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AI for Human-Robot Interaction

Robot Nonverbal Communication as an AI Problem (and Solution) PDF
Henny Admoni, Brian Scassellati
Minecraft as an Experimental World for AI in Robotics PDF
Krishna Chaitanya Aluru, Stefanie Tellex, John Oberlin, James MacGlashan
"It's Amazing, We Are All Feeling It!" — Emotional Climate as a Group-Level Emotional Expression in HRI PDF
Patrícia Alves-Oliveira, Pedro Sequeira, Eugenio Di Tullio, Sofia Petisca, Carla Guerra, Francisco S. Melo, Ana Paiva
Expressive Lights for Revealing Mobile Service Robot State PDF
Kim Baraka, Ana Paiva, Manuela Veloso
Towards Robot Adaptability in New Situations PDF
Adrian Boteanu, David Kent, Anahita Mohseni-Kabir, Charles Rich, Sonia Chernova
“Sorry, I Can’t Do That”: Developing Mechanisms to Appropriately Reject Directives in Human-Robot Interactions PDF
Gordon Michael Briggs, Matthias Scheutz
Who's Talking? — Efference Copy and a Robot's Sense of Agency PDF
Justin Brody, Don Perlis, Jared Shamwell
Exploring Affordances Using Human-Guidance and Self-Exploration PDF
Vivian Chu, Andrea L. Thomaz
The RoboHelper Project: From Multimodal Corpus to Embodiment on a Robot PDF
Barbara Di Eugenio, Miloš Žefran
Integration of Planning with Plan Recognition Using Classical Planners (Extended Abstract) PDF
Richard G. Freedman, Alex Fukunaga
Temporal and Object Relations in Unsupervised Plan and Activity Recognition PDF
Richard G. Freedman, Hee-Tae Jung, Shlomo Zilberstein
MARTHA Speaks: Implementing Theory of Mind for More Intuitive Communicative Acts PDF
Piotr Gmytrasiewicz, George Moe, Adolfo Moreno
Coordination of Human-Robot Teaming with Human Task Preferences PDF
Matthew Craig Gombolay, Cindy Huang, Julie Shah
Toward Personalized Pain Anxiety Reduction for Children PDF
Jillian Greczek, Maja Mataric
Modeling Motivational States for Adaptive Robot Companions PDF
Elena Corina Grigore, Andre Pereira, Brian Scassellati
A Taxonomy for Improving Dialog between Autonomous Agent Developers and Human-Machine Interface Designers PDF
Daylond James Hooper, Jeffrey P. Duffy, Gloria L. Calhoun, Thomas C. Hughes
Pororobot: A Deep Learning Robot That Plays Video Q&A Games PDF
Kyung-Min Kim, Chang-Jun Nan, Jung-Woo Ha, Yu-Jung Heo, Byoung-Tak Zhang
Agent Requirements for Effective and Efficient Task-Oriented Dialog PDF
Shiwali Mohan, James Roberts Kirk, Aaron Mininger, John Laird
Anticipation of Touch Gestures to Improve Robot Reaction Time PDF
Cody G. Narber, Wallace Lawson, J. Gregory Trafton
Modeling Situated Conversations for a Child-Care Robot Using Wearable Devices PDF
Kyoung-Woon On, Eun-Sol Kim, Byoung-Tak Zhang
More May Be Less: Emotional Sharing in an Autonomous Social Robot PDF
Sofia Petisca, João Dias, Ana Paiva
Towards Gaze and Gesture Based Human-Robot Interaction for Dementia Patients PDF
Alexander Prange, Takumi Toyama, Daniel Sonntag
Developing Adaptive Social Robot Tutors for Children PDF
Aditi Ramachandran, Brian Scassellati
On the Ability to Provide Demonstrations on a UAS: Observing 90 Untrained Participants Abusing a Flying Robot PDF
Mitchell Scott, Bei Peng, Madeline Chili, Tanay Nigam, Francis Pascual, Cynthia Matuszek, Matthew E. Taylor
Towards Robot Moderators: Understanding Goal-Directed Multi-Party Interactions PDF
Elaine Short, Maja J. Mataric
A Unified Framework for Human-Robot Knowledge Transfer PDF
Nishant Shukla, Caiming Xiong, Song-Chun Zhu
Towards Affect-Awareness for Social Robots PDF
Samuel Spaulding, Cynthia Breazeal
Promoting Social Collaboration between Children with a Social Robot PDF
Sarah Strohkorb, Brian Scassellati
Missteps in Robot Social Navigation PDF
Andrew Sutcliffe, Neil Tenenholtz, Joelle Pineau
Natural Language Understanding and Communication for Multi-Agent Systems PDF
Sean Trott, Aurélien Appriou, Jerome Feldman, Adam Janin
Towards Situated Open World Reference Resolution PDF
Tom Williams, Stephanie Schreitter, Saurav Acharya, Matthias Scheutz
Robotic Social Feedback for Object Specification PDF
Emily Wu, Yuxin Han, David Whitney, John Oberlin, James MacGlashan, Stefanie Tellex
Represent and Infer Human Theory of Mind for Human-Robot Interaction PDF
Yibiao Zhao, Steven Holtzen, Tao Gao, Song-Chun Zhu

