Presentations and Authors

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Research Papers

Crowdsourced Explanations for Humorous Internet Memes Based on Linguistic Theories PDF
Chi-Chin Lin, Yi-Ching Huang, Jane Yung-jen Hsu
Community Poll: Externalizing Public Sentiments in Social Media in a Local Community Context PDF
Patrick C. Shih, Kyungsik Han, John M. Carroll

Works in Progress Abstracts

Tranzzl!n9o: A Human Computation Approach to English Translation of Internet Lingo PDF
Ming-Tung Hong, Yung-Jen Hsu
Combining Non-Expert and Expert Crowd Work to Convert Web APIs to Dialog Systems PDF
Ting-Hao K. Huang, Walter S. Lasecki, Alan L. Ritter, Jeffrey P. Bigham
Crowd-Aware Space Monitoring by Crowdsourcing a Micro QA Task PDF
Yi-Ching Huang, Jane Yung-jen Hsu
Tuning the Diversity of Open-Ended Responses From the Crowd PDF
Walter S. Lasecki, Christopher M. Homan, Jeffrey L. Bigham
Learning Pronunciation and Accent from The Crowd PDF
Frederick Liu, Jeremy Chiaming Yang, Jane Yung-jen Hsu
Low Effort Crowdsourcing: Leveraging Peripheral Attention for Crowd Work PDF
Rajan Vaish, Peter Organisciak, Kotaro Hara, Jeffrey P. Bigham, Haoqi Zhang

Demonstration Abstracts

Crowdsourcing in Language Classes Can Help Natural Language Processing PDF
Barbora Hladká, Jirka Hana, Ivana Lukšová

Workshop Citizen + X

Connecting Diverse Communities Through Citizen Science Data Infrastructure PDF
Jen Hammock, Andrea Wiggins
Testing Pre-Annotation to Help Non-Experts Identify Drug-Drug Interactions Mentioned in Drug Product Labeling PDF
Andres M. Hernandez, Harry S. Hochheiser, John R. Horn, Rebecca S. Crowley, Richard D. Boyce
The Air Sensor Citizen Science Toolbox: A Collaboration in Community Air Quality Monitoring and Mapping PDF
Amanda Kaufman, Ron Williams, Timothy Barzyk, Anhthu Hoang, Patricia Sheridan
Conducting Massively Open Online Social Experiments with Volunteer Science PDF
Brian Keegan, Katherine Ognyanova, Brooke Foucault Welles, Christoph Riedl, Ceyhun Karbeyaz, Waleed Meleis, David Lazer, Jason Radford, Jefferson Hoye
AURORASAURUS: Citizen Science, Early Warning Systems and Space Weather PDF
Andrea H. Tapia, Nicolas LaLone, Elizabeth MacDonald, Michelle Hall, Nathan Case, Matt Heavner
Finding a City’s Activity Bubbles in Geotagged Social Media PDF
Dan Tasse, Jason Hong