AAAI Publications, Twenty-Fifth IAAI Conference

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USI Answers: Natural Language Question Answering Over (Semi-) Structured Industry Data
Ulli Waltinger, Dan Tecuci, Mihaela Olteanu, Vlad Mocanu, Sean Sullivan

Last modified: 2013-06-28


The paper reports on the progress towards the goal of offering easy access to enterprise data to a large number of business users, most of whom are not familiar with the specific syntax or semantics of the underlying data sources. Additional complications come from the nature of the data, which comes both as structured and unstructured. The proposed solution allows users to express questions in natural language, makes apparent the system's interpretation of the query, and allows easy query adjustment and reformulation. The application is in use by more than 1500 users from Siemens Energy. We evaluate our approach on a data set consisting of fleet data.


Question Answering, Natural Language Processing; Information Retrieval; Distributional Semantics; Natural Language Understanding; UIMA

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