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Full Papers

On the Verification Complexity of Group Decision-Making Tasks PDF
Ofra Amir, Yuval Shahar, Ya'akov Gal, Litan Ilani
Community Clustering: Leveraging an Academic Crowd to Form Coherent Conference Sessions PDF
Paul André, Haoqi Zhang, Juho Kim, Lydia Chilton, Steven P. Dow, Robert C. Miller
99designs: An Analysis of Creative Competition in Crowdsourced Design PDF
Ricardo Matsumura Araujo

Works in Progress

A Human-Centered Framework for Ensuring Reliability on Crowdsourced Labeling Tasks PDF
Omar Alonso, Catherine C. Marshall, Marc A. Najork
Making Crowdwork Work: Issues in Crowdsourcing for Organizations PDF
Obinna Anya, Melissa Cefkin, Steve Dill, Robert Moore, Susan Stucky, Osarieme Omokaro
Using Crowdsourcing to Generate an Evaluation Dataset for Name Matching Technologies PDF
Alya Asarina, Olga Simek
Transcribing and Annotating Speech Corpora for Speech Recognition: A Three-Step Crowdsourcing Approach with Quality Control PDF
Annika Hämäläinen, Fernando Pinto Moreira, Jairo Avelar, Daniela Braga, Miguel Sales Dias


Automating Crowdsourcing Tasks in an Industrial Environment PDF
Vasilis Kandylas, Omar Alonso, Shiroy Choksey, Kedar Rudre, Prashant Jaiswal
Cobi: Community-Informed Conference Scheduling PDF
Juho Kim, Haoqi Zhang, Paul André, Lydia B. Chilton, Anant Bhardwaj, David Karger, Steven P. Dow, Robert C. Miller

Disco: Human and Machine Learning in Games Workshop

Discovery of Player Strategies in a Serious Game PDF
Hua Li, Hector Munoz-Avila, Lei Ke, Carl Symborski, Rafael Alonso