Presentations and Authors

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Full Papers

Online Assignment of Heterogeneous Tasks in Crowdsourcing Markets PDF
Sepehr Assadi, Justin Hsu, Shahin Jabbari
Using Anonymity and Communal Efforts to Improve Quality of Crowdsourced Feedback PDF
Julie Hui, Amos Glenn, Rachel Jue, Elizabeth Gerber, Steven Dow
Modeling Temporal Crowd Work Quality with Limited Supervision PDF
Hyun Joon Jung, Matthew Lease
Surpassing Humans and Computers with JELLYBEAN: Crowd-Vision-Hybrid Counting Algorithms PDF
Akash Das Sarma, Ayush Jain, Arnab Nandi, Aditya Parameswaran, Jennifer Widom

Works in Progress

How Effective an Odd Message Can Be: Appropriate and Inappropriate Topics in Speech-Based Vehicle Interfaces PDF
David Sirkin, Kerstin Fischer, Lars Jensen, Wendy Ju
The ActiveCrowdToolkit: An Open-Source Tool for Benchmarking Active Learning Algorithms for Crowdsourcing Research PDF
Matteo Venanzi, Oliver Parson, Alex Rogers, Nick Jennings