dragun, John Licato
Modeling Novel Solutions to Creative Problem Solving Tasks with Subjective Observers PDF
Chris Miller, Arnav Jhala
Secure Industrial Control System with Intrusion Detection PDF
M. Rayhan Ahmed Mithu, Vadim Kholodilo, Rajesh Manicavasagam, Denis Ulybyshev, Mike Rogers
New Approaches in Ordinal Pattern Representations for Multivariate Time Series PDF
Marisa Mohr, Florian Wilhelm, Mattis Hartwig, Ralf Möller, Karsten Keller
Figure Descriptive Text Extraction Using Ontological Representation PDF
Gilchan Park, Julia Taylor Rayz, Line Pouchard
Real-Time Detection and Prediction of Relative Motion of Moving Objects in Autonomous Driving PDF
Lalintha G. Polpitiya, Kamal Premaratne
Solving Weighted Abduction via Max-SAT Solvers PDF
Yoichi Sasaki, Takanori Maehara, Takumi Akazaki, Kazeto Yamamoto, Kunihiko Sadamasa
Bounded-Memory Criteria for Streams with Application Time PDF
Simon Schiff, Özgür L. Özçep
Internal Stability in Hedonic Games PDF
Jacob Schlueter, Judy Goldsmith
Super Altruistic Hedonic Games PDF
Jacob Schlueter, Judy Goldsmith
The Objective of Simple Novelty Search PDF
R. Paul Wiegand

Main Track Posters

Clustering Partial Lexicographic Preference Trees PDF
Joseph Allen, Xudong Liu, Karthikeyan Umapathy, Sandeep Reddivari
Chunk-Based Incremental Classification of Fraud Data PDF
Farzana Anowar, Samira Sadaoui
Approximate MMAP by Marginal Search PDF
Alessandro Antonucci, Thomas Tiotto
RALE-ACL — A Language for Information Exchange between Case-Based Agents as Alternative to the FIPA-ACL-Based Communication PDF
Viktor Eisenstadt, Klaus-Dieter Althoff
A Preliminary Study of Spatial Bias in Knn Distance Metrics PDF
Gabriel J. Ferrer
Investigating Potential Factors Associated with Gender Discrimination in Collaborative Recommender Systems PDF
Masoud Mansoury, Himan Abdollahpouri, Jessie Smith, Arman Dehpanah, Mykola Pechenizkiy, Bamshad Mobasher
Probing the Natural Language Inference Task with Automated Reasoning Tools PDF
Zaid Marji, Animesh Nighojkar, John Licato
Using Simulated Annealing to Declutter Genome Visualizations PDF
Jorge Núñez Siri, Eric Neufeld, Isobel Parkin, Andrew Sharpe
Middleware Unifying Framework for Independent Nodes System (MUFFINS) PDF
James S. Okolica, Gilbert L. Peterson, Michael J. Mendenhall
Improving the EDCM Mixture Model with Expectation Propagation PDF
Xavier Sumba, Nuha Zamzami, Nizar Bouguila
Decentralized Marriage Models PDF
Kshitija Taywade, Judy Goldsmith, Brent Harrison
COPD Disease Classification Using Network Embedding with Synthetic Relationships PDF
Anak Wannaphaschaiyong, Xingquan Zhu