Cognitive Assistance in Government and Public Sector Applications

Cognitive Assistants for Document-Related Tasks in Law and Government PDF
Luther Karl Branting
Bayesian HELP: Assisting Inferences in All-Source Intelligence PDF
Kevin Burns
MARTHA Speaks: Implementing Theory of Mind for More Intuitive Communicative Acts PDF
Piotr Gmytrasiewicz, George Herbert Moe, Adolfo Moreno
Using Watson for Enhancing Human-Computer Co-Creativity PDF
Ashok Goel, Brian Creeden, Mithun Kumble, Shanu Salunke, Abhinaya Shetty, Bryan Wiltgen
Domain Scoping for Subject Matter Experts PDF
Elham Khabiri, Matthew Riemer, Fenno F. Heath III, Richard Hull
Cognitive Assistance at Work PDF
Hamid Reza Motahari Nezhad
Assistive Technologies for People With Cognitive Disabilities: Challenges and Possibilities PDF
Madelaine Elizabeth Sayko, Patrice Tremoulet
Kognit: Intelligent Cognitive Enhancement Technology by Cognitive Models and Mixed Reality for Dementia Patients PDF
Daniel Sonntag
Machine Interface for Contracting Assistance PDF
Jason E. Summers, Daniel T. Redmond, Charles F. Gaumond
COGENT: Cognitive Agent for Cogent Analysis PDF
Gheorghe Tecuci, Dorin Marcu, Mihai Boicu, David Schum
Toward Generating Domain-Specific / Personalized Problem Lists from Electronic Medical Records PDF
Ching-Huei Tsou, Murthy Devarakonda, Jennifer J. Liang

Deceptive and Counter-Deceptive Machines

Toward Adversarial Online Learning and the Science of Deceptive Machines PDF
Myriam Abramson
Impression Management, Mindshaping and the Social Function of Fibbing PDF
Paul Bello, Will Bridewell
Can Accomplices to Fraud Will Themselves to Innocence, and Thereby Dodge Counter-Fraud Machines? PDF
Selmer Bringsjord, Alexander Bringsjord
Position Paper: Knowledge-Based Mechanisms for Deception PDF
Scott E. Fahlman
Analogical Abduction and Prediction: Their Impact on Deception PDF
Kenneth D. Forbus
Toward an Intelligent Agent for Fraud Detection — The CFE Agent PDF
Joe Johnson
Formalizing Deceptive Reasoning in Breaking Bad: Default Reasoning in a Doxastic Logic PDF
John Licato
A Formal Account of Deception PDF
Chiaki Sakama
Mind ID: A Psychologically Inspired Approach to Secure Authentication Based on Memory for Faces PDF
Alexei V. Samsonovich
Reasoning about Truthfulness of Agents Using Answer Set Programming PDF
Tran Cao Son, Enrico Pontelli, Marcello Balduccini
The Most Intelligent Robots Are Those that Exaggerate: Examining Robot Exaggeration PDF
Alan Richard Wagner

Embedded Machine Learning

Toward Embedding Bayesian Optimization in the Lab: Reasoning about Resource and Actions PDF
Nima Dolatnia, Alan Fern, Xiaoli Fern
Adaptive Treatment Allocation Using Sub-Sampled Gaussian Processes PDF
Audrey Durand, Joelle Pineau
Saul: Towards Declarative Learning Based Programming PDF
Parisa Kordjamshidi, Dan Roth, Hao Wu

