Presentations and Authors

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Full Papers

Crowdsourcing Multi-Label Classification for Taxonomy Creation PDF
Jonathan Bragg, - Mausam, Daniel S. Weld
CASTLE: Crowd-Assisted System for Text Labeling and Extraction PDF
Sean Louis Goldberg, Daisy Zhe Wang, Tim Kraska
DataSift: An Expressive and Accurate Crowd-Powered Search Toolkit PDF
Aditya Parameswaran, Ming Han Teh, Hector Garcia-Molina, Jennifer Widom
Dwelling on the Negative: Incentivizing Effort in Peer Prediction PDF
Jens Witkowski, Yoram Bachrach, Peter Key, David Christopher Parkes

Works in Progress

Assessing the Viability of Online Interruption Studies PDF
Sandy J. J. Gould, Anna L. Cox, Duncan P. Brumby, Sarah Wiseman
Joint Crowdsourcing of Multiple Tasks PDF
Andrey Kolobov, - Mausam, Daniel S. Weld
Towards a Language for Non-Expert Specification of POMDPs for Crowdsourcing PDF
Christopher H. Lin, - Mausam, Daniel S. Weld
Understanding Potential MicrotaskWorkers for Paid Crowdsourcing PDF
Ming-Hung Wang, Kuan-Ta Chen, Shuo-Yang Wang, Chin-Laung Lei
Boosting OCR Accuracy Using Crowdsourcing PDF
Shuo-Yang Wang, Ming-Hung Wang, Kuan-Ta Chen
TrailView: Combining Gamification and Social Network Voting Mechanisms for Useful Data Collection PDF
Michael Peter Weingert, Kate Larson


Frenzy: A Platform for Friendsourcing PDF
Lydia B. Chilton, Felicia Cordeiro, Daniel S. Weld, James A. Landay
In-HIT Example-Guided Annotation Aid for Crowdsourcing UI Components PDF
Yi-Ching Huang, Chun-I Wang, Shih-Yuan Yu, Yung-jen Hsu

Disco: Human and Machine Learning in Games Workshop

ARTigo: Building an Artwork Search Engine With Games and Higher-Order Latent Semantic Analysis PDF
Christoph Wieser, François Bry, Alexandre Bérard, Richard Lagrange