Special Track on Applied Natural Language Processing

Impact of a New Word Embedding Cost Function on Farsi-Spanish Low-Resource Neural Machine Translation PDF
Benyamin Ahmadnia, Bonnie J. Dorr
Establishing Strong Baselines for the New Decade: Sequence Tagging, Syntactic and Semantic Parsing with BERT PDF
Han He, Jinho Choi
Syntactic Neural Model for Authorship Attribution PDF
Fereshteh Jafariakinabad, Sansiri Tarnpradab, Kien A. Hua
Abstractive Summarization for Low Resource Data Using Domain Transfer and Data Synthesis PDF
Ahmed Magooda, Diane Litman
Reliability of Perplexity to Find Number of Latent Topics PDF
Asana Neishabouri, Michel C. Desmarais
Interactive Summarization for Data Filtering and Triage PDF
Justus Robertson, Brent Harrison, Arnav Jhala
Narrative Origin Classification of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Texts PDF
Jason Wei, Eugene Santos Jr.
Pre-Training A Neural Language Model Improves the Sample Efficiency of an Emergency Room Classification Model PDF
Binbin Xu, Cédric Gil-Jardiné, Frantz Thiessard, Eric Tellier, Marta Avalos-Fernandez, Emmanuel Lagarde
An Ensemble Neural Network for the Emotional Classification of Text PDF
Oscar Youngquist
EmpTransfo: A Multi-Head Transformer Architecture for Creating Empathetic Dialog Systems PDF
Rohola Zandie, Mohammad H. Mahoor
Neural Learning for Aspect Phrase Extraction and Classification in Sentiment Analysis PDF
Joschka Kersting, Michaela Geierhos
Attend to the Beginning: A Study on Bidirectional Attention for Extractive Summarization PDF
Ahmed Magooda, Cezary Marcjan
Detecting Preposition Errors to Target Interlingual Errors in Second Language Writing PDF
Natawut Monaikul, Barbara Di Eugenio
A Computational Approach to Assessing Nominalizations in Academic Writing PDF
Yanisa Haley Scherber
Gazetteer Generation for Neural Named Entity Recognition PDF
Chan Hee Song, Dawn Lawrie, Tim Finin, James Mayfield

Special Track on Artificial Intelligence for Big Social Data Analysis

Towards Real-Time and Unsupervised Campaign Detection in Social Media PDF
Dennis Assenmacher, Lena Adam, Heike Trautmann, Christian Grimme

Special Track on Artificial Intelligence in Games, Serious Games, and Multimedia

Automatic Identification of Guitar Types from Prerecorded Audio PDF
Lubomir Ivanov, Jhavagne Dunn
“Bully”: A Virtual Reality Environment for Anti-Bullying Education PDF
Lubomir Ivanov, Nina Ramos

Special Track on Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Informatics

Goal Summarization for Human-Human Health Coaching Dialogues PDF
Itika Gupta, Barbara Di Eugenio, Brian Ziebart, Bing Liu, Ben Gerber, Lisa Sharp
Not All Samples are Equal: Class Dependent Hierarchical Multi-Task Learning for Patient Diagnosis Classification PDF
Salim Malakouti, Milos Hauskrecht
Experimentation on Hand Drawn Sketches by Children to Classify Draw-a-Person Test Images in Psychology PDF
Ochilbek Rakhmanov, Nwojo Nnanna Agwu, Steve Adeshina
CorGAN: Correlation-Capturing Convolutional Generative Adversarial Networks for Generating Synthetic Healthcare Records PDF
Amirsina Torfi, Edward A. Fox
Modeling Latent Comorbidity for Health Risk Prediction Using Graph Convolutional Network PDF
Rui Wang, Ming-Ching Chang, Marleen Radigan
Learning to Recognise Exercises in the Self-Management of Low Back Pain PDF
Anjana Wijekoon, Nirmalie Wiratunga, Kay Cooper, Kerstin Bach
Survival Prediction of Breast Cancer Patient from Gene Methylation Data with Deep LSTM Network and Ordinal Cox Model PDF
Isabelle Bichindaritz, Guanghui Liu, Christopher Bartlett
MedFroDetect: Medicare Fraud Detection with Extremely Imbalanced Class Distributions PDF
Yuping Su, Xingquan Zhu, Bei Dong, Yumei Zhang, Xiaojun Wu

