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Optimizing Limousine Service with AI
Andy Hon Wai Chun

Last modified: 2010-07-05


A common problem faced by expanding companies is the lack of skilled and experienced domain experts, especially planners and controllers. This can seriously slow down or impede growth. This paper describes how we worked with one of the largest travel agencies in Hong Kong to alleviate this problem by using AI to support decision-making and problem-solving so that their planners/controllers can be more productive in sustaining business growth while providing quality service. This paper describes a Web-based mission critical Fleet Management System (FMS) that supports the scheduling and management of a fleet of luxury limousines. Clientele is mainly business travelers. The use of AI allowed our client to increase their business volume and expand fleet size with the same team of planners/controllers while maintaining service quality. This paper also describes our experience in building modern AI systems leveraging on Web 2.0 open-source tools and libraries. Although we used a proven AI model and search algorithm, we believe our innovation is in striking the right balance and combination of AI with modern Web 2.0 techniques to achieve low-risk implementation and deployment success as well as concrete and measurable business benefits.


scheduling, fleet management, optimization, Web 2.0

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