Presentations and Authors

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Full Papers

Volunteering Versus Work for Pay: Incentives and Tradeoffs in Crowdsourcing PDF
Andrew Mao, Ece Kamar, Yiling Chen, Eric Horvitz, Megan E. Schwamb, Chris J. Lintott, Arfon M. Smith
SQUARE: A Benchmark for Research on Computing Crowd Consensus PDF
Aashish Sheshadri, Matthew Lease
Leveraging Collaboration: A Methodology for the Design of Social Problem-Solving Systems PDF
Lucas M. Tabajara, Marcelo O. R. Prates, Diego V. Noble, Luis C. Lamb

Works in Progress

English to Hindi Translation Protocols for an Enterprise Crowd PDF
Srinivasan Iyengar, Shirish Subhash Karande, Sachin Lodha
Automated Support for Collective Memory of Conversational Interactions PDF
Walter Stephen Lasecki, Jeffrey Philip Bigham
Using Visibility to Control Collective Attention in Crowdsourcing PDF
Kristina Lerman, Tad Hogg
Manipulating Social Roles in a Tagging Environment PDF
Mieke H. R. Leyssen, Jacco van Ossenbruggen, Arjen P. de Vries, Lynda Hardman
Towards a Language for Non-Expert Specification of POMDPs for Crowdsourcing PDF
Christopher H. Lin, - Mausam, Daniel S. Weld
Two Methods for Measuring Question Difficulty and Discrimination in Incomplete Crowdsourced Data PDF
Sarah K. K. Luger, Jeff Bowles
HiveMind: Tuning Crowd Response with a Single Value PDF
Preetjot Singh, Walter S. Lasecki, Paulo Barelli, Jeffrey P. Bigham
Understanding Potential MicrotaskWorkers for Paid Crowdsourcing PDF
Ming-Hung Wang, Kuan-Ta Chen, Shuo-Yang Wang, Chin-Laung Lei
TrailView: Combining Gamification and Social Network Voting Mechanisms for Useful Data Collection PDF
Michael Peter Weingert, Kate Larson


Frenzy: A Platform for Friendsourcing PDF
Lydia B. Chilton, Felicia Cordeiro, Daniel S. Weld, James A. Landay
Curio: A Platform for Supporting Mixed-Expertise Crowdsourcing PDF
Edith Law, Conner Dalton, Nick Merrill, Albert Young, Krzysztof Z. Gajos
Real-Time Drawing Assistance through Crowdsourcing PDF
Alex Limpaecher, Nicolas Feltman, Adrien Treuille, Michael Cohen
An Introduction to the Zooniverse PDF
Arfon M. Smith, Stuart Lynn, Chris J. Lintott

Disco: Human and Machine Learning in Games Workshop

Gameful Markets for Collaboration and Learning PDF
Stephan Leutenmayr, Fabian Kneissl, Sven Ziemer, François Bry
Discovery of Player Strategies in a Serious Game PDF
Hua Li, Hector Munoz-Avila, Lei Ke, Carl Symborski, Rafael Alonso
ARTigo: Building an Artwork Search Engine With Games and Higher-Order Latent Semantic Analysis PDF
Christoph Wieser, François Bry, Alexandre Bérard, Richard Lagrange

Scaling Speech, Language Understanding and Dialogue through Crowdsourcing Workshop

Conversations in the Crowd: Collecting Data for Task-Oriented Dialog Learning PDF
Walter Stephen Lasecki, Ece Kamar, Dan Bohus
Crowdsourcing Transcription Beyond Mechanical Turk PDF
Haofeng Zhou, Denys Baskov, Matthew Lease