Self-Confidence in Autonomous Systems

Uninformed-to-Informed Exploration in Unstructured Real-World Environments PDF
Allan Axelrod, Girish Chowdhary
Toward Estimating Task Execution Confidence for Robotic Bin-Picking Applications PDF
Krishnanand N. Kaipa, Akshaya S. Kankanhalli-Nagendra, Satyandra K. Gupta
Self-Confidence of Autonomous Systems in a Military Environment PDF
William G. Kennedy, Ciara Sibley, Joseph Coyne
Computational Mechanisms to Support Reporting of Self Confidence of Automated/Autonomous Systems PDF
Ugur Kuter, Chris Miller
OntoAgents Gauge Their Confidence In Language Understanding PDF
Marjorie McShane, Sergei Nirenburg
Trusting Learning Based Adaptive Flight Control Algorithms PDF
Maximilian Mühlegg, Florian Holzapfel, Girish Chowdhary
Believable Character Reasoning and a Measure of Self-Confidence for Autonomous Team Actors PDF
Alexei V. Samsonovich
An Approximation of Surprise Index as a Measure of Confidence PDF
Adam Zagorecki, Marcin Kozniewski, Marek Druzdzel

Sequential Decision Making for Intelligent Agents

Planning Under Uncertainty with Weighted State Scenarios PDF
Erwin Walraven, Matthijs T. J. Spaan
Complexity of Self-Preserving, Team-Based Competition in Partially Observable Stochastic Games PDF
Marty Allen
Probabilistic Planning for Decentralized Multi-Robot Systems PDF
Christopher Amato, George Konidaris, Shayegan Omidshafiei, Ali-akbar Agha-mohammadi, Jonathan P. How, Leslie P. Kaelbling
Commitment Semantics for Sequential Decision Making Under Reward Uncertainty PDF
Edmund H. Durfee, Satinder Singh
Hierarchical Factored POMDP for Joint Tasks: Application to Escort Tasks PDF
Fabio-Valerio Ferrari, Abdel-Illah Mouaddib
Deep Recurrent Q-Learning for Partially Observable MDPs PDF
Matthew Hausknecht, Peter Stone
Learning Propositional Functions for Planning and Reinforcement Learning PDF
David Ellis Hershkowitz, James MacGlashan, Stefanie Tellex
How Is Cooperation/Collusion Sustained in Repeated Multimarket Contact with Observation Errors? PDF
Atsushi Iwasaki, Tadashi Sekiguchi, Shun Yamamoto, Makoto Yokoo
Nested Value Iteration for Partially Satisfiable Co-Safe LTL Specifications (Extended Abstract) PDF
Bruno Lacerda, David Parker, Nick Hawes
MDPVIS: An Interactive Visualization for Testing Markov Decision Processes PDF
Sean McGregor, Hailey Buckingham, Rachel Houtman, Claire Montgomery, Ronald Metoyer, Thomas G. Dietterich
The MADP Toolbox: An Open-Source Library for Planning and Learning in (Multi-)Agent Systems PDF
Frans A. Oliehoek, Matthijs T. J. Spaan, Philipp Robbel, Joao Messias
Revisiting Multi-Objective MDPs with Relaxed Lexicographic Preferences PDF
Luis Enrique Pineda, Kyle Hollins Wray, Shlomo Zilberstein
Open Questions for Building Optimal Operation Policies for Dam Management Using Factored Markov Decision Processes PDF
Alberto Reyes, Pablo H. Ibarguengoytia, Inés Romero, David Pech, Mónica Borunda
Exploiting Anonymity in Approximate Linear Programming: Scaling to Large Multiagent MDPs PDF
Philipp Robbel, Frans A. Oliehoek, Mykel J. Kochenderfer
Metaphysics of Planning Domain Descriptions PDF
Siddharth Srivastava, Stuart Russell, Alessandro Pinto
Autonomous Electricity Trading Using Time-Of-Use Tariffs in a Competitive Market PDF
Daniel Urieli, Peter Stone
A Parallel Point-Based POMDP Algorithm Leveraging GPUs PDF
Kyle Hollins Wray, Shlomo Zilberstein
Online Transfer Learning in Reinforcement Learning Domains PDF
Yusen Zhan, Mattew E. Taylor