Presentations and Authors

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Main Track

Encoding Neighbor Information into Geographical Embeddings Using Convolutional Neural Networks PDF
Christopher Blier-Wong, Jean-Thomas Baillargeon, Hélène Cossette, Luc Lamontagne, Etienne Marceau
Clinical Event Time-Series Modeling with Periodic Events PDF
Jeong Min Lee, Milos Hauskrecht
Music Stimuli for EEG-Based User Authentication PDF
Sukun Li, Leonard Marino, Vineetha Alluri
Towards Concise, Machine-Discovered Proofs of Gödel's Two Incompleteness Theorems PDF
Elijah Malaby, Bradley Dragun, John Licato

Main Track Posters

Clustering Partial Lexicographic Preference Trees PDF
Joseph Allen, Xudong Liu, Karthikeyan Umapathy, Sandeep Reddivari
Probing the Natural Language Inference Task with Automated Reasoning Tools PDF
Zaid Marji, Animesh Nighojkar, John Licato

Special Track on Applied Natural Language Processing

Abstractive Summarization for Low Resource Data Using Domain Transfer and Data Synthesis PDF
Ahmed Magooda, Diane Litman
Pre-Training A Neural Language Model Improves the Sample Efficiency of an Emergency Room Classification Model PDF
Binbin Xu, Cédric Gil-Jardiné, Frantz Thiessard, Eric Tellier, Marta Avalos-Fernandez, Emmanuel Lagarde
Gazetteer Generation for Neural Named Entity Recognition PDF
Chan Hee Song, Dawn Lawrie, Tim Finin, James Mayfield

Special Track on Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Informatics

Goal Summarization for Human-Human Health Coaching Dialogues PDF
Itika Gupta, Barbara Di Eugenio, Brian Ziebart, Bing Liu, Ben Gerber, Lisa Sharp
Survival Prediction of Breast Cancer Patient from Gene Methylation Data with Deep LSTM Network and Ordinal Cox Model PDF
Isabelle Bichindaritz, Guanghui Liu, Christopher Bartlett

Special Track on Case-Based Reasoning

Case-Based Reasoning for the Analysis of Methylation Data in Oncology PDF
Christopher Bartlett, Guanghui Liu, Isabelle Bichindaritz
Deep Feature Extraction for Representing and Classifying Time Series Cases: Towards an Interpretable Approach in Haemodialysis PDF
Giorgio Leonardi, Stefania Montani, Manuel Striani

Special Track on Recommender Systems

Modeling User Preferences Using Relative Feedback for Personalized Recommendations PDF
Saikishore Kalloori, Tianyu Li

Special Track on Uncertain Reasoning

Constaint-Based Learning for Non-Parametric Continuous Bayesian Networks PDF
Marvin Lasserre, Régis Lebrun, Pierre-Henri Wuillemin