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Full Papers

What Will Others Choose? How a Majority Vote Reward Scheme Can Improve Human Computation in a Spatial Location Identification Task PDF
Huaming Rao, Shih-Wen Huang, Wai-Tat Fu
Improving Your Chances: Boosting Citizen Science Discovery PDF
Yexiang Xue, Bistra Dilkina, Theodoros Damoulas, Daniel Fink, Carla Gomes, Steve Kelling

Works in Progress

LabelBoost: An Ensemble Model for Ground Truth Inference Using Boosted Trees PDF
Siamak Faridani, Georg Buscher
A Ground Truth Inference Model for Ordinal Crowd-Sourced Labels Using Hard Assignment Expectation Maximization PDF
Siamak Faridani, Georg Buscher, Ya Xu
An Initial Study of Automatic Curb Ramp Detection with Crowdsourced Verification Using Google Street View Images PDF
Kotaro Hara, Jin Sun, Jonah Chazan, David Jacobs, Jon E. Froehlich
A Framework for Adaptive Crowd Query Processing PDF
Beth Trushkowsky, Tim Kraska, Michael J. Franklin


The Work Exchange: Peer-to-Peer Enterprise Crowdsourcing PDF
Stephen Dill, Robert Kern, Erika Flint, Melissa Cefkin
Real-Time Drawing Assistance through Crowdsourcing PDF
Alex Limpaecher, Nicolas Feltman, Adrien Treuille, Michael Cohen