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Surveillance of Parimutuel Wagering Integrity Using Expert Systems and Machine Learning
Roy Stuart Freedman, Isidore Sobkowski

Last modified: 2010-07-05


Parimutuel wagering is a significant source of revenue for many state governments. MonitorPlus is a surveillance system for parimutuel operators and regulators. Using industry expertise and best practices, MonitorPlus examines each and every wager and account transaction for evidence of fraud, crime, and money laundering. Alerts are generated in real-time. In forensic discovery mode, MonitorPlus is designed to collaborate with skilled analysts to discover more complex suspicious wagering patterns. MonitorPlus utilizes machine learning, so its risk profiles are current: its knowledge base improves with time. Each alert is accompanied by an automatically generated, rule-based explanation. This is critically important if an event rises to the level where legal action is required. Our development and deployment strategy is based on a new paradigm of a secure surveillance utility, where real-time alerts and dataintensive forensics support multiple regulatory jurisdictions. We believe this surveillance paradigm can be applied to other application domains such as lotteries, casinos, online gaming, and financial services.


surveillance; fraud detection; parimutuel wagering; expert systems; machine learning

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