Special Track on Autonomous Robots and Agents

Energy-Aware Path Planning for Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation PDF
Renan Maidana, Roger Granada, Darlan Jurak, Maurício Magnaguagno, Felipe Meneguzzi, Alexandre Amory
Improving Multi-Agent System Coordination Via Intensity Variation PDF
David H. Mathias, Annie S. Wu, Laik Ruetten, Eric Coursin
Model-Free Reinforcement Learning Approach for Leader-Follower Formation Using Nonholonomic Mobile Robots PDF
Md Suruz Miah, Amr Elhussein, Fazel Keshtkar, Mohammed Abouheaf
Recreating Bat Behavior on Quad-Rotor UAVs—A Simulation Approach PDF
M. Hassan Tanveer, Antony Thomas, Xiaowei Wu, Rolf Müller, Pratap Tokekar, Hongxiao Zhu
Effects of Response Threshold Distribution on Dynamic Division of Labor in Decentralized Swarms PDF
Annie S. Wu, David H. Mathias, Joseph P. Giordano, Anthony Hevia
Discovering Hierarchies for Reinforcement Learning Using Data Mining PDF
Dave Mobley, Judy Goldsmith, Brent Harrison
Using Reinforcement Learning to Manage Communications Between Humans and Artificial Agents in an Evacuation Scenario PDF
Skanda Vaidyanath, Kallirroi Georgila, David Traum

Special Track on Case-Based Reasoning

Case-Based Reasoning for the Analysis of Methylation Data in Oncology PDF
Christopher Bartlett, Guanghui Liu, Isabelle Bichindaritz
Case-Based Explanations and Goal Specific Resource Estimations PDF
Venkatsampath Raja Gogineni, Sravya Kondrakunta, Matthew Molineaux, Michael T. Cox
On the Explanation of Similarity for Developing and Deploying CBR Systems PDF
Kerstin Bach, Paul Jarle Mork
Deep Feature Extraction for Representing and Classifying Time Series Cases: Towards an Interpretable Approach in Haemodialysis PDF
Giorgio Leonardi, Stefania Montani, Manuel Striani

Special Track on Data Mining

Uncertainty Quantification in Multimodal Ensembles of Deep Learners PDF
Katherine E. Brown, Farzana Ahamed Bhuiyan, Douglas A. Talbert
Towards Automatic Clustering Analysis Using Traces of Information Gain: The InfoGuide Method PDF
Paulo Rocha, Diego Pinheiro, Martin Cadeiras, Carmelo Bastos-Filho
Assessing Modality Selection Heuristics to Improve Multimodal Machine Learning for Malware Detection PDF
Farzana Ahamed Bhuiyan, Katherine E. Brown, Md Bulbul Sharif, Quentin D. Johnson, Douglas A. Talbert

Special Track on Intelligent Learning Technologies

Detecting Trait versus Performance Student Behavioral Patterns Using Discriminative Non-Negative Matrix Factorization PDF
Mehrdad Mirzaei, Shaghayegh Sahebi, Peter Brusilovsky
Query-Based Generation of Trigonometric Identity Problems and Solutions PDF
Meredith Pearce, Jonathan McKinney, Chris Alvin
The Effects of Open Self-Explanation Prompting During Source Code Comprehension PDF
Lasang Jimba Tamang, Zeyad Alshaikh, Nisrine Ait Khayi, Vasile Rus
Experiments with a Socratic Intelligent Tutoring System for Source Code Understanding PDF
Zeyad Alshaikh, Lasang Tamang, Vasile Rus
Analysis of Region-Based Integral Calculus Problems PDF
Chris Alvin, Adam Byerly

Special Track on Neural Networks

Impact of Augmenting GRU Networks with Iterative and Direct Strategies for Traffic Speed Forecasting PDF
Armando Fandango, Paul Wiegand, Liqiang Ni, Samiul Hasan
Stochastic Reinforcement Learning for Continuous Actions in Dynamic Environments PDF
Syed Naveed Hussain Shah, Dean Frederick Hougen
Unsupervised Embedding Learning for Human Activity Recognition Using Wearable Sensor Data PDF
Taoran Sheng, Manfred Huber
Boosting Arabic Named Entity Recognition Transliteration with Deep Learning PDF
Manar Alkhatib, Khaled Shaalan

