Presentations and Authors

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Research Papers

Predicting Next Label Quality: A Time-Series Model of Crowdwork PDF
Hyun Joon Jung, Yubin Park, Matthew Lease
A Human Computation Framework for Boosting Combinatorial Solvers PDF
Ronan Le Bras, Yexiang Xue, Richard Bernstein, Carla P. Gomes, Bart Selman
Crowdsourcing for Participatory Democracies: Efficient Elicitation of Social Choice Functions PDF
David Timothy Lee, Ashish Goel, Tanja Aitamurto, Helene Landemore
Crowdsourced Explanations for Humorous Internet Memes Based on Linguistic Theories PDF
Chi-Chin Lin, Yi-Ching Huang, Jane Yung-jen Hsu
To Re(label), or Not To Re(label) PDF
Christopher H. Lin, . Mausam, Daniel S Weld
Saving Money While Polling with InterPoll Using Power Analysis PDF
Benjamin Livshits, Todd Mytkowicz

Works in Progress Abstracts

Poetry of the Crowd: A Human Computation Algorithm to Convert Prose into Rhyming Verse PDF
Quanze Chen, Chenyang Lei, Wei Xu, Ellie Pavlick, Chris Callison-Burch
Glance Privacy: Obfuscating Personal Identity While Coding Behavioral Video PDF
Mitchell Gordon, Walter S. Lasecki, Winnie Leung, Ellen Lim, Steven P. Dow, Jeffery P. Bigham
Combining Non-Expert and Expert Crowd Work to Convert Web APIs to Dialog Systems PDF
Ting-Hao K. Huang, Walter S. Lasecki, Alan L. Ritter, Jeffrey P. Bigham
A Markov Decision Process Framework for Predictable Job Completion Times on Crowdsourcing Platforms PDF
Chandrashekar Lakshminarayanan, Ayush Dubey, Shalabh Bhatnagar, Chithralekha Balamurugan
Tuning the Diversity of Open-Ended Responses From the Crowd PDF
Walter S. Lasecki, Christopher M. Homan, Jeffrey L. Bigham
Learning Pronunciation and Accent from The Crowd PDF
Frederick Liu, Jeremy Chiaming Yang, Jane Yung-jen Hsu
Identifying Relevant Text Fragments to Help Crowdsource Privacy Policy Annotations PDF
Rohan Ramanath, Florian Schaub, Shomir Wilson, Fei Liu, Norman Sadeh, Noah A Smith
Contextual Procurement in Online Crowdsourcing Markets PDF
Adish Singla, Ian Lienert, Gábor Bartók, Andreas Krause

Demonstration Abstracts

Crowdsourcing in Language Classes Can Help Natural Language Processing PDF
Barbora Hladká, Jirka Hana, Ivana Lukšová

Workshop Citizen + X

Conducting Massively Open Online Social Experiments with Volunteer Science PDF
Brian Keegan, Katherine Ognyanova, Brooke Foucault Welles, Christoph Riedl, Ceyhun Karbeyaz, Waleed Meleis, David Lazer, Jason Radford, Jefferson Hoye
Data-Based Civic Participation PDF
Christopher A. Le Dantec
Measuring Impact of Local Community Initiatives: A Crowdsourcing Approach PDF
Claudia Andrea López Moncada, Rosta Farzan, Steven Clift
AURORASAURUS: Citizen Science, Early Warning Systems and Space Weather PDF
Andrea H. Tapia, Nicolas LaLone, Elizabeth MacDonald, Michelle Hall, Nathan Case, Matt Heavner
A Sensor Network Approach to Managing Data Quality in Citizen Science PDF
Andrea Wiggins, Carl Lagoze, Weng-Keen Wong, Steve Kelling