Special Track on Recommender Systems

Debiased Offline Evaluation of Active Learning in Recommender Systems PDF
Diego Carraro, Derek Bridge
Modeling User Preferences Using Relative Feedback for Personalized Recommendations PDF
Saikishore Kalloori, Tianyu Li
CAARS: A Context-Aware Artist Recommender System for Twitter Users PDF
Linh Tang, Fahmida Hamid

Special Track on Security, Privacy and Trust in the Big Data and AI Age

Variance Linear Discriminant Analysis for IRIS Biometrics PDF
Sung-Hyuk Cha, Teryn Cha

Special Track on Semantic, Logics, Information Extraction and AI

Extract Semantic Pattern from Trolling Data PDF
Sayef Iqbal, Fazel Keshtkar, Soon Ae Chun
Modeling Procedural State Changes over Time with Probabilistic Soft Logic PDF
Michael Mohler, Sean Monahan, Marc Tomlinson
From Association to Reasoning, an Alternative to Pearls’ Causal Reasoning PDF
Usef Faghihi, Serge Robert, Pierre Poirier, Youssef Barkaoui
Automatic Grammar Checkers to the Rescue of French L2 Object Clitics PDF
Adel Jebali
Learning Picture Languages Represented as Strings PDF
David Kuboñ, František Mráz
How to Act? Reasoning with Conflicting Obligations PDF
Clayton Peterson

Special Track on Spoken Language Processing and Conversational Systems

Intelligent Assistant for Exploring Data Visualizations PDF
Abhinav Kumar, Jillian Aurisano, Barbara Di Eugenio, Andrew Johnson
Context-Centric Approach in Paralinguistic Affect Recognition System PDF
Andreas Marpaung, Avelino Gonzalez
Can Machines Learn Continuous Measures of Speech Severity from Ordinal Training Labels? PDF
Alan Wisler, Kristin Teplansky, Jordan R. Green, Sara G. Austin, Jun Wang

Special Track on Uncertain Reasoning

Tuning Logical Argumentation Frameworks: A Postulate-Derived Approach PDF
Ofer Arieli, AnneMarie Borg, Christian Straßer
Transforming Conditional Knowledge Bases into Renaming Normal Form PDF
Christoph Beierle, Jonas Haldimann
Social Pooling of Beliefs and Values with Desirability PDF
Arianna Casanova, Enrique Miranda, Marco Zaffalon
On the Correspondence between Abstract Dialectical Frameworks and Nonmonotonic Conditional Logics PDF
Jesse Heyninck, Gabriele Kern-Isberner, Matthias Thimm
Constaint-Based Learning for Non-Parametric Continuous Bayesian Networks PDF
Marvin Lasserre, Régis Lebrun, Pierre-Henri Wuillemin
Generalized Ranking Kinematics for Iterated Belief Revision PDF
Meliha Sezgin, Gabriele Kern-Isberner
Context-Based Inferences from Probabilistic Conditionals with Default Negation at Maximum Entropy PDF
Marco Wilhelm, Gabriele Kern-Isberner
Learning NAT-Modeled Bayesian Networks from Data PDF
Yang Xiang, Qian Wang
An Adaptive Model for Cognitive Reasoning PDF
Jonas Bischofberger, Marco Ragni
How to Avoid Weight Inconsistencies in Social Networks - an Entropy-Driven Approach - PDF
Andreas Dellnitz, Elmar Reucher, Wilhelm Rödder
Representation of Indifference and Preference Ordering Between Random Variables by Coherent Upper and Lower Conditional Previsions Defined by Hausdorff Outer and Inner Measures PDF
Serena Doria
Uncertain Reasoning in Rule-Based Systems Using PRM PDF
Gaspard Ducamp, Philippe Bonnard, Pierre-Henri Wuillemin
MCMC-Based Learning of Finite Bivariate Beta Mixture Models PDF
Maryam Rasti, Narges Manouchehri, Nizar Bouguila

Student Poster Abstracts

FLAIRS-33 Poster Abstracts PDF
Eric Bell, Roman Barták